Feng Shui Resources in Atlanta

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Feng shui in Atlanta is alive and well. You can find numerous feng shui resources in the city to help you create the ideal feng shui home or office. In fact, you may be surprised to learn who is using feng shui and why.

Feng Shui In Atlanta: City Living

Living in a large metropolitan area can create unique feng shui issues with massive road networks, buildings and crowded urban communities that interfere with the flow of chi energy. Feng shui can help you escape the stresses of the city and turn your home into a restive sanctuary.

Four Renowned Atlanta Feng Shui Consultants

You may wish to hire a professional consultant to assist you in the redesign or design of your home. Atlanta has some well-known feng shui experts residing in the city.

Lucky (Lefty) White

With over twelve years of experience as a feng shui consultant, Lucky White has appeared on television and radio show interviews, and her work has been featured in national magazines. She is one of the leading feng shui consultants for large corporations, businesses, and home owners wishing authentic Black Sect feng shui interiors and exteriors. Lefty studied Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism Feng Shui under the tutelage of Grandmaster Professor Lin Yu (1932-2010).

Rochel Parker

Rochel Parker practices Classical Feng Shui and is a trained Chinese astrologer. She studied extensively throughout Asia in feng shui certification programs with notable feng shui masters. Rochel teaches feng shui classes throughout the Southeast. She offers continuing education courses for real estate professionals, interior designers, architects, and builders. Check her website for a current schedule. Her mentors and teachers include:

  • Master Jes Lim
  • Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai
  • Master June
  • Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • Grand Master Ken Lai
  • Grand Master Peter Leung

Tracy Miller

Feng shui practitioner Tracy Miller has been helping people enhance their lives with feng shui design for several years. A certified Feng Shui professional, Tracy graduated from the Feng Shui Institute of America certification program. She's trained in several schools of feng shui including, Classical compass feng shui, Black Hat Feng Shui, and geomantic charting. She gained national notoriety in 2007 when she appeared on two episodes of HGTV's popular series, Ground Breakers. Her work has been featured in magazines.

Will LeStrange

Based out of Atlanta, but working in major cities across America, Will LeStrange created the Modern Feng Shui Method and The Seven Stages of Holistic Alignment. These two systems integrate various disciplines, such as environmental psychology, kinesiology, traditional feng shui, and interior design principles. His work has been featured on BBC, China Central TV (CCTV), and Fox networks. Will specializes in feng shui for homes, businesses and real estate.

Feng Shui Classes in Atlanta

If you live near Atlanta, Georgia you can take advantage of various feng shui courses offered to the public. As in all things, you should research the individuals teaching feng shui to make sure they have the proper training and are truly knowledgeable in their field. There are several schools of feng shui, and not all feng shui practitioners utilize them. Some specialize in only one or two schools, so be certain the practitioner offers the school of feng shui you wish to study. You can attend classes in Atlanta to learn more about feng shui, such as the course Roberta Grant, Feng Shui of Life, teaches on the SCAD Atlanta Campus for the Savannah College of Art and Design.

female consultant teaching

Use Feng Shui to Sell Your Home

If you're selling your home in Atlanta, then you may wish to employ the principles of the ancient Chinese art of placement in order to stage your home. In a market slump, realtors have discovered how feng shui can assist them in selling their inventory of homes. If you're a real estate developer, you may join colleagues who've turned to feng shui staging experts for help. The fees charged for these services vary, but if you are about to lose your investment, hiring a feng shui staging expert can be the best decision you ever make.

Statistics for Feng Shui Staged Homes

The proof of anything is found in the results. Feng shui is used to sell homes faster and for a good market price.

  • Sell 50% faster than other homes
  • Sell for 6.9% more than other staged homes

Staging a Home: Atlanta Feng Shui Style

You may be surprised to learn that these services aren't limited to home sellers and real estate agents. More and more homeowners are hiring staging consultants to help them redesign their homes for feng shui living. You can hire a feng shui home stager consultant to assist you.

Feng Shui for a Better life

There are many people using feng shui in Atlanta. They discover their level of enjoyment increases when their lives are brought into harmony and balance with their homes even though they live in one of the busiest cities in the United States.

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Feng Shui Resources in Atlanta