Real Estate Clock Hour Classes in Feng Shui

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If you are a broker or salesperson in real estate, clock hour classes in feng shui may be just what you need to close more sales and increase your income.

Clock Hour Classes

In the United States, every state requires real estate professionals to have a license to sell real estate. The number of classes and clock hours required for the license varies by state.

Once the requirements for a real estate license are met and the person is actively working in the field, each state requires a specific number of continuing education classes, or credits, be taken annually or biannually. These continuing education classes are commonly referred to as clock hours.

Feng Shui in Real Estate

Using feng shui to make a house more attractive and appealing to potential home buyers is gaining popularity among real estate brokers, salespeople and professional stagers. By following feng shui principles and applying needed feng shui cures, positive energy is attracted into the home. As the auspicious chi flows freely throughout the space, the areas become energized and filled with a sense of peace, harmony and balance.

Real Estate Clock Hour Classes in Feng Shui

Many states accept approved real estate classes in feng shui for required continuing education credits, or clock hours. One excellent example of the type of feng shui classes offered and accepted as clock hours are those given at the Feng Shui School for Real Estate Sales in the state of Washington. Founded by Cynthia Chomos, the school is the first of its kind in the state and is dedicated to providing real estate professionals with quality courses in feng shui. Ms. Chomos is a certified feng shui consultant, teacher, speaker, and color designer. She is also trained in the three major schools of feng shui:

  • Black Hat Sect
  • Compass
  • Form

The following clock hour courses are excellent examples of the type of classes you can find for feng shui. The classes listed below are ones offered by the Feng Shui School for Real Estate Sales:

  • The Feng Shui School for Real Estate Sales
  • Real estate branch offices
  • Conferences

Feng Shui Basics for Real Estate

If you're unfamiliar with feng shui then a course in basics is necessary. In this basic course example, real estate professionals earn three clock hours while learning:

  • Basic concepts of feng shui, including philosophy and terminology
  • How to solve common problems using feng shui
  • Ways to utilize feng shui to increase home value and make homes more marketable
  • Proper furniture placement

Feng Shui for Buying and Selling

In a five clock hour class, real estate professionals explore feng shui concepts in depth. Areas of instruction include:

  • Using feng shui principles on the outside of a home
  • Case studies
  • How to use feng shui to correct negative environmental influences
  • Feng shui mapping system
  • Gaining the most benefits with correct furniture placement

Feng Shui On-Site Home Analysis

Real estate professionals earn three clock hours as they analysis the interior and exterior of a home, evaluating its appeal and marketability from a feng shui perspective. Once the analysis is complete, the student puts together a suggested plan to maximize the property's feng shui appeal.

Feng Shui Basics and Home Analysis

Feng Shui Basics and Home Analysis is a six clock hour course for real estate professionals combining the courses Feng Shui Basics and On-Site Home Analysis.

Online Resources for Clock Hours in Feng Shui

The Internet provides many resources for real estate professionals, who want to take feng shui clock hour classes online or at an on-site location. The following is a sampling of these websites:

  • Feng shui expert Cynthia Chomos offers various courses in varying clock hours for realtors.
  • Licensed by the Florida Association of Realtors as an instructor, Feng Shui Universal's Dr. Gabriele Van Zon provides continuing education credits, or clock hours, in the use of feng shui in real estate.

Taking real estate clock hour classes in feng shui is a great way to learn how to use this ancient art of placement to maximize your business potential.

Real Estate Clock Hour Classes in Feng Shui