Feng Shui Year of the Pig and What It Means

Pigs enjoy taking naps

2007 was the feng shui year of pig. More specifically, it was the year of fiery pig. According to ancient Chinese teaching, the fiery pig is not the most tranquil combination. The base is water, and the symbol is fire. Water is on the bottom and fire is on the top. Since water extinguishes and suppresses fire, this means water in is conflict with fire. The previous fire pig year was 1947.

Predictions and Prophecies

Many astrologers and feng shui practitioners had predicted that 2007 would be a year of conflicts, political tension, and catastrophic natural disasters. There certainly were many natural disasters:

  • Floods in China
  • Fires in Greece
  • Earthquake in Peru
  • Flood in North Korea
  • Mud volcano in Indonesia
  • Hurricane Felix
  • Floods in Mexico
  • Severe droughts in the United States
  • Cyclones in Bangladesh

Pig years in the past were: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, and 2007. The future pig years will be: 2019, 2031 and 2043. All years are based on the Chinese calendar.

Putting Fiery Pig in Perspective

Though fiery pig is not the most comfortable combination, it is also not the most dreadful. This is because by knowing a system of balancing life arches, we can minimize negative moments of those less favorable star correlations.

What Does Feng Shui Year of Pig Mean?

Ok, so it was the year of the pig, big deal, but now what in the world does that mean anyway? Year of the pig was a June year. Ying means female, weak, soft, requiring support and feeding. The pig is often inclined to indecisiveness. The pig is one of six animals that are bearers of weak Ying energy. People who are born in pig years can experience weakness, and are recommended to increase their life arches with the elements of water, wood, metal, and earth. Since Feng shui has polarity, where there is a ying there is always a yang. People who were born in Yang years should be particularly cautious during pig years. Though the pig of 2007 was fiery, it was still a tender and hypnotizable fire.

What to Expect During Pig Years

The pig year is a year of fun and self-indulgence. It is also a time of great ease and enjoyment. Power and status are secondary to fun and pleasure during the pig year. We can be nicer to one another and avoid the pitfalls of competition and greed. Peace and harmony are valued highly. So are decadent vacations and gluttonous feasts. Money is usually spent on luxuries rather than saving. The 2008 year of the rat is the time to make up for the indulgences that occurred during the 2007 year of the pig.

People Born in Pig Year

Those who are born during the year of the pig are usually honest, peaceful and very kind. They are also optimistic and tend to stay away from conflict and tension. Indicative of the pig, they are very fun loving and tend to conceal their emotions. Those born in the year of the pig are very kind and giving, and thus they are quickly able to make new friends.

Misconceptions about Pigs

There are many misconceptions about pigs. For instance, everybody seems to believe that pigs are filthy animals. According to the principles of feng shui, pigs are actually quite concerned with their hygiene. Just because the pig enjoys indulgences does not necessarily mean that the pig is a dirty creature. Many people also believe that pigs are stupid animals. According to ancient feng shui, pigs are very clever and intelligent. Pigs should certainly not be considered dumb in the least. In ancient Chinese culture, the pig is closely tied to fertility. Bringing children into the world during the year of the pig is considered a great blessing. Parents should feel very fortunate because pig children are usually honest and very happy. The pig is usually a very patient and modest person. The pig is also very creative and many people confide in him or her for his or her reliability and trustworthiness. The feng shui year of the pig is an exciting time, so you should never be ashamed to be a pig.

Feng Shui Year of the Pig and What It Means