Helpful Feng Shui Educational Videos for Office Design

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A few helpful feng shui educational videos created just for office design can guide you in creating a better work space. Feng shui principles when applied to your office can instill better work disciplines while supporting and boosting your career.

Cubicle Office Configuration Challenges

Cubicles create feng shui challenges but you can overcome them by following helpful advice from experts in the videos.

Inausicious vs Auspicious Command Position Cubicle Office

Deanna Radaj with Bante Design, LLC shows viewers a cubicle office that breaks feng shui principles. A typical American cubicle is configured so the employee sits with her back to the entrance. This opens her up to back-stabbing and being startled by the activities taking place behind her, and always out of sight. It gives practical advice and remedies to this and other common problems found in the western style of cubicle configuration. The second cubicle shown in this video is an excellent example of how feng shui can be both practical and attractive in changing the way you work. This feng shui cubicle allows the employee to see everyone who passes her cubicle, so there's never any startled responses or surprises.

Improve Cubicle Work Day With Feng Shui

Fox 43 news anchor's cubicle gets a feng shui makeover by Ellen Whitehurst Lifestyle Expert. In this video, Ellen discusses the challenges everyone faces when working in a cubicle and how feng shui can improve every work day. Using BTB (Black Hat) feng shui, she explains the ways feng shui works to keep your focus on work along with the simple discipline level of getting rid of clutter and most importantly, keeping it away. She demonstrates how the BTB feng shui bagua can be used to arrange the workspace and desktop surface.

Feng Shui for Your Home Office

These two videos offer some great tips for home office feng shui. The first video takes the viewer through the home office of a best selling author. The second video gives a wealth of information and tips on how to make your home office a professional feng shui space.

Home Office Feng Shui Tips

Feng shui expert Carol Hyder gives valuable tips on home office feng shui. She comments that too many people don't treat their home offices as professional work spaces. This is a big mistake, especially when it comes to feng shui principles. Her approach is to guide her clients to rethink what a home office should be. She advises that close attention be paid to purchasing a professional desk and to have ample storage.

Other topics she covers in the video include:

  • Desk placement
  • Importance of chair height
  • Location of office within home
  • Confinement of work to this space only

Transform a Bedroom Into a Feng Shui Office

When converting a bedroom into an office space, Carol Hyder tells clients to make it look not like a bedroom but a true office. She believes this will drastically alter your psychological impression of your work and will directly affect your career in an auspicious way.

Assessing Office Needs

This video is an excellent example of transforming a former bedroom space into an office space. It also addresses the challenges of working feng shui principles into a small design budget. Nicolette Vajtay of Inspired Living Feng Shui walks her client, Tammi, through a short interview to assess her office needs. It's important that your feng shui practitioner understands your goals and what you wish to achieve with your work space or business. This information helps practitioners determine the best ways to activate auspicious chi energy to assist you in achieving your goals.

The video resumes after the women have shopped for the new furniture and shows how Vajtay sets up the office space. She walks the viewer through the reasons for each item placement.

BTB Feng Shui for Desk Top Arrangements

In both Classical and BTB Feng Shui, you use the bagua to arrange the objects on your desktop for the most auspicious placements. The BTB feng shui is the most commonly practiced in the West.

Draw the Grid Line on Your Desk

Lorrie Grillo with Thriving Spaces demonstrates how to create the bagua grid map on your desktop. She provides examples of the types of objects you can use and where to place them in the appropriate life area of the grid square.

Computer Drawing Example of Desktop Bagua

Laura Morris of Morris Feng Shui demonstrates in a video how to draw the bagua for a desktop and labels each square of the grid. Laura gives helpful tips about each area of the bagua and how you can apply them for work.

The Psychology of Feng Shui Office

Marie Diamond with Mindvalley does an excellent job explaining the whys and hows behind feng shui solutions. She describes how the energy in your office changes when you apply feng shui principles to a work space. You will quickly understand why it's important to make feng shui changes to your office to reap the benefits of auspicious chi energy.

Watch More Helpful Feng Shui Educational Videos for Office Design

When you watch practical advice on how to design your office at work and at home according to feng shui principles, you can address such issues as cubicle office configuration challenges, home office feng shui, desk placement, advancement in your career, and general feng shui tips for any office. Several other feng shui practitioners share important tips and how-tos in videos that are also available to you on Here are a few others that you'll find very helpful in working with feng shui for your office design:

  • Chriss Barr discusses how to use a water feature to boost your career.
  • Ken Lauher shares feng shui Black Hat Sect desk and office placements principles.
  • Feng Shui Room Design gives an overall dos and don'ts for home offices.
  • Leigh Kubin with Feng Shui Your Way takes on a new client, international bestselling self-help author Joe Vitale.
  • Ken Lauher is back to discuss how the shape and size of your desk is important in feng shui design.
  • Chriss Barr returns to discuss how you can use the bagua for your office feng shui.

Check Credentials Before Following Advice

Feng shui experts offer excellent advice for the feng shui novice and any seasoned feng shui aficionado with helpful video demonstrations. However, anyone can make and upload a video onto YouTube. Be sure to check out the credentials of others giving feng shui advice. Once you assess the validity of the person's knowledge, you can then judge if the advice is something you want to incorporate into your feng shui office makeover.

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Helpful Feng Shui Educational Videos for Office Design