Feng Shui Ideas for Bed Heights

Allow energy to flow

In feng shui, the height of your bed can determine the quality of your sleep. The chi energy needs to be able to flow all around your bed. The wrong height of your bed can block this flow and leave you vulnerable to high levels of energy, causing a fitful rest. Too little energy will prevent the restorative process of a good night's sleep.

Ideal Bed Height in Feng Shui

Ideally, the bottom of your mattress should be about 18 inches above the floor, and there shouldn't be anything blocking the space between the mattress and the floor. Similarly, avoid exceptionally high beds since they won't give you the feeling of being grounded. Earth energy is also important, and you won't feel its effects if you're too high from the ground. You may also feel as though you're in the air. This can make you insecure about being able to easily plant your feet on the ground. The key is to choose a moderate distance without blocking the space underneath your bed.

Sturdy Headboard Is Essential

If you have no choice but to place your bed in front of a window, then you want a high headboard that is very sturdy to give you the same kind of support you would expect from a wall. Make sure to leave enough space between the headboard and window so the chi energy can flow uninhibited. This is typically measured as leaving enough space so you can walk behind the bed. If your room is too small to afford this width, then try to leave at least seven to nine inches.

Height Doesn't Equal Storage Space

Remember, the reason behind having a bed that has a substantial amount of space underneath it is to accommodate chi energy flow, not so you can store your winter clothes, shove your shoes underneath in mounds, or keep your collection of potential holiday re-gifts out of sight. The area underneath your bed must be kept clear. One exception is when a bedroom is located above a garage. In this situation, you need to place a piece of red cloth on the floor underneath the bed to block the chi energy from being drained into the garage area. You an also use a multi-faceted crystal above each carport to deflect the negative chi from entering the bedroom above.

Skip the Storage Beds

Just as you shouldn't haphazardly toss last season's clothes and last night's heels underneath the bed, you should also avoid purchasing a bed with built-in storage space. Put simply, storing anything under your bed, even in drawers, will stifle the flow of chi in your bedroom.

Bunk Beds and Feng Shui

At first glance bunk beds seem like a good idea since the chi energy is unobstructed; however, the person on the bottom bunk is often sick due to stagnant chi building up between the top and bottom mattresses. The person on the top bunk may feel insecure from the "floating in midair" effect.

Girls' room with bunk beds

If you have no choice but to use bunk beds, you can break up stale chi by hanging a wind chime with six metal rods in the west or north sector of the bedroom. Since the chi won't always flow freely through the room, you should make the chime ring occasionally to attract the chi energy.

How High Should Your Bed Be for Proper Feng Shui?

The key to having the right height for your bed is to find the ideal bed that isn't unusually high, yet has enough free space underneath it to allow the chi energy to flow all around the bed. Be sure to open the windows in your bedroom whenever possible to invite fresh chi energy to enter. If you follow all of these feng shui tips, you'll have a bedroom where you can rest and relax.

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Feng Shui Ideas for Bed Heights