Holistic Approach to Feng Shui Design

S. Lee Wright

The philosophies and concepts of holistic feng shui design integrate holistic therapies with feng shui principles.

Meet S. Lee Wright

Feng shui practitioner S. Lee Wright, founder and owner of S. Lee Wright Ltd. Holistic Feng Shui Design, is blazing a new path in feng shui design. Much like holistic doctors, who treat the whole body as opposed to one specific ailment, S. Lee Wright approaches her clients' whole life in her feng shui design, not just one or two specific areas of their lives.

Holistic Feng Shui Design Basics

LTK: Can you please explain the basics of your holistic feng shui concept to our readers?

SLW: The basics of holistic feng shui are:

  • Calmness
  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Enjoy what you do- have fun!
  • Always learn new things.

I believe every client project is a new opportunity. Hold the lessons learned from people and share them. Finally, seek balance and harmony and happiness will find you. LTK: When consulting with a new client, how do you approach the project holistically?

SLW: Our approach believes everything is integrated therefore it is essential to gather as much life information prior to starting any actual design work. Most designers (and therapists) must do this and often use their intuitive skills. Which we do as well however we have a methodology that I have been developing for many years. One major thing we explain to our clients, that is rare, is our approach is a shared journey. We need them to be active participants and to understand we are doing surgery on their nest and that so many things will be brought to the surface, which will offer the opportunity to learn, grow, expand and enhance.

LTK: When you conduct your Design Methodology and Analysis part of your consultation, what is the "Magic File"?

SLW: The Magic File or Magic Box is the basic tool for our clients to communicate to us (and themselves) their vision of how they wish their life to be, their favorite things through workbooks, homework and sharing. This is the foundation for S. Lee Wright Ltd Holistic Feng Shui Design. Without exception this has always enhanced a project both experientially as well as final end product as a beautiful functional environment.

Integrating Holistic and Feng Shui Principles

LTK: How do you integrate your training in holistic therapy, interior design and feng shui to create holistic feng shui?

SLW: When I first started my company in 2002, I actually had two distinctly different business plans - one for my holistic therapies and one for my interior design! It eventually dawned on me to stop acting as if I was a Jekell and Hyde but that all these aspects were inside of me, thus it was perfect to share it as a combined approach.

The big challenge is still our society looks at self awareness and self care as bohemian and pursue them behind closed doors with some guilt. However, I'm happy to say this is changing as we speak!

So in short, the answer is that I integrate them simply by being myself since they are all part of what makes me, me. But I have also designed the company to be a kit of parts and a consultative approach to offer each client a customized prescription of services just for their needs at that precise moment.

Treating the Client as a Whole

I believe in long term relationships so I work with clients on small items as well as large, since we trust that it all matters. Other ways we integrate the varied aspects of holistic feng shui is through the sharing of knowledge, resources, continued learning, growth and education. We have swapped juicing recipes, shared spiritual travel adventures, I've even made aroma therapy blends and often we give sacred Alaskan sprays at the project close to help the client complete the job and readjust the spatial vibration to match his/her own again.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship

LTK: What are some major ways these disciplines positively lend themselves to one another?

SLW: I have found that as I have grown with my own self-awareness and learned to be my authentic self, I started to consistently attract the things that make my heart sing. I found that these things either all had a commonality or I was most interested in the aspects that were most closely aligned with the other areas of my life. This includes all of my areas of expertise and interest such as:

  • Interior design
  • Psychology
  • Aroma therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Feng shui

Some major ways in which these disciplines work together is that all of these items are about the basic belief that things are integrated on every level so it's a whole approach. For example, one of feng shui's basic premises is that the home is a reflection of your inner self, while in reflexology the theory is that your entire body is reflected in your feet (or hands..) and the goal is always to seek balance and harmony.

Contacting S. Lee Wright

If you are interested in learning more about holistic feng shui, visit S.Lee Wright's website. You can also contact her by phone at 1-212-334-4637 or 1-917-817-7859. Finally, if you live in the New York area, pop by her office at:

19 Hudson Street, Suite 501

New York, New York

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Holistic Approach to Feng Shui Design