Feng Shui Color for Workout Room

Sally Painter
The right colors can elevate your energy and spirits!

Feng shui can be used effectively to help select the best energizing color for your workout room. Basic color psychology for rooms in a home is found in ancient color assignments to compass directions found in the bagua.

Using Feng Shui to Color a Workout Room

The first step is determining the location of your workout room in order to find the best color. Ideally, your home gym should be located in a quiet room that does not invite distractions, especially loud outdoor noises. It should also allow for natural light and good air flow. Once you have your room selected, you will want to determine what part of your home the room is located given the feng shui bagua directions.

Color is also an essential part of assisting the sensation of chi in your workout area. The use of the right colors can elevate your energy levels and boost your mood. All of these feng shui aspects assist in the quality of your workout. When using any color, your goal should be balance, since the purpose of feng shui is to achieve a balance in chi energy.

Red is the Color for South and Southwest Directions

The energy associated with red is one of aggression, passion and boldness and is an excellent choice for a workout room. It's also symbolic of the sun's energy so it's not surprising that the element associated with this direction is fire. The southwest direction elements are fire and metal. The metal components of workout equipment are a good way to introduce this element. Candles or a fireplace also reinforce the fire element.

Red is an energizing color psychologically. When using the color red, it's especially essential that you maintain a good balance of red with other colors so you don't over-stimulating your senses. Too much red could create a feeling of restlessness instead of the desired result of invigorating your senses. The best room for this color according to the bagua is one that is in the south sector of your home. This is the direction that receives the most sun and the facing direction that farmers use to ensure crops receive the most benefit from sunlight.

If you find red too bold and vibrant, then you may want to dial your color scheme back a notch to a softer palette. You can use other hues of red such as:

  • Gold
  • Mauve
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Pink
  • Yellow

White and Gray: West and Northwest Directions

White is the ultimate color for the workout room in the west with metal as its assigned element. The northwest direction element is water and metal with gray as its primary color. The west receives some of the warmest rays of the sun, especially during summer months. Morning workouts are best in this area during the summer since the heat of the day won't reach its intensity in this sector until afternoons. White is an excellent color choice that can be combined with other metal colors such as:

  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Chrome
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Pewter
  • Silver

Black and Blue: North and Northeast Directions

The north sector of your home is the coolest area since it receives the least amount of sun. The primary color for north is black. Water is the element for the north and you can use metal to activate this element. The northeast sector elements include water and wood. Blue is often the color associated with water and this element nourishes the production of wood (plant life). Whether your workout room is in the north or northeast sector of your home, the color combination of black and blue can create a very striking color scheme for this room. You can stretch your color palette to include any of the following colors:

  • Aqua
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Green (northeast)
  • Metal colors (north)
  • Teal
  • Turquoise

Green and Purple: East and Southeast Directions

The east sector element is wood and is represented by the color green. This is an area where growth and new life energies reside. Tap into these amazing energies by adding wood elements to your workout decor. The primary color of the east section should be prevalent to reinforce these vital life energies. The southeast sector is governed by wood and fire, so the color palette in this sector would also incorporate the red color palette, specifically the color purple. Make sure you maintain a good balance of colors in this sector. Other colors you may wish to use include:

  • Blue (southeast)
  • Brown
  • Lime
  • Red (southeast)
  • Tan

Choosing Your Ideal Feng Shui Color

While color cannot activate feng shui elements, it is symbolic of the elements and can be used to enhance a sector. Color is vital and stimulates senses and impacts your overall feeling of health and mental outlook. If you follow the feng shui principles of compass direction, color and elements, then you can create an ideal workout room where you nurture more than just your physical stamina.

Feng Shui Color for Workout Room