Polarity Therapy Definition

Learn about methods of essential energy healing

A holistic alternative treatment designed to balance the flow of energies within the body, polarity therapy definition includes various techniques to achieve maximum physical and emotional health.

Dr. Randolph Stone - Founder of Polarity Therapy

Born in 1890, Austrian immigrant Rudolph Bautsch always had a great interest in religious studies and alternative practices and approaches in medicine. In the early 1920s, he earned holistic medical degrees as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Doctor of Naturopathy and Doctor of Chiropractic. Changing his name to Dr. Randolph Stone, he continued studying both alternative medicine and Eastern spirituality and religious beliefs.

Maintaining a private practice for more than 50 years, many viewed Dr. Stone's medical approach as unconventional. By incorporating healing techniques and approaches from around the world in the treatment of his patients, his motto Whatever works, works! became very well known.

By combining his Eastern and Western medical knowledge and experience with his strong belief in its success, Dr. Stone developed and published a series of books in the 1940s, on the polarity therapy and its many uses in healing. It wasn't until the 1960s that Dr. Stone's works were finally accepted and polarity therapy became an accepted form of holistic treatment.

What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity therapy, a form of energy healing, works by aligning and unblocking the human energy fields inside of the body by working with the whole person including their body, spirit and mind. In this form of healing therapy, the view of a person's overall physical, emotional and mental health is a reflection of their energy fields.

A form of essential energy healing, polarity therapy restores the natural flow and balance of energy. When the energy fields of the body are in balance and the energy of life is flowing freely, the person feels relaxed and peaceful. They generally experience feelings of renewed energy, overall good health and well being.

The Three Types of Energy Fields

The human body has three types of energy fields:

  • Currents that run in a north to south direction called long line currents
  • Currents that run in an east to west direction called transverse currents
  • Currents that begin at the navel and flow in spirals in outward directions called spiral currents

Many things affect the human energy field, including:

  • Touch
  • Movement
  • Diet
  • Environment
  • Relationships
  • Attitudes
  • Sound
  • Life experience
  • Trauma

Polarity Therapy Practitioners

Practitioners of polarity therapy work to free the flow of the three types of energy fields by using a combination of methods and approaches including:

  • Bodywork that is energy based including deep massage, light gentle touch and a Reiki-like non physical touch
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Self awareness

By bringing the energy fields back into balance and freeing them of blockages, polarity therapy practitioners believe the body will then be able to heal itself as it was designed to do by nature.

Polarity Therapy Definition

Although there are definitions of polarity therapy found in off and online dictionaries and encyclopedias, they refer to the basic concept of polarity therapy. With the many areas of a person's life that effect the balance and flow of the body's energy fields, polarity therapy often involves many different types of therapy practices and health professionals.

The American Polarity Therapy Association

An excellent online resource on polarity therapy is the American Polarity Therapy Association, also known as APTA. Although there is a membership fee for full website access, many resources are available without membership.

This educational and informative website includes:

  • Information on becoming a polarity therapy practitioner
  • A site directory of polarity therapy practitioners and schools
  • Links to polarity therapy international associations
  • Articles pertaining to various aspects of polarity therapy
  • A store that contains relevant:
    • Books
    • Posters
    • CDs
    • DVDs

    Additional Information on Polarity Therapy

  • Polarity Therapy: Going Wireless by Eileen DeLise Kennedy a nationally certified therapeutic practitioner in bodywork and massage.
  • The Columbus Polarity Center for Integrative Health and Wellness
  • Amazon offers a number of books on polarity therapy including:
    • Polarity Therapy The Complete Collected Works Volume 1 Dr. Randolph Stone
    • The Polarity Process: Energy as a Healing Art by Franklyn Sills
    • Your Healing Hands: The Polarity Experience by Richard Gordon
    • Polarity Therapy - Healing with Life Energy by Alan Siegel

    A polarity therapy definition only begins to describe this popular form of energy healing.
Polarity Therapy Definition