Feng Shui Craft Directions

Sally Painter
Feng shui crafts for your home.

Feng shui craft directions aren't much different from any other kind of craft you'd make. The difference in feng shui crafts is the subject matter.

Feng Shui Craft Directions and Ideas

There are several types of craft mediums you can use to make feng shui items for your home.

Ceramic Bisque

One way to create feng shui crafts is to purchase ceramic bisque objects that are ready to be painted and finished. You can choose porcelain if you prefer and use porcelain paints or pens to finish your specific décor colors. If you're especially talented and know how to work with pottery, then you will have more options of the feng shui art forms you can create.

Polymer Clay

Another project might include the use of polymer clay to sculpt various feng shui animals and objects. This medium can be a lot of fun. Consider making feng shui Christmas tree ornaments for a change of decorations.

Paper Cutouts or Origami

Paper cutouts are an ancient art form as is origami, the Japanese art form of folding paper. Select the feng shui animals, objects or symbols that you want for your design project and select the colors best suited for your feng shui application. These paper creations can include animals, birds and many other feng shui symbols.

Paintings, Drawings, Photography and Decoupage

Don't overlook paintings, photos and drawings that you can frame. You may choose to decoupage various feng shui symbols onto a decorative box, bowl or other object.

Sewing, Embroidery, Knitting and Crocheting

You can create pillows, throws, picture frames and many other crafts with fabrics, thread, embellishments and yarn.

Craft Ideas for Feng Shui Décors

There are several crafts that you can create and add to your feng shui décor. Specifically, you can add feng shui animal symbols for specific feng shui element activation.


The dragon is a powerful feng shui symbol of protection. The dragon is a bringer of wealth and assists in the manifesting of wishes. The dragon is a prominent figure in Chinese mythology.

The Chinese dragon is a composite of nine animals. If you are talented in drawing, you may want to refer to some various Chinese dragon clipart for inspiration. You may also find dragon designs online that are printable usable as transfers for placemats, t-shirts and other items as well as painted and framed works of art.

Yin Yang Symbol

The yin yang symbol is a great craft project for you to undertake for a feng shui object. The yin yang symbol represents the yin (female) and yang (male) energies that compromise chi energy. The goal of feng shui is to balance the yin and yang energy to achieve chi harmony. A symbol will help you be mindful of this goal and the ideal of restoring and maintaining balance not just in your home interior design, but also your personal life.

Mandarin Ducks

Toile painting is a great art form especially for something like mandarin ducks, which are a symbol of a happy marriage. You can also use watercolors for a nice medium if you decide to paint two as a pair or two separate paintings.


The Bagua is a tool used in feng shui to help you improve the flow of chi in your home. Each of the eight sides of the bagua represents certain areas of your life that correlate to the eight directions.

Good Luck Symbols

One great feng shui craft is to recreate one or more of the Chinese good luck symbols. You can choose whatever medium you're most comfortable using and have lots of fun!

Elements in Feng Shui

If you want to stay true to the element, then you'll want to select a metal object to finish, ceramic for earth, wood objects to carve or finish with a stain and sealant or something that will hold water or contain fire like a candle.


You may want to purchase a ceramic water fountain that you can paint and complete. Another choice would be to purchase an outdoor fountain made of concrete and add your special touch with mosaic tiles.


You use metal elements to either strengthen or weaken the metal energy in and outside your home. Metal whirly gigs are a great way to introduce this element. You may decide to make a metal mobile. Purchase metal wind chimes and paint various symbols on them or simply paint with symbols that are significant to you.


The wood element offers you the opportunity to create many nice pieces for your home. If you are a wood carver, you might want to carve a dragon, turtle or elephant for auspicious feng shui symbols. Decoupage is another way you can introduce a wood element into your home. If you're a gardener, then plant seeds and enjoy watching them grow. Buy lucky bamboo or train it to grow in various lucky bamboo weaves. Stretch beyond your comfort zone when it comes to crafts and explore new mediums and techniques.


Candlesticks are always a favorite to create in arts and crafts projects and another is candle making. Add some feng shui symbols in the melted wax so when your special candle sets, the flame will reflect those symbols.


Pottery is always a wonderful addition to a home décor and if you need to add this element, combine it with a craft project. If you know how to throw pots or sculpt choose the feng shui symbol to which you feel most connected and unleash your creativity.

Choosing Your Craft Project

As you can see, when it comes to feng shui craft directions and ideas, there's a wealth of choices. To help you get started, below are a few online craft supply shops.

Feng Shui Craft Directions