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Integrated Energy Therapy

Karen Frazier
White angel statue in the garden

Working directly with your spiritual DNA, integrated energy therapy (IET) rids the body of stagnant, stored up negative energy replacing it with free flowing positive energy and a renewed spirit.

What Is Integrated Energy Therapy?

Created and developed by Stevan J. Thayer, integrated energy therapy, also known as IET, is a form of energy healing that uses the violet energy ray of angels. Sometimes referred to as healing with the energy of angels, the violet energy ray is sent from the Nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field.

IET Heals Spiritual DNA

The angelic violet energy directly works with your 12-strand spiritual DNA freeing all of the negative energies that have built up over your lifetime in your cellular memory areas. The angelic energy clears and balances your body's energy fields. This allows your essential universal life force to flow unrestricted throughout the meridians of your body just as clearing clutter from your home allows the free flow of positive energy in the practice of feng shui.

IET Clears Negative Energy

IET clears negative energy created by a lifetime of suppressed emotions, disorders, and traumas resulting from physical, mental, emotional or spiritual circumstances or events. The following are examples circumstances and events that cause negative energy:

  • Accidents
  • Injuries, cuts or bruises
  • Surgeries
  • Any form of abuse
  • Guilt
  • Fear
  • Heartache
  • Anger
  • Worry
  • Low self esteem
  • Feelings of unworthiness

The Nine Healing Angels of IET and Cellular Energy

In Stevan J. Thayer's book, The Healing Angels of the Energy Field, he explains how each of the nine Healing Angels govern a specific cellular memory area.

  • Angel Ariel - Governs the first chakra and eighth chakra
  • Angel Raphael - Governs the seventh chakra at the top of the head
  • Angel Gabriel - Governs the sixth chakra known as the third eye
  • Angel Celestina - Governs the fifth chakra located at the throat, neck and lungs
  • Angel Faith - Governs the shoulder area
  • Angel Cassiel - Governs the 4th chakra, the heart
  • Angel Daniel - Governs the liver, gall bladder and spleen
  • Angel Sarah - Governs the third chakra located the stomach
  • Angel Michael - Governs the second chakra located at the kidneys

The 12-Strand Spiritual DNA Pairs

Referred to as the building blocks of life, science has discovered DNA which governs every aspect of the entire physical body. However, according to Stevan Thayer acting as a channel for Angel Ariel, the DNA discovered by the scientists is only the first of the six pairs of the 12-strand spiritual DNA. The remaining five pairs of strands do not relate to the physical body. Instead they are imprints of energy found in the human energy fields.The following is the role of each of the six pairs of a 12-strand spiritual DNA.

  • The first pair is responsible for creating a unique physical body including genetic patterning, aging process and metabolism.
  • The second pair is responsible for the emotional body.
  • The third pair governs all aspects of our mental body.
  • The fourth pair governs the soul and includes a persons genetic soul profile and karmic patterning.
  • Soul clusters are governed by the fifth pair.
  • The sixth pair aligns a persons 12-strand spiritual DNA with divine will and it also governs all of creation.

Distance Healing Using IET

Many IET masters of practice distance healing, also called remote healing. When distance healing is chosen, the IET master sends the energy with the intent of healing the person in a different location. Two universal laws make remote healing possible:

  • Energy follows intent
  • An energy grid interconnects all of life

About Stevan J. Thayer

A holistic healer, Mr. Thayer founded the Center of Being in 1989 where he developed the Integrated Energy Therapy program. Five years later, he taught the first IET class with the hope it would grow throughout New York, New Jersey, and New England areas. The success of the program far surpassed his dreams as IET is now taught and practiced throughout the entire United States, Canada, Ireland, and Belgium. Stevan Thayer is also a certified Reiki Master, an ordained Interfaith Minister, and a channel for Angel Ariel. His books include Interview with an Angel and The Healing Angels of the Energy Field.

Integrated Energy Therapy