Feng Shui Fonts

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Feng shui font characters are written characters used when mapping out the bagua for a space.

Feng Shui Font Characters

Basically, a feng shui font is a Chinese character used to represent common elements, terms or concepts in feng shui. Feng shui consultants use these characters when drawing out the bagua map of a client's home or workspace. When doing so, instead of writing out the English words for water or metal, the consultant uses the Chinese symbol to represent those feng shui elements.

Font Characters of the Bagua

The most common Chinese fonts used in feng shui are those that represent the nine areas and the eight trigrams of the bagua.

Bagua Characters

Each area of the bagua has a specific corresponding symbol, but there are also other symbols you can use, for example:

  • Wealth and abundance - In addition to the symbol for wealth, you can also use the font character for good luck or riches.
  • Fame and reputation - Use can also use the character font for celebrity for this area of the bagua.
  • Love and relationships - You could use the symbols for love life, lover or friendships here. If you're looking to improve or repair a specific relationship, consider using the symbols for that particular relationship like daughter, son, husband, parent or wife in this bagua area.
  • Family and physical well being - Some different character options for the family and physical well being bagua area are health, healing or specific characters representing individuals such as father/daughter, mother/son and so on.
  • Spiritual health and well-being - A few font character options here include the symbols for spirituality, spiritual growth, happiness, inner peace, healing and harmony.
  • Children and creativity - Use the symbols for son, daughter and imagination in this bagua area.
  • Knowledge and wisdom - A few alternatives to the font characters of knowledge and wisdom are clarity and intelligence.
  • Career - Think about your career before choosing a character font for this bagua area. If you're hoping to be promoted, use the symbol for success or opportunity. If you are in a creative field and feel as though your creative energy is stagnant, consider the characters for imagination and free spirit.
  • Travel and helpful people - Consider the symbols for friendship and journey for this bagua area.

Now that you know which specific feng shui character fonts to use, here are a few places in which you can find them:

Finding Feng Shui Character Fonts

There are several places on the Internet where you can find feng shui character fonts to download to your computer.

Feng Shui Fonts On Web Pages

If you're designing a web page and can't speak or write Chinese, then you'll want to design your web page using specific software for feng shui character fonts. Check out Wareseeker's Font Shui 1.0 freeware download. Be aware that this may only be a trial version, so it may not contain all the characters you are looking for.

Finally, if you don't want to download a bunch of programs onto your computer, but you really want to use feng shui character fonts in your bagua areas, consider printing out the character you want and then drawing or painting it yourself. By doing so you can use a number of different mediums, such as canvas, paper or fabric, in the specific color you desire. Plus, you'll be creating your own special work of art that's sure to draw a ton of positive, free-flowing energy your way.

Feng Shui Fonts