Feng Shui and Cleansing Burn

burning incense

Combine feng shui and a cleansing burn to rid a space of negative energy.

Reasons for Feng Shui and Cleansing Burn

Spaces retain the energy of the previous owners or occupants. If you notice lately that things at work are not going very well, it may be that the energy in your office or workspace is stagnating. Not knowing who or what occupied the space before you, it's impossible to tell if the energy is stagnate or simply negative. After conducting a simple feng shui cleansing burn, the negative energy will dissipate and any stagnant energy will move on. Cleansing burns are not only for spaces though; use them to cleanse the personal energy that surrounds you.

If things in your personal life seem to be going all wrong, anything from your relationships to your finances, it may be the energy that surrounds you is negative or stagnant. If you're feeling tired, irritable or just unwell all the time, this energy is definitely negative. In order to get that stagnate energy moving again and the negative energy away from you, perform feng shui and cleansing burn.

Different Cleansing Burns

There are more than a few ways to perform a cleansing burn in feng shui. Here are a few methods that are the most simple:

Burning Incense

Two common types of incense sticks used for a cleansing burn in feng shui are rosemary and sandalwood.

Cleansing a Space

  • First, thoroughly clean the space. Get rid of all clutter then sweep, dust and mop the areas in which you want to do a cleansing burn. If the weather is permitting, open the windows to allow fresh air to flow into the room.
  • Put your burning incense (in a holder of course) in the middle of each floor of your house if you want to cleanse the entire home. If you just want to do one room, place it in the middle of the room.

Using a Smudge Stick

A smudge stick, generally made of sage, is often used to cleanse your aura, or the energy around you. If you can't get your hands a one and need immediate relief from anger, anxiety, sadness or the like, you can use incense.

Cleansing Your Aura

  • The key is to fan the smoke. Once you the smudge stick is lit, blow it out. Then, take your hand and waft the smoke from the end of the smudge stick toward your body, beginning with the top of your head and ending at your feet. Be sure to lift your feet so you cleanse the negative energy from the soles.

Cleansing a Space A smudge stick is also used to cleanse negative chi from spaces.

  • Once you've lit and blown out the smudge stick, walk around the space you want to cleanse. Remember that corners are often poison arrows, so be sure to take a little extra time in those areas.

Whether you're cleansing a space or yourself, the smudge stick may begin to go out. Simply blow on the lit end lightly (giving the smoke fresh life breath) until it begins smoking again.

Releasing Negative Energy, Welcoming Positive Energy

A good way to release the negative energy from your life is to recite prayers, affirmations, well wishes and positive thoughts while performing your cleansing burn. The same is said for negative thoughts. Releasing your negative thoughts by vocalizing them allows the release of the negative energy you are carrying, into the smoke, where it dissipates. Do the same for positive thoughts. By vocalizing our positive thoughts, positive energy is carried by the smoke and released into the universe.

Finally, you don't have to do cleansing burns only when you're feeling down, ill or when your career isn't going as planned. Cleansing burns are great for the times in your life when you are surrounded by positivity. This keeps the positive chi flowing in your space and around you.

Safety Note

Never leave a burning item alone in a room. Even an item that is only releasing smoke is hot enough to ignite a flammable substance or burn skin. Always use caution.

Feng Shui and Cleansing Burn