Caring for a Feng Shui Money Tree

A money tree attracts wealth and prosperity

Commonly referred to as the money plant or money tree by feng shui practitioners, the botanical name of this lovely plant is Pachira or Pachira Aquatica. A sturdy plant, growers often train the Pachira as a type of bonsai tree. Money plants range in height from several inches to six to seven feet. A large money plant often has a foliage width spanning more than three feet.

Caring for Your Money Tree Plant

Caring for a money tree plant is relatively easy whether you allow it to grow tall or keep it as a bonsai plant.

Potting Your Feng Shui Money Tree

If you choose to allow your money tree to grow to full height, you need to plant it in a large flowerpot or container providing it with a lot of room to grow. Repot the money tree into a larger container when needed. By planting the money tree in a large pot in the beginning, you eliminate the need for frequent repotting. If you are going to train your money plant as a bonsai tree, the container needs to be very small. Repot the money plant into a container that is just slightly larger twice a year.

Feng Shui Money Tree Soil

A money tree thrives best in soil that is slightly dry and has good drainage. Use a potting soil, or other rich soil, that contains a large amount of pearlite helps with drainage and retains moisture. A good choice of soil is medium cactus soil or potting soil with river sand added.

Light Requirements for Your Money Tree

Money tree plants prefer a medium amount of light and do very well in indirect sunlight or partial shade.

Money Tree Watering and Fertilizing

Over watering is a common hazard to money plants. You only need to water the plants once every seven to eight days and only add water to the container until the soil is moist. Use a spray bottle to lightly water the plant's leaves or to foliar feed the plants. Use a liquid fertilizer every other time you water your money tree if it is a large size plant. However, small bonsai trees generally do not require the addition of fertilizer.

Training and Braiding Your Money Tree

As the plant grows taller, follow the braiding pattern whenever the plant has enough new growth. If new branch growth is in the way of braiding, prune off the branches and continue the braiding pattern. The branches do grow back over time.

Feng Shui Money Tree Growing Tips

  • If the leaves of the money plant are turning yellow and appear droopy, it is a sign of over watering.
  • If the leaves are curled up and wrinkly, it is a sign that the money plant is not getting enough water.
  • Money plants can tolerate several hours of direct sunlight but they should never get too hot.
  • Add small pebbles or gravel to the potting soil to facilitate drainage.
  • If you keep your money plant outside, bring it inside if the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Little Attention Goes a Long Way

To grow a healthy feng shui money tree, you must take care that you don't over water the plant. Give your tree a bit of attention each day to see what it needs, and it should grow and thrive.

Caring for a Feng Shui Money Tree