How to Conduct a Feng Shui Consultation

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How to conduct a feng shui consultation is largely based on the client's needs, but there are some basics you should start with.

Basics of How to Conduct a Feng Shui Consultation

When giving a feng shui consultation, every client's needs and space is different. Because of these simple facts, each consultation is different. Before you get into specific spaces, energies and needs, there are some feng shui fundamentals covered first.

Meeting the Client

Though some feng shui professionals do conduct consultations over the phone, the best way to give a consultation is an in-person meeting. This is important because it allows you to feel the energy of the client and observe the chi in the environment. Before you meet in person though, it's always a good idea to discuss what your client's goals are regarding the space over the phone or via email.

When you discuss a client's needs before going into the space, you know exactly what issues he or she are having with the chi of the home or work space. You can then begin making the necessary suggestions and adjustments almost as soon as you arrive. This allows you to think ahead and plan the best cures needed to help free up stagnant chi and encourage positive chi.

Exploring the Client's Space

After you've gone over your client's problems, needs and goals, it's time to explore the space. Once you get "on site," it is easier for you to see the cause of stagnant or negative chi issues based on the layout of the space and how the items inside and outside are arranged. Of course, there are other, more in depth issues as to why the chi in any environment is stagnant or negative, but again, these are just some basics of how to conduct a feng shui consultation. Remember, before you come to any conclusions, it's very important that you explore the entire space, inside and out. Chi flows from one room to another, so the chi of each separate room affects the entire space.

Discussing Options

Once you and the client have finished going over the environment, you will want to discuss what you've discovered about the space. Some basic points to cover:

  • Start with the outside - Begin discussing any outdoor chi issues before discussing indoor issues. Problems and solutions for the outside of the environment, like blockages to the main entrance of the home or office or landscaping issues are easier to talk about and easier to come up with solutions to because they are more broad in subject matter. Doing so helps to ensure the client doesn't become too overwhelmed or bombarded with information.
  • Move to the inside - Go through the inside of the space, room by room. Begin with the major issues first such as poison arrows and furniture placement.
  • Give solutions - After you've gone over the problems with the inside and outside of the environment, give the client a list of easy solutions. Here are a few example suggestions:
    • Messy landscaping - If you've found the landscaping to be a bit messy or unkempt, let them know the positive effects of trimming hedges, mowing the lawn and keeping the entrances free of clutter and debris.
    • In the kitchen - Express to the client that in feng shui, the kitchen is one, if not the, most important room in the home. If the counters are cluttered with miscellaneous items like mail, children's homework and various small appliances, discuss storage options in order to declutter the countertops.
    • Poison arrows - Give simple solutions to poison arrows like plants, artwork and crystals.

Final Tips

A few final tips for a feng shui consultation:

  • Speak plainly - If a client isn't that familiar with feng shui, avoid using too much "technical" language. You don't want to turn clients off to the benefits of feng shui because they couldn't understand the way in which you were explaining its concepts.
  • Be professional and courteous - Always treat and speak to your clients with respect. This is especially important when discussing solutions. For instance, if you find there is a stack of laundry piled up to your chest in their laundry room that is negatively affecting their chi, don't say something rude like "I see you don't do much laundry", instead, let them know the benefits of having a clean and uncluttered laundry room.

If you are kind, courteous and respectful while conducting a feng shui consultation, your client list will continue to grow and your will develop a positive reputation within your feng shui community.

How to Conduct a Feng Shui Consultation