Feng Shui Tips for Pets

Author Paula Brown and her cat Boomer

Pets are important members of every family that owns them, apply a few feng shui pet tips and principles to your home. These adjustments will keep the positive chi flowing for your family and your pets.

Paula Brown's Fur Shui™

All animals have energies that surround them and the negative energies that may exist in any home affects them just as it affects the people that live there. In order to ensure that your pets aren't affected by negative chi, try applying some feng shui pets principles.

Not sure how to increase the positive chi flow when it comes to your pets? Meet Paula Brown, animal communicator and author of Fur Shui: An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui. Below, you'll find a few observations and opinions of Brown's regarding feng shui pets methods she has coined as "fur shui"™.

Animals and Negative Chi

LTK: Can you give our readers ideas of what type of behaviors animals display when they are surrounded by negative chi?

PB: When doing "Fur Shui"™, as I go into clients' homes I always ask where their pets like to sleep and relax, and if there are areas in which they may be acting up, not traveling into or avoiding. I am looking at the situations from a Black Hat point of view in the energy flow that point to both intent and physical energies. Many animals avoid areas that are stagnant in chi flow, but there are many whose job it is to go into stagnant chi areas to bust it up and get it flowing for their people and themselves.

In multi-animal homes, when the chi is not moving well, there is often tension between the animals and this causes negative altercations.

LTK: How does the negative chi that surrounds a person's pets affect the pet owner's lives?

PB: What one can call negative chi can come from an animal's physical or environmental unbalance. A balanced animal will move that balanced fire chi all around one's environment, which is a great boost to both an animal and the people.

When an animal becomes physically unbalanced or it is responding to an environmental imbalance, then that disruptive energy causes greater distress. An animal that has a physical or emotional ailment that goes untreated can result in many behavioral issues, these are some of the most common I have noticed:

  • Excessive barking
  • Unaccountable fears
  • Marking inside of the home
  • Not using a cat box
  • Not wanting to go for walks
  • Not going to the bathroom outside

Some pets chew on themselves for no apparent reason due to emotional responses to energetic imbalances. Animals get very touchy and become very sensitive to change, noises, and new visitors.

Chi and Pets Adopted from Shelters

LTK: Many people adopt their animals from shelters, do you believe that these animals are affected by negative chi due to their experiences that led them to be in an animal shelter?

PB: Animals that are adopted from shelters always need a little more "TLC" than other adoption situations that come from a bit more balanced condition. Yes, animals bring their experiences with them, some negative, and some positive. With a little observation, careful help with getting balance back into their life guas and some extra care with any negative chi can be switched into loving and helpful chi.

Animals "find" their people. Negative chi given by their past people has caused an imbalance. Please do not add more negative energy by taking these animals and then giving them back when issues arise, try your very best with these fur folks! It's very important to understand that all animals are born with positive joyful energy, it is their experiences that bring any negative chi their way.

Feng Shui Pets Cures

LTK: What are some feng shui cures that pet owners should apply when bringing home an animal from a shelter?

PB: There are so many fun and creative fur shui™ cures you can use when bringing home an animal from a shelter.

  • Set a silver or black water dish right inside the front door.
  • Put their name on a small black octagon and put it on the bottom of the bowl, giving the animal ownership of nice life path energy.
  • For any type of animal, a nice collar with pink on is good.
  • Put a pink octagon with both your and their names on it and put it under their new bed in the love gua for some extra love and partnership energy.
  • If there is another pet already living with you, introduce the new pet in the family gua area of your home and add a touch of green with a scarf or collar to both new and existing animal.

You can do a lot with the color green and in the family qua to make your new animal right at home and part of the family. In the skills and knowledge area, introduce your new friend to its official job, all animals want and have jobs… they feel more part of the family when they have a custom job! Have some fun, use your imagination with fur shui™.

Pets and Positive Chi

LTK: What are some displays of pet behavior that show the pet owner that their animal is surrounded by positive chi?

PB: Just the same as people! Animals are relaxed, friendly, healthy, loving and happy. Flowing positive chi is good for all two and four legged folks. Great health, strong and flexible bodies, a great appetite, interest and curiosity in life, and a want to participate with other animals and people all indicate some pretty great positive chi.

LTK: What are some things pet owners can do to continue to encourage positive chi flow for their pets?

Apply the same principles that you would do for yourself and your home. Animals are natural chi masters; they know what to do with nature's energies. If you are experiencing positive chi flow, then you will be able to help them and vice versa. Give them a healthy organic diet, keep their water bowls filled with clean, fresh water, put a cushion or bed in the Fame section whereas fire chi carriers they can re-charge, and keep their bathroom areas spotless and accessible.

Most importantly, keep your home uncluttered so they can race about and help the good chi flow in and around your home.

Bringing a New Pet Home

LTK: When bringing a new pet into the home, are there ways a pet owner can determine how the new animal's energies are affecting the older animal's energies?

PB: The best thing to do is to introduce the new and existing pet to each other before adoption in a positive environment. Animals often act as energy "mirrors" for their people and other animals. An energetic newcomer can become calmer due to the grounded energies of the existing animal. Also, an animal that is depressed, lethargic and lonely can become energized and more content by a new addition. Just observe and see what is needed to turn any destructive cycle into a constructive cycle.

When you bring that new animal into your home, special attention is required for the pre-existing pet so that they know they are not being ignored, but being helped.

LTK: Are there any feng shui principles pet owners can apply to help the energies of all their pets to engage positively with each other?

PB: Yes, there are general fur shui™ principles to apply so that all can get along. As was mentioned before, the family/community gua is a great place to have multiple beds, toys, treats. The different guas can and are used to re-enforce cooperation and partnerships. Give your animals a reason to be in your helpful people life space within the home as well as share toys in this area. You get their energy boost and they get an opportunity to help each other play and be active.

The love qua is so great for sharing and showing each other how much we all mean to one another. Pair an overweight animal with a slim active one and see how they help each other, a red collar or just add a red bell to their leash or collar and play with them in the fame area, charging all of you up with a little bit of extra fire energy.

Use fur shui™ and the free energies already existing in your and their environment and create a greater love bond between all of you.

Find Out More About Fur Shui™

If you want to learn more about Paula Brown and fur shui™, visit her website at www.furshui.com.

Feng Shui Tips for Pets