Types of Mandala Decor

Black and white mandala to color for home decor

When you see the term mandala deco, do you think of the ancient art of Buddhist monks creating intricate and delicate colored sand mandalas?

Mandala Deco: A Symbol of the Perfect and Pure Universe

Maybe you envision beautiful mandalas with a slight art deco flair beautifying your home's interior. Perhaps you think of a Ravensburger Deco Mandala Designer Drawing Machine? In reality, people use the term mandala deco to correctly describe each of the three.

Mandalas in Buddhism

In Tantric Buddhism, also known as Vajrayana Buddhism, mandala deco refers to the exquisite mandala designs made by monks using sand dyed to beautiful colors. Buddhist monks have been passing down this ancient art for more than 2,600 years in monasteries throughout Tibet and India. Buddhist monks often spend weeks creating a sand mandala. The same monks that worked to create the mandala then destroy it during the dismantling ceremony.

How a Sand Mandala is Made

Buddhist monks lovingly create each mandala. Every grain of sand is put precisely into place forming intricate designs, shapes and formations that represent the deities, various aspects of The Buddha and the universe which is pure and perfect. As the monks create the mandala, they become further enlightened. The creation and destruction of the sand mandala also illustrates that all things in nature are transitory.

There are many different types of mandalas each having their own special symbolic meaning. However, each one is considered a sacred and spiritual space. It is a place for meditation and chanting that is pure and cannot be touched by the outer world.

The Dismantling Ceremony

Monks see the dismantling of the sand mandala as a part of the overall mandala creation. It is not seen as the end of the mandala but as symbol of its new beginning as the grains of sand are carefully collected and placed into jars and released into the nearest body of running water. The flowing water then carries the blessings of the mandala to the world.

Mandalas as Home Decor

Today using mandalas to decorate a home is a common practice, referred to as mandala deco or mandala decor. Often, a mandala is hung in the home of practitioners of feng shui to attract the positive energy into the space.

Sometimes the homeowner completely creates a mandala by designing and coloring it, as a personal work of art. Other times, homeowners print a free mandala design from the Internet. It is then colored or painted by the homeowner, a family member or a friend. There are also many websites that provide beautiful and colorful finished mandalas that are free to print. Examples of these websites include:

Artist designed mandalas are another option for those homeowners that want to add a mandala to their home.

The Deco Mandala Designer

The Decor Mandala Designer Drawing Machine from Ravensburger is a fun and simple way of designing a mandala that children as young as six can enjoy. The Deco Mandala Designer is compatible with all standard mandala design disks from Ravensburger including:

  • Classic
  • Romantic Dreams
  • Wonderful Horses Dreams
  • Show Jumping Dreams
  • Zoo
  • Nature
  • Christmas
  • Ocean
  • Disney Fairies
  • Disney Princess

Although the traditional meaning of mandala deco still refers to the sacred art of creating a sand mandala, modern society has also given the term additional meanings.

Types of Mandala Decor