How Can I Reduce Clutter Right Now?

Cluttered Kitchen

You can reduce clutter right now if you follow a few simple tips on how to declutter. The key is not becoming overwhelmed and to break down each task so you see immediate and encouraging results.

Collect the Trash

Gather up all the trash in your home and place in trash bags. This includes old magazines, newspapers, emptying trashcans in each room. Don't stop until all the trash is stuffed into bags, making sure you deal appropriately with the things you need to place in the recycle bin.

Take the Trash Out

Once you've collected all the trash, take it outside and place in the trash bin. If you have too much trash, place it inside the garage or outbuilding. Do not leave the bags out in the yard or by your house, this only creates more clutter. Another option is to make a quick trip to the local landfill. You can incorporate the trip with other errands to make the trip a more efficient use of your times.

Bin for Paperwork to Sort

Use a bin or basket to put paperwork strewn around the rooms. You will sort it later, but for now, put it all in one place and set the bin or basket in the room where you will sort it.

Timely Sorting of Paperwork

Don't forget the collected papers or you'll end up creating just another form of clutter. When you collect the papers, set a time for sorting. You'll need two more bins or baskets. One is for the papers you'll keep and the other for papers to be thrown away or shredded.

Pick Up Discarded Clothing and Shoes

Grab another basket and pickup all the discarded clothing. Designate another basket for shoes. Assign a family member to each basket collection.

Discarded Clothing

Immediately go through each item in the basket. Articles of clothing that don't laundering, Return their proper storage area in a closet or drawer. Items in need of washing should be sorted and a load of clothes set to wash. Don't neglect this basket or you once more create a different area of clutter.

Discarded Shoes

The easiest thing to do with a basket of shoes is to return to their owners and request the shoes be placed in their bedroom closet. Avoid leaving discarded shoes at a door entrance. This is considered feng shui clutter.

Clean Each Room

It may sound too simple but cleaning a room from dust and debris clears out clutter very quickly since dirt, dust and debris creates stagnant chi energy. Stagnant chi energy is considered clutter since new energizing chi cannot move past this blockage.

  1. Complete one cleaning chore at a time.
  2. Vacuum all rooms at the same time.
  3. Wash tile floors.
  4. Clean all bathrooms.
  5. Dust each room moving from one room to the next.
Woman vacuuming her living room

Paperless Is a Decluttering Blessing

Going paperless is more than just having your bills going to your email box. Take 20 minutes to set not just your credit cards to paperless, but all shopping websites. This is especially important for websites that send out sale catalogs on a regular basis. If you really want to declutter, change the settings on these websites and opt in for email notifications instead. You may be surprised how quickly this reduces the accumulation of sometimes weekly sale catalogs that eventually become clutter in your home.

  • When possible, opt out of receiving sales and other offers.
  • Go paperless if you haven't already on all your monthly bills.
  • Provide each family member with a trash can and/or basket.

Family Participation in Donations

Ask each family member to go through their closets and dresser/chest drawers and place donations in a basket. Give them a 30-minute deadline. For unenthusiastic members, make it a game with a prize for the one who finishes first. Set the criteria for what qualifies for donations such as:

  • Clothing that no longer fits.
  • Outdated clothing.
  • Things never used.
  • Anything worn, torn or broken should be thrown away.

Put Away Laundry

Don't allow the laundry to accumulate. Whenever the dryer buzzer goes off, remove the laundry and immediately put it away. This not only prevents clothing from wrinkling, it also prevent the laundry from accumulating into mounds of defeating clutter.

Keep Up with Laundry

Get the family involved and participating. If you've ever had a child complain that their favorite shirt is dirty, there's a solution that can curtail any possible arguments over dirty and clean laundry by teaching your child to do their own laundry. It doesn't take very long and you're teaching them good housekeeping habits that will carry them through their entire life.

Woman with a pile of folded clothes

Each Person Gets a Laundry Basket

Set up a basket for each family member to use in the laundry room. The basket can be used to collect laundry, launder the clothing, carry clean laundry to their room and immediately be put away. The laundry basket should then be return its proper storage place in the laundry room. This technique keeps the piles of dirty and clean laundry from building up.

Open Windows to Clear Stagnant Chi

Stagnant chi energy is clutter, so you can invite fresh chi energy inside by opening the windows. Allow the fresh air to travel throughout the house and infuse your home with yang energy. Close the windows and enjoy an energized home.

6 Super Quick Declutter Tips

If you don't have a lot of time to spend decluttering, it's best to do whatever you can. A few quick declutter tips can get you started.

  1. Throw away socks without a mate. Mismatched socks are clutter.
  2. Donate books you read, dislike or were gifts you won't read or use.
  3. Get rid of health and beauty aids that are expired, almost empty or you didn't like once tried.
  4. Throw away accumulated fast-food condiments, napkins and utensils.
  5. Designate a place for mail and only use it. Set a trash can or basket for discarded mail. Discard immediately when you bring mail into house.
  6. Set up a shredding basket and set one day a week for shredding sensitive private paperwork.

Set up Daily Cleaning Habits

The best way to reduce clutter right now is to set up some daily cleaning habits. One of the best ways is to divide the chores into morning and evening ones. In addition, you can assign family members to be responsible for some regular chores, such as cleaning and laundry.

6 Steps to Tidy Up Your Yard

The area surrounding your home impacts the feng shui more than what is inside. Clutter on the outside of your home means chi energy is blocked from entering the house.

  1. Pick up any trash around the driveway and street, including tree limbs and twigs.
  2. Rake or use a leaf blower to remove dead leaves from the house and dispose of gathered. Always keep driveways and walkways clear of leave and other debris.
  3. Clean the front door. Replace burned out light bulbs, sweep away debris and cobwebs and wash door, sidelight panels and windows.
  4. Trim shrubbery and remove dead wood.
  5. Deadhead any flowers as necessary.
  6. Manicure the lawn by mowing and weed eating.

Learning How You Can Reduce Clutter Right Now

Clutter prevents chi energy from moving about your home. This lack of auspicious energy creates depression, fatigue and stress. Once you've decluttered your home or office, the flow of a revitalized interior will make you feel lighter, happier and energized.

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How Can I Reduce Clutter Right Now?