Using Reiki Energy for Natural Healing

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Reiki energy is pure and can't harm you.

Reiki energy is believed to be a form of universal life energy practiced by ancient Japanese healers.

Usui Shiki Ryoho: Natural Healing

Pronounced Ray-Key, this energy was first channeled into a healing art by Dr. Mikao Usui. Dr. Usui created the Usui System for healing that's known throughout the world as Reiki.

What Reiki Energy Is

Reiki practitioners believe they're guided by their higher selves or higher intelligence that resides on a spirit plane. Your higher self is connected to the godhead, which is often referred to as white light or the energy of love which is guided by a universal intelligence.

Reiki: Wisdom and Intelligence

Reiki energy is pure and will never harm you. There's no risk of receiving too much energy or a wrong kind of energy. Reiki energy is a stand alone form of intelligence and wisdom that governs and heals all life. This energy is all-knowing and understands what you need in order to heal. The energy approaches your healing of not just your body, but your mind, spirit and emotions.

Energy Frequencies

It's believed Reiki raises your body's energetic frequency which includes the rate of vibration to which your body and organs vibrate. When those frequencies fall below normal, disease sets in.

How Reiki Heals

A Reiki Master understands this healing energy. The Master uses her or his hands to transmit the energy in a non-invasive manner to the areas of your body in need of healing. Anyone can learn how to be a healer using Reiki.

Healing Process

The actual healing process can take you by surprise. You may seek out a Reiki healer due to a physical ailment, but in the process of your healing discover the core disease within you stems from an emotional or spiritual problem. The physical ailment is typically a manifestation of something deeper, seated in the mental, emotional or spiritual body.

You Can Aid the Healing Process

You'll want to cooperate in order to speed up your healing process by relaxing. It may be difficult to trust that the energy will heal you, but the more open you are to the process, the better your results will be.

Reiki: Not Just For the Sick

Reiki bestows spiritual and personal growth, so even if you aren't ill, you can benefit from a treatment. Many people have regular Reiki treatments as a preventative method against illness.

Your First Treatment: What To Expect

Your first treatment will last between 60 to 90 minutes. Unlike acupuncture and other alternative holistic healings you don't need to remove any of your clothing to receive Reiki energy.

Reiki Practitioner: Energy Flow

Your Reiki Master understands the energy flow and how to conduct it through her or his body into yours. The practitioner places her hands over your energy centers (chakras) or other areas that require renewed energy.

What You'll Feel

You may experience a sensation of heat radiating from your healer's hands to your body. Don't worry if you don't feel the energy exchange is still taking place.

Cleansing Process

Once your treatment is over, your Reiki practitioner will explain what you can expect over the next 21 days of the cleansing process. She'll also recommend additional treatments as needed.

Symptoms of the Healing Process Working

You may experience some discomfort during your three-week cleansing process. Here are some of the symptoms you may experience:

  • Flu-like Symptoms
    • Fever
    • Headache
    • Sore Throat
    • Nasal and Respiratory Congestion
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea

Don't let the fact that you might suffer a little discomfort dissuade you from following through with your treatments. As the toxins release within your body and process out of your body, the symptoms subside.

Beyond The Physical Healing

You'll probably experience a deeper level of healing that stirs up powerful emotions. Be prepared for this and react accordingly. If you find yourself overwhelmed by anger, you need to recognize that this release of emotion is a part of the healing process. You may have a spiritual awakening as well. Just relax and allow the Reiki energy to heal.

Learning Reiki

Anyone can learn Reiki. Training is typically divided into three segments or degrees. Training can be as short as a couple of weeks or a year or more, depending on your teacher.

First Degree

The first thing you'll learn are the Reiki basics which include how and where to place your hands when giving a treatment. You can complete this training in four days. Your instructor will personally give you four attunements. Attunements tap into the universal Reiki energy to provide healing.

Second Degree

You may have heard about Reiki symbols and wondered what they are since they're such a guarded secret. During your second degree instruction, your instructor will give you three of these symbols along with another attunement.

This fifth attunement increases your ability to transmit Reiki energy with the help of the symbols. Practioners believe these symbols boost the energy to allow you to conduct distance healings.

Third Degree

The third and final degree is the Master training. This last degree requires two more attunements from your teacher who then transfers the final Reiki energy you need in order to be a Reiki Master. At this time, you receive the final Reiki symbol known as the Dai Koo Myo. While students can easily complete this last degree within a day, some Reiki Masters take up to a year to grant it to a student. Masters do this because some believe the responsibility of such a powerful healing tool requires study and spiritual growth before a person is ready to receive this knowledge.

Reiki Master

Once you become a Reiki Master, you can do everything your instructor did. You can conduct attunements and bestow the three degrees of Reiki to others, just as your instructors gave it to you, but you don't have to become a Reiki Master to reap the benefits of Reiki energy.

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Using Reiki Energy for Natural Healing