Expert Tips for Affordable and Easy Feng Shui Decorating

Mira Brower

Learn a few new free feng shui tips from this expert interview with feng shui professional Mira Brower. These easy and affordable feng shui decorating tips will help you create a comfortable and auspicious home decor.

About Mira Brower

You don't have to spend a lot of money to apply feng shui principles to your environment. Even if funds are tight, you can improve the positive chi flow in your home that won't drain your bank account in many ways. Feng shui professional Mira Brower specializes in working with just such clients.

Brower has been working as a full time professional feng shui consultant since graduating from the Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego, California. Brower studied feng shui for a number of years before deciding to become a full time feng shui professional. She loves working with clients with limited budgets, who also have a great interest in improving their lives with feng shui. In this interview, Brower offers a few free feng shui tips you can apply to your home or workspace at little or no cost.

Interview with Mira Brower, Feng Shui Expert

Low Cost Remedies and Cures

LTK: Can you advise our readers on a few great, low budgets, feng shui remedies they can apply to their environments?

MB: One of the most effective feng shui remedies is clearing clutter out of the space that you want to enhance. This is very cost effective, especially if you can sell some of your items! This helps to release energy that is wrapped up in the space and creates space for what is coming next. Give the space a good physical cleaning, too.

My favorite feng shui cure is the faceted crystal. They are versatile, beautiful and really help get the positive chi moving! They are affordable at about $6 for the smallest size and are great at both activating areas and helping mitigate challenges.

Places that benefit from hanging a faceted crystal are:

  • The middle of a long dark hallway
  • A room with very high ceilings
  • On in a window that has an unpleasant view
  • In a cluttered space that you would like to clear up

Free Feng Shui Decorating Tips

LTK: When it comes to feng shui decorating, are there any objects, colors or designs that people should avoid?

Sure, anything that is too sharp or potentially dangerous, such as a cactus, metal sculpture with points, or a very pointy table corner. The energy body and physical body are challenged every time we interact with something that is sharp. Safety and comfort are a top priority in feng shui, so if you find that you constantly bump into a sharp corner, move the piece so there is more space to move. This creates more space to move in life!

Avoid having too many extremes: Too much white and brightness in a space creates an overwhelming feeling in the energy, while too dark of a space creates a feeling of drowning in the energy. Aim for balance with all colors and decor.

LTK: Creating your own artwork is far cheaper than buying new pieces. Do you have any tips you can give people who want to create a piece of art for their home?

MB: When someone creates their own art, especially with intention, it is filled with their positive chi. This is a highly recommended way to bring energy into your space. Good colors to use are the colors that make your heart sing! Go for the ones that feel good to you. As for images, express yourself fully. The specific images are not as important as the feeling that goes into the artwork.

One fun way to create feng shui art is to use it with the bagua. The bagua is an intentional tool that shows us where certain areas of our lives are concentrated in our homes. For more information on the Bagua, visit

For example, if someone wants to increase wealth, she could locate the wealth area of her home. Then, while making the art, use the colors of the area, such as greens and purple. For the imagery, pick images that make her feel abundant, such as images of coins or a beautiful bundle of flowers. The possibilities are limitless!

Popular Feng Shui Advice

LTK: What would you say was the number one piece of feng shui advice you give to clients when you go on consultations?

In the Home

MB: The thing that I most often suggest is to decorate with as much intention as possible. If someone loves to paint but has no space, I suggest turning the dining room into an art space so they have room to do what they love!

If someone is looking for a relationship, but all of their rooms are set up for one person, I suggest they create a comfortable space for two people. The biggest way to tell if a space is working for you is by asking yourself if you really like it.

The second thing I tell people is to be sure they are in the command position, especially in their desks, beds and couches. This means having a solid wall behind you for support and being able to see the door, without being directly in line with the door.

In the Office

MB: If you are in a cubicle and can't move the deck, place a mirror on the desk so you can see the door while you are seated. If you can't move your couch and the back of it is exposed to a room, place a table behind the couch to create a false wall.

Free Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom

LTK: Feng shui in the bedroom is a popular topic for our readers. What are some easy feng shui bedroom tips you can give for couples as well as single people?

MB: For single people, one of the best things to do is to make sure there is space for a partner in your room. Set up a nightstand with a lamp, and make sure there is room on both sides of the bed for two people. This says to the world that you are ready for a partner! Another step is to bring in groupings or pairs of objects in the art and decoration of the space. You can burn two red candles, have two pieces of art that you like or use images that have the feeling of partnership, whether it is people, birds or abstract images. The goal is to create a space where partnership is encouraged!

If you are in a relationship, one of the biggest things I see challenging couples is having a television in the bedroom. If you must have one, be sure to put a scarf over it or put it in a cabinet at the end of the night. This goes for computers, exercise equipment and reading materials. The bedroom is the seat of love in the home, so see if you can use it for mostly sleeping and love making. Less is more in our culture! Also, it can be beneficial to decorate using pairs of objects in the room, as mentioned above.

Expert Tips for Affordable and Easy Feng Shui Decorating