4 Awesome Feng Shui Stores and Services in San Diego

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Four awesome feng shui stores are ready for you to explore in San Diego. Southern California. If you live in San Diego, you will find some small yet thriving feng shui stores serving the community. A few shops offer feng shui consultant services or provide a listing of local feng shui practitioners. Some consultants offer a shopping service, saving their clients time and money.

San Diego Feng Shui

San Diego Feng Shui is a feng shui shop that also provides many additional feng shui services. These include consultations for harmonizing a home or business through the use of Traditional Compass and Form School methods.

Consultations and Products

San Diego feng shui consultant Cathleen McCandless uses her extensive training and experience as a nationally acclaimed feng shui consultant, author, teacher and speaker to help you meet all of your feng shui design goals. She inspires others and teaches them about this ancient art of placement through her many classes and workshops. She provides feng shui bedroom tips and gives feng shui consultations throughout the San Diego and southern California area, and offers a shop filled with many essential tools and equipment. She can handle all the most difficult feng shui floor plans.

How to Reach the Shop

Cathleen can be contacted by phone at 858-454-7933 or by email at cathleen@sandiegofengshui.com.

Feng Shui that Makes Sense

Feng Shui Import

Fengshui-import.com is an amazing store that carries an extensive collection of feng shui items. They have been importing and distributing in San Diego since 1998. They claim to have the widest range of feng shui selection, supplies and always low prices as a direct importer and distributor.

Additional Offerings

In addition to being an Internet feng shui supplier, they have a Chinese wholesale store in San Diego sells over 5,000 Chinese gift items. If you're interested in wholesale pricing, Feng Shui Import has a reseller program complete with drop shipment merchandising. Other features include an affiliate program, psychic readings (Tarot Reading and Astrology Readings ), listing of feng shui consultants, and various free feng shui tools, such as calculators for your Kua (gua) number and Chinese zodiac signs.

Where to Find the Store

If you live in the area, you may prefer to visit the brick and mortar store located at 330 Rancheros Dr, Suite #132, San Marcos, CA 92069. You can contact the store at 760-761-0239 or if you prefer to contact via the Internet, you can access an online contact form.

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Feng Shui Interiors

Fengshuiinteriors.com offers professional interior feng shui design advice on bringing harmony into the rooms of your home. This is not only great for decorating, but also for helping clients to quickly sell their homes. Owner Shelley Deegan is a certified real estate staging professional who incorporates feng shui principles in her designs.

Advice and Services

Consultation services range from as simple as assistance in paint color selections to interior makeovers, furniture and art placement, shopping excursions and Internet resources, and home staging.

How to Contact

If you wish to contact Shelley by phone, you can do so at 619-543-0334.

Ms Feng Shui

Ms Feng Shui is Hyun Jung "Jessie" Kim. Jessie is a third generation certified Feng Shui consultant and experienced real estate investor. She practices Black Hat Feng Shui, also known as BTB.

Services Offered

The services she offers include in-person as well as virtual feng shui consultations. She also conducts seminars. Her specialty is real estate, working with home builders. She also works with commercial real estate development, such as hotel chains and Fortune 500 companies.

Contact Information

Jessie can be contacted through her website by using the online form or if you prefer to call her (949) 229-3402.

Finding Feng Shui Products in San Diego

Many of the feng shui stores in San Diego don't have a website presence. Some, like Mey Lee Oriental Imports, have just a Facebook presence seeming to only serve the local community. Some stores carry items designed for a specific room such as accessories for the bath or bedroom. Start with a few awesome shops and then hone your search.

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4 Awesome Feng Shui Stores and Services in San Diego