Healing with Polarity

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The technique of healing with polarity allows the vital energy of life, also known as chi, to flow freely throughout the body by removing any existing blockages.

Healing with Polarity: An Overview

Using the vast knowledge gathered over sixty years of experience and studying East and West healing practices, Dr. Randolph Stone developed a healing technique based on balancing the energy fields of the body. When the body experiences a blockage in the flow of its energy it is in a state of imbalance.

When the body's energy fields are in balance, the result is a feeling of relaxation that is deep, healing and energizing. A person experiences a sense of happiness, peace and overall well being and health. People achieve balance via polarity by using the life energy currents that flows naturally through the hands of everyone. By learning to use your natural life energy, you can release any blockages that exist within the energy fields of another person and balance their vital life energy.

The Positive and Negative Poles of the Body

The human body, like the Earth, has a positive and a negative magnetic pole. When people refer to the Earth's poles, they call them magnetic north and magnetic south. When referring to the human body they simply call the poles positive and negative. The following is how practitioners perceive the body in polarity healing:

  • The upper area is positive and the lower area is negative
  • The front side is positive and the back side is negative
  • The right side is positive and the left is negative

Just as the negative and positive poles of a magnet attract each other, the negative and positive aspects of the body atract each other as they travel along the magnetic lines of force within the body. When the vital life forces correctly connect, the body is in balance.

Imbalances and Blockages

When an imbalance of life energy results from a blockage, the polarity practitioner uses his own energy to realign the vital magnetic fields. This releases the blockage and restores the polarity of the body. Practitioners accomplish this through various techniques, including:

  • Placing his right hand, which is positive, on the left side of the person's body, which is negative.
  • Placing his left hand, which is negative, on the right side of the person's body, which is positive.
  • If the practitioner is working on the vertical center of the body:
    • The left hand, which is negative, is always placed on the upper portion of the body, which is positive.
    • The right hand, which is positive, is placed on the lower part of the body, which is negative.

    The Life Force of the Body

    Our life force flows throughout our body through an invisible system similar to the circulatory system. As the energy flows it revitalizes and charges each of the body's cells. Just as other methods of essential energy healing remove blockages and restore balance, polarity healing eliminates blockages and magnetic disturbances caused by stress, which leads to problems with physical, mental and emotional health. Throughout history in various cultures the invisible life force of the body has been known by many different names including:
  • Life energy
  • Chi, qi or ki
  • The light
  • Pran or prana
  • Mana
  • Bioplasmic energy
  • Orgone energy
  • Odic force
  • Munia
  • Vital fluids
  • Nature's life force
  • Cosmic energy
  • Ether of space
  • Subtle energy
  • X-force
  • Bio-cosmic energy

The Types of Touch Used in Polarity Healing

To align the body's magnetic fields and restore the free flow of the universal energy of life, a polarity practitioner uses three types of touch.

The practitioner may use one, all three or any combination of techniques depending on the needs of the person receiving the treatment.

Common Positions of Polarity Healing

The following are common positions and practices used in polarity healing.

  • The Cradle
  • The North Pole Stretch
  • Tummy Rock
  • Polarity Circle

Positions and Practices for the Feet

The practitioner starts with the right foot and performs each exercise and then reverses the instructions for the left foot.

  • Brushing Off
  • Lean and Pull
  • Inside Heal Press
  • Outside Heal Rotation
  • The Toe Pull
  • Knuckle Rubbing

Healing with polarity aligns your body's magnetic fields allowing your chi to flow freely though your body revitalizing each cell.

Healing with Polarity