Feng Shui House Direction

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Use camping type compass.

Feng shui house direction is necessary to know in order to calculate various feng shui analyses.

Facing and Sitting Directions

You have to determine two feng shui directions for your house. One is the facing direction of your home and the other is the sitting direction.

Facing Direction

The facing direction describes the direction that the front of your home faces. To get an accurate reading, however, you'll need to use a compass.

Sitting Direction

The sitting, or mountain, direction is typically the back yard of your house. It will be opposite your home's facing direction.

Importance of Feng Shui House Direction

The direction or orientation of your home is important in performing accurate analyses to determine how the chi flows in and around your home. You need these analyses in order to determine if you have to apply any feng shui remedies and cures.

Exterior of Home Matters Most

What surrounds your home is far more important than the structure or interior of your home. If there are inauspicious land formations surrounding your home, no amount of feng shui cures conducted on the home's interior will remedy the exterior. That's why traditional feng shui places so much attention and importance on compass and landform.

Front Door Not Facing Direction

Classical feng shui states that what you've determined to be the front of your home such as the side where the front door is located isn't necessarily the actual facing direction of your home. Feng shui practitioners base this principle on land formation theories.

Land Formation Importance

Traditionally, the side of your home that overlooks the downward slope of your property is considered the front of your home, regardless what you've designated as your front door. If your lot is level on all sides, then designate the front door side as the orientation of the facing direction for your home.

Determine Facing Direction with a Compass

In the Western culture, readings for ascertaining facing direction are taken on the side of the house that's considered the front (where the front door is located). This is the location where most Western practitioners stand to get the first compass reading. A feng shui master will examine and evaluate your home to determine which side of your home is the true front or facing direction. Again, if your lot is fairly level, you can be confident in using the side where your front door is located as your facing direction.

Accurate Compass Readings Are Imperative

A compass is the only way to get an accurate reading of the facing and sitting directions of your home. More than half of the people who conduct their own feng shui compass readings do it incorrectly. This reading is the basis for all of the analyses that follow. It's imperative that it's accurate; however, more than 50% of the people who conduct their own feng shui compass readings end up doing it incorrectly. Creating analyses based on inaccurate readings is worse than doing nothing to correct or remedy inauspicious elements in your home.

How A Compass Is Used

You will use the compass to get a reading for the facing direction of your home. This will be a reading of degrees. The sitting direction will then be the direct opposite of the facing direction.

What Kind of Compass to Use

The easiest compass to read is one used by hikers and campers. A Girl or Boy Scout compass is an excellent tool for you to use in finding the facing direction of your home. More advanced feng shui students will own a Luo Pan or Lo Pan compass and know how to interpret and use it for the overall analysis of a home.

How To Take A Compass Reading

The main direction you should be concerned about obtaining is the magnetic North. Once you have this reading, the rest will be easy.

  • Be sure to remove all metallic objects and jewelry
  • Don't stand beside a vehicle while taking readings
  • Stand outside the front of your home about five feet away from house
  • Hold compass in front of you so it's level and you can easily read
  • Take three readings from the front of your house
    • First: Stand with your back to center front of your house
    • Second: Stand with your back to left end of house front
    • Third: Stand with your back to right end of house front

    Once you've taken all three readings, compare them. The readings shouldn't be more than a degree or two difference. In some cases, there won't be any difference in the readings. If you have more than five degrees difference in any of the readings, you have an error somewhere and need to perform the process again. Add the three readings together and divide by three. The remaining number is the degrees you'll use in your analyses calculation.

    Analyses Based on Compass Readings

    The two main analyses that utilize compass readings are the Flying Star and Eight Mansions. Each analysis is calculated and used separately.

    Flying Star: Facing Direction

    Feng shui practitioners use the Flying Star analysis in correlation to your facing direction and the year your home construction was complete.

    Eight Mansions: Sitting Direction

    The Eight Mansions analysis will use the compass sitting direction and in an ideal world will make the Kua of the person in the household considered to be the provider (breadwinner).

    Understanding House Directions in Feng Shui

    Now that you understand the importance of facing and sitting feng shui house directions, you can move forward in the analyses of your home.

Feng Shui House Direction