Feng Shui Wealth Laundry Room

Sally Painter
Give attention to design of laundry room like any other room.

How to create feng shui wealth: laundry room made easy. It's easy to neglect the laundry room when applying feng shui principles to your home. This room's function is similar to that of the bathroom because it is a place of water and removal of debris.

Feng Shui Laundry Room Basics

There are a few basic rules governing the feng shui of a laundry room:

  • Keep the lid of your washing machine closed at all times - Like the toilet lid in the bathroom, clean water is flowing into the room while dirty water is flowing out of the room and the home. Don't let your finances flow away from you with dirty water.
  • Make sure none of the hoses are leaking.
  • Repair or replace the machine - If your washing machine leaks around the bottom and always leaves a pool of water on the floor after a wash, repair or replace the machine. This kind of slow leakage reflects in your finances.
  • Keep the door leading into your laundry room closed at all times.
  • The dryer door should be closed at all times, too.
  • Remove the dryer lint regularly - Lint is debris and trash. If you allow it to accumulate in the dryer, it not only creates a real fire hazard, but presents clutter and holding on to shar chi (negative energy).
  • Empty laundry trash can regularly
  • Keep cabinets organized
  • Throw away old detergent containers
  • Keep sink clean
  • Wash floors regularly
  • Use baskets to sort clothes waiting to be washed
  • Fold or hang up clothes and put away immediately - Don't allow clothes to accumulate in laundry room.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Clean up any excess laundry detergent buildup in or around washing machine

Laundry Room Placement in Home

There are some places you don't want to locate the laundry room while others are considered auspicious locations.

Good Laundry Room Location

If you have the ability to choose where your laundry room is located, then you can optimize and enhance your wealth sector. A laundry room in the wealth area of your home can be auspicious since your wealth sector is governed by wood. The laundry room is a place of water which in turn nurtures wood. Avoid placing in a fire area of the home since fire and water work against each other. You want to draw water to your laundry room.

Feng Shui Wealth: Laundry Room Elements

Make your laundry room inviting and pleasing to the eye. Give it just as much design attention as you would your bathroom. This will enhance and attract wealth. Think about how you want this area to look. Does it reflect abundance or does it appear to be neglected? Does it need to be painted? What about the floors and cabinets?

Blues, greens and browns are great colors for your laundry room.
  • Provide good lighting through windows and overhead lights - You need to be able to see what you're doing in this room and create a positive flow of chi.
  • Make sure your laundry area has adequate storage for the supplies and items you need.
  • Don't use this room as a catch-all for storing other items.
  • Provide enough countertop space for folding clothes or place a worktable in the room - Don't allow things to accumulate. Use it only for laundry tasks.
  • Don't place a dragon facing the laundry room - Since dirty water is flowing out of this room, the shar chi can impact the energy your dragon enhances.
  • What items and images represent wealth to you? - Place a photo or item in the laundry room that you associate with wealth.
  • You can add a bowl of crystals or colored stones to enhance and attract wealth. Use multi-colors of blues and light browns.


In order to improve or enhance your finances, Keep your feng shui wealth laundry room light. Good color choices:

  • Light colors of blue or green are good enhancing colors that attract water
  • Tan and light brown colors are the colors of wood and make good choices.
  • Various hues of blue offer a wider range of color choices from aquas to light purples. Just keep the color light.

Keep It Simple

Don't overdo your feng shui wealth laundry room design with too many feng shui elements and create a cluttered feel to the room. Keep good design principles in mind when creating a positive flow of chi.

Feng Shui Wealth Laundry Room