Feng Shui Cures for Difficult Floor Plans

Reviewed by Feng Shui Practitioner Sally Painter
Family examining floor plan

In feng shui, difficult floor plans can easily throw a gigantic monkey wrench into the desire for balanced chi. One especially problematic design aspect is whenever there is a missing corner or an irregular floor plan. This type of design creates different home shapes other than a square or rectangle. A missing corner can create an L-shaped house and at the same time cut off an important section to your home designs such as your wealth and finance section. There are several feng shui principles that you can apply to remedy or cure this type of difficult floor plan.

Feng Shui and Missing Spaces in Floor Plans

Feng shui is not an easy decorating art, and while feng shui principles may be complex, they are very straightforward with specific methods for application. If you aren't familiar with difficult floor plan feng shui remedies, then you can apply every feng shui principles correctly to your home and still have problems with chi energy and the correlating area in your life where the missing corner is. In his book Feng Shui For Dummies, Black Hat feng shui practitioner author David Kennedy explains how you can combat irregular floor plans by first learning the 50 and 33 percent rules.

Fifty Percent Rule

To understand this principle of Black Hat feng shui, you must examine the floor plan of your house. You need to verify the length of the side of your house in question. If part of your house appears to be sticking out, then those areas of the bagua are enhanced, which can be a good thing. The downside, especially if the area is indented or missing, is that you'll need to add a cure.

Thirty-Three Percent Rule

This rule is for areas, or house lots, that are a "U" shape. In other words, the house has two parts that are sticking out with the area between them missing. If the missing area is more than 33 percent of the total length of the side, then you have other projected life areas. This is good because the missing area won't impeded the energies you want to be present in this area. If the area is more than 33 percent, then you may want to apply some cures to help correct the missing chi and elements.

Using Feng Shui Cures to Resolve Difficult Floor Plans

Two areas are affected by difficult floor plans, interior and exterior, and both can benefit from feng shui cures. It's always advised to use both interior and exterior feng shui cures for difficult and missing corner floor plans. Although the principles and rules of the Classical School of Feng Shui are different from Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, both share the same cures.

Exterior Feng Shui Floor Plan Cures

For exterior cures, try the following.

Add Bright Lights

The bright lights approach means taking a bright light (situated on a tall pole) and placing it so that the light points towards the house. This generally is done at a forty-five degree angle. The taller the light, the better it is, although a light of any height is preferable to no light at all. Symbolically, the chi of the light "fills" the missing area and thus creates energy where there was once a void.

Install a Flagpole

Using a flagpole rather than a light fixture is also perfectly acceptable. This cure will lift the energy of the missing area; this in turn, completes the bagua. If it's possible, you can also choose a flag color scheme that matches the bagua area.

Place Rocks, Boulders, or Statues

The heftiness and solidity of a rock, boulder or stature can also fill the gap. Size is extremely important here, so think, "bigger is better" in this situation.

Plant a Tree or Bush

At the corner spot of the missing section, plant a tree or a large bush. It's also perfectly acceptable to plant a flowering tree or bush, just try to make sure that the colors of the flowers match the missing area. For example, if the creativity area is missing, plant a bush that produces white flowers.

House with bushes and trees

Interior Feng Shui Cures for Difficult Floor Plans

Several interior cures include the following.

Use Mirrors

Line one wall, or both walls with sizable mirrors. This will energetically expand the area, and make up for the deficient space.

Hang Wind Chimes or Faceted Crystals

Hang a wind chime or a large faceted crystal sphere (two inches in diameter or larger) right at the interior corner in question.

Add an Odd Number of Plants

In feng shui, odd numbers carry more energetic "weight" than even numbers do. Utilize this effective cure by positioning an odd number of healthy green plants along the two walls of the missing area. The vital, living energy of these plants will attract more chi into the missing area, thus balancing the overall chi of the bagua. Don't use this cure if the room is your bedroom. Plants create disruptive energy in bedrooms.

Using Feng Shui to Remedy Difficult Floor Plans

Sometimes there's only so much that can be done when it comes to dealing with difficult floor plans. After you've hung the last mirror, planted the last plant and nailed the last wind chime, you may find that there are still problems with your floor plan. In this type of instance, you might consider using a feng shui blessing ritual or cure, such as a feng shui Epsom salt remedy. You may need to refer to a different school of feng shui such as Classical Feng Shui schools that include Compass and Forms feng shui to assist you further.

Feng Shui Cures for Difficult Floor Plans