How to Feng Shui a Bedroom Where Someone Has Died

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You will want to feng shui the bedroom where someone died to clear stagnant chi. This is a very straightforward process and can be accomplished by following the steps below.

How to Feng Shui the Bedroom Where Someone Died

In China, when a person dies in the home, they are carried from the bedroom feet first and out the front door. This is why you are advised not to sleep with your feet facing the bedroom door and why it's called the coffin position.

After a Death in Your House

Before you can begin to feng shui the bedroom, you need to close the circle of the deceased person's life by having a burial ceremony. In China, the oldest son wears a large photo of the deceased family member strapped to his back. During the ceremony, the funeral director paints over the eyes with black paint. This symbolizes allowing the person to see beyond this world and move on to the next world.

It's because of this Chinese tradition that many feng shui practitioners may advise you to remove all photos from the bedroom. This is an extreme reaction when the moderate practice is to remove only those photos of the deceased relative. This is done because the eyes have been painted black and you don't want to beckon their spirit back home by having the photo as a portal through which the spirit may enter through the eyes. At the least, remove photos of the deceased from the bedroom. Many feng shui experts advise removing all photos of the deceased if the blackened eyes ceremony was performed. If it wasn't, then there's no reason to remove the photos from the other room.

Use of Sound in Burial Ceremony

Another aspect of the burial ceremony is the ringing of cymbals or chimes to call the spirit from the house and to the gravesite. On the day of the burial ceremony, temporarily take down all wind chimes in and around your home until the ceremony is over. You don't want to confuse the spirit of your loved one and have her torn between the home and the grave.

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Should You Replace the Deathbed?

The chi energy of an ill person who eventually dies leaves a residue of negative chi. This stagnant energy needs to be cleared out of the room, especially the deathbed. If it is economically impractical to replace the bed and mattress, then you can perform a cleansing ceremony described below.

Clean the Bedroom

The next step is to clean the bedroom thoroughly.

  • Open all windows - This allows the stagnant chi to escape the room and be replaced with fresh chi.
  • Wash the room - Walls and floors should be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Paint the room - If you feel it will assist in changing the feel of the room. Sometimes a color can remind just as much as a photo or bed.
  • Remove all clothing and donate - Some people believe you should burn the clothing of the deceased because it's believed the negative chi clings to it.
  • Sweep the room with a broom to clear it of the stagnant chi.

What Stays, What Goes

While tradition recommends disposing of clothing and bedding of the deceased. You will no doubt have certain articles of clothing that you wish to keep. There's not reason why you can't do so if you have room to store. The same thing applies to objects and keepsakes of the deceased. There's no valid reason to get rid of these unless they are simply things you don't want. The foremost rule is to do what is most comfortable for you.

Cleansing Ceremony After Someone Has Died

Once you have cleaned and reorganized the bedroom, you may wish to have a cleansing ceremony performed. This should be done by someone not emotionally attached to the deceased. A cleansing ceremony is done to get rid of stagnant chi and allow a renewal of energy and life.

This can be as simple as burning incense and saying a prayer in the room or you can add other elements.

Use Salt

This can be used to wipe down the walls and floors. Another technique is to place salt or sprinkle salt in each of the corners of the bedroom. You can also sprinkle salt on the mattress. Allow the salt to stay long enough to draw out the negative chi. After the ceremony, sweep up the salt and dispose of it in the trash bin outside the home.

Sprinkle Rice

This is called feeding the ghosts. Start outside your front door and sprinkle rice leading the spirit or ghost out of the house. Typically the rice is spread to the outer perimeter of the home thereby drawing the spirit outside where it will then stay.

Burn Incense

Choose a scent you find comforting. Many people choose scents based on ancient knowledge of properties. Here are a few incense and herbs that will bring positive results.

Stick of burning incense
  • Lavender - Assists in moving past obstacles and problems. Protects and repels negative energy
  • Eucalyptus - Healing. Excellent relief for grief-stricken.
  • Mint - Prosperity and wealth
  • Sage - A scent that repels spirit
  • Sandalwood - Raises spirit, heals and protects

Play Sound

Tinkling of bells helps draw positive chi.

Add Light

Place prisms and faceted orbs in windows to allow a rainbow of light to enter the room. Open draperies and let the sunshine inside.

Renewal and Positive Chi After Death in a Bedroom

After you feng shui the bedroom where someone died, the energy will be quite different when you walk into the room. You will be able to move forward in life and carry those good memories of your loved one with you.

How to Feng Shui a Bedroom Where Someone Has Died