Feng Shui and Epsom Salt

Jacqueline Dautaj
Feng shui cures

Feng shui and Epsom salt can sometimes go hand and hand. This can be especially true when it comes to performing feng shui cures.

Using Feng Shui Cures

Feng shui and Epsom salt can come together when it's time to perform a cure. Here are some reasons why, and instances where, a cure may be necessary.

Predecessor Factors

The first reason to apply a cure has to do with the individuals who lived in your house or apartment before you did. The energy left by the former occupants can be either positive or negative. Obviously, if the energy left behind is positive, there may not be any reason to perform a cure. Here's a handy little chart to help you decide:

Negative and Positive Predecessor Energy
Positive Factors Negative Factors
Growing Family Injury or death
Marriage Divorce
Prosperity (made more money) Bankruptcy
Promotion or a new job Lost job
Moved to a larger house Moved to a smaller house

Since the last thing anyone wants is for their predecessor's negative energy to hang around, a feng shui salt cure may be just thing! Let some reasons help you decide.

  • Multiple feng shui problems: As you work your way through the ba gua, one may quickly realize that they have a handful of feng shui problems; some they can cure with mirrors and the like, and some they may be unable to. In this instance, a cure may be appropriate.
  • Alleviating general depression and negativity: Sometimes a home contains a certain negative energy that just puts its inhabitants into a general funk. If doom and gloom has been your mantra of late, try a salt cure.

Feng Shui and Epsom Salt: The Cures

Many feng shui cures involve using orange peels and rice. A few also include the use of sea salt or Epsom salt. One such feng shui and Epsom salt cure involves a healing bath. Have ever taken a swim in the ocean? If so, then you know how refreshing it can feel.

To recapture that feeling, try these steps:

  • Draw a warm bath and put one to two pounds of Epsom salt or sea salt (two to four cups) into the water.
  • Add ten drops of lavender essential oil (or any other pleasing scent) to the water.
  • Sit and relax in the bath for at last twenty minutes.
  • As you relax, make sure that the majority of your body is covered with salt water at some point during the bath.

Some feng shui consultants recommend visualizing a healing white light that fills the entire body. From there, visualize this light flushing out all negative emotions and feelings (this can include any physical, mental and/or emotional stress). It's also recommended to say "Thank you for cleansing and healing my whole body now!" three times.

In instances where lounging in a salt bath is not practical, you can also rub the salt over your body (after you've been in the shower for five to ten minutes; this way the body is moist), and rinse off after five to ten minutes.

Intense Salt Purification

A second cure worth trying is a salt burning for intense purification. This cure will provide a more extensive cleansing, but because it involves fire, you'll need to be very careful when following the directions. This technique can be used after an illness, a death, or when moving into a new home. To perform this cure, gather:

  • A small disposable bread pan for each room that you want to cleanse
  • One large aluminum pan (the turkey-size kind)
  • Rock salt or Epsom salt
  • Rubbing alcohol

Once these items have been gathered, follow these steps:

  • Place salt in the small pan. Cover the bottom entirely with salt.
  • Now pour just enough rubbing alcohol over the salt to soak it.
  • Take the small pan and place it inside the larger one for added safety. Take the pan (with the smaller one still inside of it) and place it in the room you want to cleanse.
  • Most consultants recommend saying "Thank you for the complete disintegration of all negative energies, thoughts and emotions from this room now".
  • Light a match and carefully drop it inside the small pan.

Final Tips

Remember the following tips and all should go well:

  • Disable any smoke alarms before attempting the burning cure.
  • Clear everything out of the room that could be placed next to the pan.
  • Keep your eyes on the fire and have a towel handy.
  • Immediately after the ceremony, open the window and doors for a least an house to fill your home with new energy.

Once that has been completed, wash your hands with soap and water, reconnect the fire alarm and remember to remove all the left over trash form the fire.

Non-Flammable Option

You can use a bowl of salt as a cure. Simply place it in the appropriate location and replace it often. The salt will absorb negative energies, and then you literally throw them away. The same effect can be used after a bad argument in a room. Simply sprinkle salt on the floor that night and vacuum it up the next day.

Let the salt absorb and carry away all the negative emotions and bad chi of your space through these cures.

Feng Shui and Epsom Salt