8 Feng Shui Decorating Tips for a Soothing Space

Sally Painter
Clean and declutter before decorating home

Feng shui decorating tips follow the basic principles of feng shui. You can incorporate these with other ideas for a soothing feng shui décor.

Preparation: Feng Shui Design Principles

Decorating your home using feng shui principles is different from other kinds of design practices. The first thing you must do is prepare your home for the new look. This might sound basic, but in feng shui, it doesn't matter how lovely your new couch is if you've neglected the most important principles of feng shui in your home design.

Where to Start

Improving the chi flow is the first step in feng shui home decorating. Applying basic feng shui principles won't cost you anything other than the time it takes to implement certain changes in your home.

A Clean Sweep: Your New Look

The first thing you must do is clean your home thoroughly. Keeping your home clean is a vital feng shui principle that goes hand in hand with home design and decorating.

Wash Windows

Clean windows that you can clearly see out are an important element to good feng shui. Chi energy moves in and out of your home and if your windows are dirty, the chi is blocked from entering and leaving your home. This causes stagnant chi to build-up in your home. Stagnant chi causes monetary problems as well as health-related issues to those who reside with you.


You must get rid of the clutter in your home so chi energy can flow unblocked throughout your home. If you have an area that is full of boxes or papers chi energy cannot pass through this stagnation. Be ruthless in getting rid of accumulated bits and pieces that you never use. If you have a junk drawer, go through it and recycle or trash what isn't necessary in your every day life.


Everything needs a place and needs to be returned to that place when not in use. You'll instantly feel better once your home is organized. If you have valuable items that you only use occasionally, then purchase a storage system for these items for easy access. Getting organized not only frees up good renewing chi energy, it also helps you be more efficient. If you're more efficient in your home chores, then you'll more time to spend doing fun things with your family.

Repair and Replace

Another important mandate of feng shui is that all appliances, plumbing, doors, windows, and equipment be in good working order. If your sink faucet drips, repair it immediately. Dripping or leaking plumbing is a drain on your water supply and in feng shui this can influence a steady depletion of your money. If you can't repair an appliance, replace it with one that works. That doesn't necessarily mean a new washing machine if your budget won't allow such a purchase. You can always purchase an older one that is in excellent working condition.

Spruce Up

If you're redecorating your home, then it's a perfect time to give your home a fresh coat of paint. This can literally breathe new life into your home. Get rid of the tired couch and the wobbly lampshade. Replace faded draperies and broken blinds. Don't forget the floors. Clean out overhead light fixtures that always have a collection of bug carcasses.

Ready to Decorate

Now that you've established a firm basis of feng shui design principles, you're ready to add the cosmetic part and some feng shui decorating tips.

Painting and Colors

Paint revitalizes faded and worn walls. You can clean a home, but if the wall have peeling paint and patches of faded color, the overall feeling and impression of your home will be dreary and uninviting to good energy.

The color you choose for each sector of your home is not as important as how the color makes you feel. You've probably read many articles about making sure you use the correct color for the east, west, north, and south sectors of your home. You've probably been warned not to use red in the north or blue in the south. While these are good intentioned instructions, the color of your walls has little to do with feng shui principles.

A color cannot activate a feng shui element. Feeling that you use green in the east is falsely carrying feng shui principles to an extreme. Colors can enhance the feel of a room and the activities that take place there. If your bedroom is in the south sector of your home and you don't feel restive with a red décor then go with the color you like best. One of the best barometers you can use to gauge whether or not feng shui advice you're given is sound is logic. Feng shui principles are based on the logic of nature.

Window Treatments

Windows, like doors, are portals for the chi to enter and exit your home. Control this flow by your selection of window treatment. Heavy darkening draperies will limit if not prevent the flow of chi into the room. Blinds can allow some chi in while diffusing light and heat. A combination of blinds and draperies can provide versatility and give privacy. If you're concerned that the chi is flowing too quickly through a room, closing the blinds or draperies can help; along with any other feng shui cures.

Pathways and Doorways

When designing each room furniture layout, make sure you don't accidentally block a natural foot traffic flow. Don't create new obstacles for your family and for chi energy flow.

Personal Style and Taste

Feng shui decorating tips don't interfere with your personal style or taste of design. You can use color, textures and styles without worrying you're interrupting or disturbing feng shui elements. Good design always enhances feng shui elements.

8 Feng Shui Decorating Tips for a Soothing Space