Combining the Mayan Ball and Feng Shui Protection Tips

Mayan ball game court Chichen Itza

Knowing how to use a Mayan ball and feng shui principles brings you good fortune and keeps away negative energy. Whether you hang one in your home or vehicle, or wear it as a talisman of protection, you will benefit from its calm soothing sound and ability to deflect sha (negative) chi.

History of the Mayan Ball

The Mayan ball was used to play the oldest ball game known, called the Mayan Ball Game. Played for more then 3,000 years, variations of the game are still played today. The game was played on stone courts with the largest one found north of Chichen Itza in Castillo, Mexico. This magnificent ball court measures 545 feet by 232 feet and has walls over 39 feet high. The walls of the court have highly detailed carvings of ancient players.

The balls the Mayans used were made of rubber and ranged in size from a soccer ball to a softball. They were heavy, weighing eight pounds and more. Two teams played the game as they tried to get the ball into stone rings located high on the sides of the walls, without using their hands. Once a team successfully got the ball through the high stone ring, the game was over. However, a deadly outcome was a Mayan ritual. The leader of the losing team was killed as a human sacrifice to keep the Gods happy ensuring the Mayan people good health, good fortune and bountiful crops.

Using a Mayan Ball and Feng Shui

Feng shui Mayan balls are metal and are available in several sizes and colors. Some are decorated with beautiful enameled cloisonne with auspicious feng shui designs. Inside each is a soothing internal chime. Mayan balls are generally hung on a red cord for added good fortune.

The symbolic use of the Mayan ball in feng shui keeps away negative energy, provides protection when traveling, and promotes a calm feeling when needed. When traveling, it relieves any form of travel sickness and can alleviate fears, such as the fear of flying. The internal chime keeps evil away. Wear a Mayan ball as a necklace; hang in a window or from the rear view mirror of a car.

Mayan Ball Necklace

Wearing a Mayan ball necklace as a personal talisman brings you protection and good luck. Wear one when traveling or try it if you need extra good fortune in a meeting.

Hang in Windows

The following are various ways to use a Mayan ball in your windows.

  • When a silver colored Mayan ball is hung in a window it deflects negative energy and can be used in place of a Pa Kua mirror.
  • If you have two windows located on both side of the front door, according to certain feng shui schools, it symbolizes a lack of defense and inconsistency. Hang a Mayan ball from each window suspended from a red cord as a protection symbol from negative or weak energy.
  • If you have two windows facing each other, hang a Mayan ball in each window. This feng shui cure this keeps chi from being lost.

Protect Your Car

Hang a protective Mayan Ball from the rear view mirror of your car, making sure to use a red cord or ribbon. It will provide protection from all aspects of negative energy, including car theft and accidents.

Shopping for Feng Shui Mayan Ball

The following are a few of the many wonderful online stores that offer feng shui Mayan balls.

Mayan Ball for Protection

For the ancient Mayan civilization a Mayan ball meant life or death. In the modern world, a Mayan ball and feng shui knowledge bring protection and good fortune.

Combining the Mayan Ball and Feng Shui Protection Tips