Inspiring Dragon Metalwork Art

Dragon Metal Art

Dragon metalwork art can be inspiring for good fortune placements and other feng shui applications. You can find metal dragon artwork from around the world, especially in Japanese and Chinese mythological depictions. You can also find metal dragon designs available for feng shui home decor applications and inspirational gardens sculptures.

Metal Feng Shui Dragon Holding Pearl

Dragons represent yang energy, and its most auspicious direction is east (health sector). A dragon figure in the eastern part of your home helps to encourage high energy. This dragon holds the pearl of prosperity and success in its claw.

Chinese Dragon Metal Sculpture

When using dragons in your home there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Avoid putting a dragon in your bedroom - Dragons draw high energy, which goes against the restful energy of the bedroom.
  • Pair them up - If you want to draw positive chi to your marriage or romantic relationship, pair a dragon with a Phoenix.

Imperial Dragon in Brass

Aside from the Imperial Dragon pictured here, there are five main types of Chinese dragons:

  • Tian Long
  • Shen Long
  • Di Long
  • Cang Long

Dragon on Gates of White Cloud Temple

This art dragon metal work sits on the gates of the White Cloud temple in Beijing. A Taoist temple, White Cloud is "The First Temple Under Heaven" of the "Three Great Ancestral Courts." The White Cloud temple is a part of the Complete Perfection or Quanzhen sect of Taoism.

Good Fortune Coin with Pair of Dragons

Feng shui good fortune coins, like the one pictured here, often depict dragons. These coins are carried in three's with read ribbon attached to them in order to attract wealth, good fortune, and prosperity.

Cast Iron Dragon

In the Flying Star school of feng shui, this cast iron dragon can help prevent illness in your family as well as ward off accidents and arguments within the home.

Dragon Metalwork Relief

Chi energy is the "cosmic breath of the dragon" or the "dragon's breath." In Chinese folklore, dragons were the controllers of all the natural forces on Earth. The number associated with the dragon is nine because dragons are said to be composed of nine different animals.

Metal Plaque Painted Gold

This fierce dragon resides in Phuket, Thailand. In feng shui, metal represents wealth, prosperity and protection. When paired with the color gold and the symbolic dragon, as in this picture, it attracts auspicious energy.

Wall Panel Traditional Dragon Relief

Though gold is considered one of the most auspicious elements and colors in feng shui, when looking to add art dragon metal work to your environment, consider other auspicious metals such as:

  • Pewter
  • Brass
  • Iron

These metals help generate positive chi and are much less expensive than gold.

Architectural Dragon Supports Temple Bell

Since most metals are extremely durable and weather resistant, consider adding one of these mythical creature figurines to the outside of your home near the main or commonly used entrances. Like this one, it can support a bell for visitors to announce their arrival.

Door Decorative Dragon Insert

This small and unassuming piece of dragon art is a great example of how you aren't just limited to figurines and statues when adding dragons to your décor. Items such as this make it easy to incorporate any of the five natural elements of feng shui as well as a dragon or two, into your work or living space.

Incense Burner with Dragon Handles

A metal incense burner with two dragon handles can be used in your home to represent the fire (yang) energy of the dragon. You can place this type of feng shui item in the south corner of a west sector office or meditation room.

Dragon Metalwork and Crystal Ball

You can choose dragon metalwork art in combination with other feng shui symbols and tools. A metal dragon and crystal ball can be placed on your desk for protection and auspicious career success. The dragon should face into your office. The crystal ball will disperse any poison arrows and sha chi energy.

Brass Dragon Head Door Knocker

You aren't limited to using dragon figures or panel reliefs for your home or office decor. You can add dragon protection to your front door with a highly polished brass door knocker. This is a great way to ward off negative chi from entering into your home while inviting only auspicious chi to advance beyond your front door.

Uses for Inspiring Dragon Metalwork Art

There are many ways you can incorporate dragon metalwork art into your home or office through the use of decorative objects. Dragon power brings you prosperity and success. It's a great addition to almost any room (avoid in bedrooms) or office area. Choose a design that best reflects your personal style for the ultimate feng shui application of this auspicious symbol of good fortune.

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Inspiring Dragon Metalwork Art