Holistic Approach to Feng Shui Design

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The holistic approach to creating a feng shui design adds another auspicious layer to this ancient art of placement. Holistic philosophies and concepts integrate easily into feng shui principles for an intuitive style.

Holistic Feng Shui Basics

According to Feng shui practitioner S. Lee Wright, founder and owner of S. Lee Wright Ltd. Holistic Feng Shui Design, the holistic approach to feng shui is considering her clients' whole life and not just one or two specific areas of their lives.

Design Concept and Holistic Approach

The holistic approach to feng shui shares the same goal of creating a harmonious environment. However, holistic feng shui imbues these principles with more personal values, such as calmness, clarity and consistency. Lee expounds on this concept stating her approach is three-pronged. "Treat everyone with respect. Enjoy what you do- have fun! And, always learn new things," she says.

Chi Energy and the Client

In feng shui, the chi energy delivers the life force energy to the home and its occupants. The holistic mindset is to personalize the way chi energy flows, so it further enhances the life of the client.

Impact of Chi Energy

Understanding how chi energy impacts the space, but more importantly how it affects the individual is right in line with the concerns feng shui addresses. With holistic feng shui, other modifications may be needed to address individual needs from an intuitive perspective for how the room makes the person feel.

Serving Clients, the Holistic Approach

When starting a new project, it's important for the feng shui practitioner to view it as a new opportunity to ensure those basic values are fulfilled. Lee explains this is where intuitive skills come into play with feng shui rules and principles. "We have a methodology that I have been developing for many years," she says.

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Active Participation

In the truest of holistic methodologies, Lee makes certain her clients understand they have an active role to play in the redesign of their homes as a shared journey. "They understand we are doing surgery on their nest and that so many things will be brought to the surface, which will offer the opportunity to learn, grow, expand and enhance," Lee explains.

Communication and Expectations

As with any holistic practice, the client must share their expectations and vision of how they wish to alter their life course, if at all. Lee believes it's important to really get to know her clients. She incorporates workbooks, homework and sharing as part of her discovery arsenal. She says, "Without exception this method has always enhanced a project both experientially as well as final-end product as a beautiful functional environment."

Integrating Holistic Therapy and Feng Shui Principles

Each feng shui practitioner will have a different approach and methodology for integrating the two practices. How this is achieved depends on individual knowledge and personal style. Lee explains her first attempts ended up with two different business plans. She says, "I had one for my holistic therapies and one for my interior design!" She eventually realized she needed to combine the two for a complete whole.

Treating the Client as a Whole

When a holistic feng shui practitioner works with a client, they tap in to lines of communication beyond the usual small details of feng shui. The practitioner focuses on integrating feng shui details with nuances that are gleaned intuitively and through deeper communications.

Delving Deeper with Interpersonal Relationships

In-depth communications on a personal level allows the practitioner to become better acquainted with the client and open more lines of communication. Lee explains, "We have swapped juicing recipes and shared spiritual travel adventures. I've even made aroma therapy blends." This connection is genuine and continues to the very end of the project. She says, "We often give sacred Alaskan sprays at the project close to help the client complete the job and readjust the spatial vibration to match his/her own again."

Mutually Beneficial Relationship of Personal Growth

As a holistic project begins, peaks and winds down, both the feng shui practitioner and client recognize the benefits on a personal level. One of the holistic goals of such in-depth approaches is the desire for personal growth. "I have found that as I have grown with my own self-awareness and learned to be my authentic self, I started to consistently attract the things that make my heart sing," Lee shares.

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Synchronicity Grows

This type of synchronicity takes on a life of its own. Lee says, "I found that these things either all had a commonality, or I was interested in the aspects that were most closely aligned with the other areas of my life." When personal connections are made in the process of doing your job, it sets up a system of energies that the framework of feng shui guides.

Holistic Approach to Feng Shui Design for Your Home

As with all interior design disciplines, feng shui addresses how a home should be the physical reflection of who you are, your personal likes, and even your belief system. When the nuances of holistic energy practices are combined with feng shui, such as activating chi energy in specific sectors, providing remedies and cures for afflicted areas, the result feels magical.

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Holistic Approach to Feng Shui Design