Feng Shui Consultant in Hollywood Florida

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If you are looking for a feng shui consultant in Hollywood, Florida, you are in luck. This southeastern city and its surrounding area are home to the offices of several top rated feng shui masters in the nation.

Finding a Feng Shui Consultant in Hollywood Florida

Feng shui experts in Hollywood, Florida and the surrounding area provide consulting services for homes and businesses. Many of these consultants are masters in the field of feng shui.

Jami Lin

Whether you are looking for a feng shui consultant for you home, garden or office, Jami Lin offers personalized feng shui interior design that is a blend of the various techniques of classical feng shui schools and traditions including:

As a respected author on the subject of feng shui, Ms. Lin has written six books including:

  • Feng Shui Today
  • The Essence of Feng Shui
  • The Feng Shui Anatomy
  • The Personalized Feng Shui Consultation Series

Ms. Lin has created a feng shui video Feng Shui Today: Enrich Your Life Design and offers an online feng shui certification training program through a home study course along with her program Color Alchemy. Jami Lin also conducts seminars and lectures throughout the world.

Jami Lin's interest and special talent in working with color, combined with her mastery of feng shui has made her a world-renowned feng shui expert. Ms. Lin has a true understanding of her client's needs and works with them to achieve the best feng shui design based on their individual taste and budget. Available for on site consultations, Ms. Lin also arranges consultations via computer, telephone and Skype. For consultation information or to schedule an appointment, visit www.jamilin.com.

Kelly S. Jones

One of the top feng shui consultants in the country, Kelly S. Jones was mentored and trained under the personal supervision of Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong. She continued her studies under the following feng shui masters.

  • Master Joey Yap of Malaysia
  • Master Peter Leung
  • Master Paul Yan
  • Yap Cheng Hai
  • Master Ken Lai.

Throughout her studies, Ms. Jones acquired in depth knowledge of the traditional schools of feng shui and the Four Pillars of Destiny, which is the classical system of Chinese astrology.

The feng shui techniques and formulas Kelly S. Jones employs in her practice are a combination of several different schools of feng shui including:

  • Form
  • Eight Mansions
  • Compass
  • Water Dragons and Landscape

Ms. Jones utilizes her knowledge and skill to incorporate the following aspects of feng shui into each project she undertakes.

  • The Five Elements theory
  • Color and style designs
  • Yin and yang
  • The placement of furniture
  • Water fountains
  • Various feng shui symbolic pieces

In addition to providing feng shui consultations for homes, gardens and businesses, Ms. Kelly also provides site selection, designs from floor plans through construction and landscaping, off site evaluations and destiny readings.

You can contact Kelly S. Jones via her website to schedule a feng shui consultation.


If you are considering consulting with a feng shui expert, contact several to make sure you find the one best matched to your needs. There are many excellent feng shui consultants in Hollywood, Florida and the surrounding area.

Feng Shui Consultant in Hollywood Florida