Feng Shui Home on Sloped Up Hill

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Don't build on a slope that has more than a 45 degree incline.

To create a proper feng shui home on sloped up hill: Avoid a bare slope that offers little to no protection from the environment and elements. A slope without significant plants and trees will have little nourishing energy to offer.

How To: Site Your Home on a Slope

Compass and Form Schools of feng shui are concerned with the land formations and what's outside your home more than the interior of your home. Use Compass and Form when siting a feng shui home on sloped up hill. If you don't address the outside elements of your home, no amount of interior feng shui can counter the natural forces.

Using Twenty-Four Directions Circle

When siting a home, it's best to use the Twenty-Four Directions Circle. You start by taking a directional reading from both the front and back of the property and homesite.

The traditional Lou Pan or Lo-P'an compass, which has eight compass directions, is the basis for the Twenty-Four Directions Circle. This circle is created by dividing each of the eight directions into three partitions, giving you a total of twenty-four directions.

By using the Twenty-Four Directions Circle, you'll be able to map where and how the land's energies flow in and out of your home. The energy flow is the most important aspect of feng shui. By understanding how chi energy moves outside your home and where it should enter prevents you from making placement mistakes.

Slopes and Chi Energy

If you are limited to placing your home on an uphill slope, avoid a slope that is over 45 degrees of incline. Choose an advantageous view and place your house halfway up the hill instead of at the base of the slope. If possible, you should build your home so it's facing south. This optimizes the use of solar heat in the winter and gives you the most sunlight inside the home. This placement shields your home from northern winds and the elevation should be enough to avoid flooding.

When selecting a homesite be mindful that chi energy circulates in a spiral. You can tell when this energy is near the ground surface because the land will be fertile with an abundance of plant life. This indicates the flow of positive chi and assures that those living in the home will also reap the benefit of healthy chi.

Build mid-way up the slope.

Not All Slopes Are Good

Common sense dictates when siting a house on an uphill slope to make certain proper drainage is in place, especially if the hill slopes behind and toward the house. You certainly wouldn't want a very high sloping hill behind your home since there's the possibility of a landslide during a large rainfall. Be sensible when selecting a home site.

Some things you don't want to do:

  • Don't butt your home against a slope that could come crashing down on top of your house or water could runoff into your home. Make sure the slope behind your home is not severe or dramatic enough to cause any of these safety or water issues.
  • Don't build your house on the top of a slope. If the land formation allows for protection from the elements and no danger of your home washing out from under you down the slope, then the top of the slope may be a good choice.
  • Don't build your home at the base of an uphill slope. This will place you in direct line of all the energy rushing down the slope as well as any elements such as water or mud.
  • Assure your front door faces the downhill side of the slope and not the up hill side.

Feng Shui For Existing Homes

If you don't have the ability to choose where your home is placed on a slope, you can still mimimize any negative chi enery.

Slope Feng Shui Cures

There are several things you can do to diminish or lessen negative chi of improper feng shui placement on a slope. Sometimes energy may have difficulty climbing the slope to your home or your life could begin to move in a downward spiral. You want to anchor the energy and assure there's a strong support at the base of the slope. To achieve this:

  • Place floor lights at corners of house and point along the side of your home. Feng shui practitioners sometimes recommend leaving the lights on for the first month and then turning them on regularly to assure money energy flows around your home.
  • Take advantage of landscape lighting with low ground-level lighting of house side closest to the street.
  • Create rock, stone or brick columns at base of slope on either side of the driveway.
  • On the downhill side of your home aim a number of flood lights up at the side of your home.

Feng Shui: Home on Sloped Up Hill

If you want to create a feng shui home on sloped up hill, you can do so if you follow these helpful tips.

Feng Shui Home on Sloped Up Hill