Tips for Affordable and Easy Feng Shui Decorating

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Affordable and easy feng shui tips for decorating give you simple to follow ideas for an auspicious home design. With a few quick changes in your home décor you can invite chi energy to energize all areas of your life.

Follow Tips for Affordable and Easy Feng Shui Decorating

Feng shui tips that are affordable and easy to follow for decorating your home address many feng shui issues. These are simple and often overlooked, like the negative effect clutter has on your personal life.

Number One Feng Shui Tip - Declutter!

It's no secret that the number one feng shui tip that can drastically change your luck in all areas of life is a simple one - declutter! Use a free declutter list and invite good luck into your life. Black Hat feng shui professional Mira Brower agrees. "This is very cost effective, especially if you can sell some of your items!" Mira says.

How Decluttering Works

The accumulation of clutter creates stagnant chi energy since it pools and gathers at the area blocked by clutter. As soon as you clear this obstacle out of the path of chi energy, it is free to move throughout your home into sectors that govern certain areas of your life.

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Organize Closets and Drawers

Two of the most neglected areas that often harbor the worst clutter are closets and drawers. Organize both areas throughout your home and watch how health, finances, career and relationship luck change.

Maintain and Clean Regularly

Once clutter free and clean, keep maintain so the chi energy continues flow freely throughout your home. Mira advises, "Give the space a good physical cleaning, too." Don't allow clutter to come back into your home and therefore, your life.

Disperse Sha Chi Energy.

There are many ways inauspicious chi energy can end up in your home. Mira says, "My favorite feng shui cure is the faceted crystal. They are versatile, beautiful and really help get the positive chi moving! They are affordable at about $6 for the smallest size." A multi-faceted crystal will disperse sha chi (negative chi) energy for specific inauspicious issues:

  • Hall doorways across from each other or a row of three or more door opening off a hallway: Hang the crystal from the ceiling between the doors or doorways to slow down rushing chi energy.
  • A bedroom or bathroom at the top of the staircase: Suspend the crystal between the top of the stairs and bedroom or bathroom door to keep the chi from bombarded the room.
  • A window with an inauspicious view, such as an alley or another building: Remedy by hangin the crystal in the center of the window.
  • A front entrance with a staircase directly across from it: This causes the chi to rush up the stairs, neglecting the first floor. Suspend the crystal from the ceiling between the door and staircase to send chi energy into the first floor.

Choosing Feng Shui Decorative Objects

There are a few feng shui rules you want to follow when selecting decorative objects for room décors. These include designs, colors and subject matters. Mira explains, "Avoid anything that is too sharp or potentially dangerous, such as a cactus, metal sculpture with points, or a very pointy table corner." These all create what are called poison arrows.

Focus on Balance and Harmony

When decorating your home, focus on keeping the fabric patterns and colors in harmony and balance. Mira advises to steer clear of too many extremes saying, "Too much white and brightness in a space creates an overwhelming feeling in the energy, while too dark of a space creates a feeling of drowning in the energy."

Activate Each Compass Sector

In Classical Feng Shui, a compass is used to find the facing direction of your home. This is then used to identify the sector of each room. You can then use this information to activate the ruling element in each room. This will attract auspicious chi energy into each specific area of your life.

Tips for DIY Feng Shui Art

If you're creative and talented, you may prefer creating your own artwork to decorate your home. Mira suggests, "When someone creates their own art, especially with intention, it is filled with their positive chi. This is a highly recommended way to bring energy into your space."

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Feng Shui Rules for Art

Any art, homemade or purchased, should always make you feel good. Follow feng shui principles for the type of artwork for each sector as well as activities specific to each room. Mira advises to make art for the southeast (wealth) sector of the home. "Use the colors of the area, such as greens. For the imagery, pick images that makes you feel abundant, such as images of coins or a beautiful bundle of flowers. The possibilities are limitless!" she says.

Choose Ideal Feng Shui Décor Colors

Each compass sector is assigned a color or colors. You can use these as a guide for selecting a color palette for your home or rooms.

Intention Is Important

Mira advises clients to decorate with intention. This should be kept in the forefront of all thoughts and actions. Make sure you imbue positive energy into your intentions.

Decorate for a Mate

A good example of intent and design is someone open to inviting a new relationship or seeking a partner for life. If you want to attract a mate, don't decorate your home just for one person. You have to make room for a second person in your home space. Mira says, "The goal is to create a space where partnership is encouraged!"

Some ways you can do this include:

  • Leave a few drawers empty in a bedroom dresser.
  • Don't fill up both night stand drawers.
  • The master bathroom should also have some empty storage space for another person to enter your life.
  • One recliner in a living room doesn't allow for a second person to join you.
  • Only one chair at a small dining table isn't inviting for a dinner guest.
  • When choosing art and decorative objects, follow the feng shui rule of two.
  • Add decorative feng shui symbols of love, relationships and marriage.

Best and Auspicious Directions

You want to sleep, eat and work facing your best directions. Each person has four auspicious direction and four inauspicious directions. You want to place the furniture, so you are facing one of your best positions. You can discover your four auspicious directions by calculating your kua number.

Assume the Command Position at Work

Feng shui principles dictate being in the command position when you work or study. This can be in a home office or a cubicle in a large corporate office. This is the position of power and requires following specific feng shui rules for desk placement. When in negotiations, conducting a sales presentation, or other important undertaking, sit so you're facing one of your best positions for an auspicious outcome.

No Work in the Bedroom

The biggest challenges for intimate relationships in the bedroom are the interference of work-related other non-restive objects, such as a desk, workout equipment, TV and electronics. All of these things generate too much yang energy. They are disruptive and can be too distracting for a healthy love/sex relationship or a good night's sleep. Be serious when decorating your bedroom and focus on creating a true restive retreat away from work and all other distractions.

Take Advantage of Tips for Affordable and Easy Feng Shui Decorating

Take advantage of the tips offered for an affordable and easy feng shui décor. You can decorate your home by making choices to ensure the chi energy flows through each room delivering auspicious chi to nurture and activate good luck in all areas of your life.

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Tips for Affordable and Easy Feng Shui Decorating