Generate Chi Energy and Keep It Flowing Through Your Home

Trim overgrown shrubbery and remove any obstacles in path of front door.

Generate chi energy in your home by attracting it to enter through the main door as well as the windows near the main entrance. This allows beneficial chi to flow into the home in a natural process and slowly make its way throughout the rooms of the rest of the house.

Don't Interfere With Air Circulation

If you use a fan in your home, you need to monitor how it creates airflow. A setting that is too high and creates a big stir of air can create sha chi (bad chi energy). Position the fan so it doesn't blow directly onto you. A central air system works best for keeping air flowing through the home. If your airflow is stagnant, then you run the risk of creating dead chi.

Pay Attention to How Chi Enters and Exists

One of the most important things to avoid in generating chi energy throughout your home is having it leave almost as quickly as it enters. This typically happens when there is a door or window directly opposite the entrance door and windows. You can prevent this by closing the opposite windows or door. While you want the light from the windows or doors, you can slow the flow of chi through closed windows by adding blinds, draperies, and even furniture placement.

Use Elements That Attract Chi Energy

There are certain elements that attract chi energy in each area of your home. You can activate a specific area based on this year's flying stars placement for your home and yourself as well as those who live with you.

Examples of Attracting Chi Energy

If your birth element is strong water, then you have a strong yang energy surrounding you. To counter this, you need to activate other elements which will prevent this natural chi from growing out of control. Think of it as a balancing act. You can do this by activating the fire element with wood. The color green would be an excellent addition to balancing too much water as would the color yellow which symbolizes earth. Earth contains water and gives it form, otherwise water will overrun and flood the earth when it receives too much energy and rises out of control. You want to minimize the use of metal, white, gold, blue, black and gray because these elements attract water chi energy.

If you have the opposite birth element, weak water, then you'll want to activate this element to increase your wealth. This is done by adding metal objects to your most favorable directions. Unlike a strong water element, you need the colors white, gold, black, blue and gray to draw more chi energy into the water section. You should avoid green, brown and yellow.

The areas of the house you use the most need to be considered along with what direction the rooms are located and where the house's flying stars currently reside before adding any feng shui elements.

Fix Main Entrance Problems That Affect Chi

The main entrance into your home is the starting point where the chi energy enters your home. This is where most people make the mistake of blocking or even preventing the chi from getting inside.

Tidy front yard

There are things you can do to make sure your entrance draws in chi energy.

  • Lights on either side of the door will serve as beacons to attract chi energy.
  • Trimmed and neat yard and area leading to entrance.
  • Paint the door an appropriate color based on the direction and flying stars.
  • Repair or replace worn doors, hinges, doorknobs, and locks.
  • Remove any furniture or plant life that serves as an obstacle.
  • Don't place a mirror directly across from the door, this will bounce the chi right back out the door.
  • Declutter. That means closets, garages, and any rooms adjacent or connected to the main entrance.

Fix Chi Issues Beyond the Front Door

Keep in mind as you work to generate chi that you'll need to assure it can move easily throughout the rest of your home. Imagine the air flow as a river of water. Does it bump up against a chair or table? Imagine a boulder in a river. What happens when the water rushes against it. Turbulence and eddies are created around the obstacles and the energy begins to expand and build, blocking other elements trying to flow downstream. Remove all obstacles so the chi energy can move freely from room to room. You want the chi to resemble a meandering stream, not a disturbed and erratic rushing river.

Generate Chi Energy

You can generate chi energy if you think of it was flowing water and avoid areas that will make it flood and others that will prevent the water from flowing into a room, risking the energy growing stagnant.

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Generate Chi Energy and Keep It Flowing Through Your Home