Use This Feng Shui Color Chart to Plan Your Decor

Feng Shui Color Chart

You can use feng shui colors in your home décor to enhance specific sectors. The feng shui color wheel can also be applied to the productive, destructive, and exhaustive cycles when you need to remedy killing chi or afflicted sectors.

Printable Feng Shui Color Chart

The color chart is a valuable feng shui tool. Click on the image below for a printable version. For help, consult LoveToKnow's Guide for Adobe Printables.

feng shui printable color chart
Printable feng shui color chart

Black and Blue

The water element is represented by black and blue. Water is the element assigned to the compass direction north.

  • North sector: Use blue and/or black to decorate this sector of your home to emphasize the water element.
  • Productive cycle: In the productive cycle, water feeds wood. That means you can use these two colors in the east and southeast sectors since they are governed by the wood element.
  • Destructive cycle: In the destructive cycle, water destroys fire. When a killing chi exists in the south sector, introduce black and/or blue colors to help destroy the negative chi energy in the fire sector.
  • Exhaustive cycle: In the exhaustive cycle, water energy will exhaust metal energy. The west and northwest sectors are ruled by the metal element. When either sector is afflicted, you can use black and/or blue in the sector décor.

Yellow (Ochre)

Yellow/ochre represents the earth element in the northeast and southwest sectors. The center of your home is also assigned the earth element.

  • Northeast, southwest, and center sectors: Use yellow/ochre in these sectors to reinforce the earth element.
  • Productive cycle: The earth element feeds the metal element. Use yellow or ochre in the metal sectors (west and northwest) to enhance the metal energy.
  • Destructive cycle: Earth destroys water (north sector). If you need to use a destructive element to counter a killing energy in the north sector, introduce yellow/ochre in the room décor.
  • Exhaustive cycle: Earth will exhaust fire energy. If you need to put exhaustive measures in place for the south sector, use yellow/ochre décor treatments.

Green and Brown

The wood element is represented by green and brown. The wood element is assigned to the east and southeast sectors.

  • East and Southeast sectors: Use green and/or brown in both sectors to bolster the wood energy.
  • Productive cycle: The wood element feeds the fire element. Use the colors green and/or brown in the south sector (fire element) to boost this fire energy.
  • Destructive cycle: Wood destroys the earth element (southwest, northeast, center). Use green and brown colors in any of these three earth sectors if you are trying to overcome a sha chi.
  • Exhaustive cycle: Wood exhausts water. When working with an afflicted north sector (water), add wood colors green and/or brown to exhaust the water element.

Red and Purple

Red and purple represent the fire element that is assigned to the south sector.

  • South sector: Reinforce the fire element with red and/or purple.
  • Productive cycle: The fire element feeds the earth element (southwest, northeast and center sectors). Use any of the fire colors to enhance the earth elements.
  • Destructive cycle: The fire element destroys the metal element (west and northwest sectors). Use these colors in either of the sectors that has killing energy.
  • Exhaustive cycle: If the east or southeast sector (wood) is afflicted, exhaust the wood element by introducing red or purple into the décor.

Silver, Gold, and White

The three metal colors of silver, gold and white represent the metal elements assigned to the west and northwest sectors.

  • West and northwest sectors: Use any or all three of these colors to enhance the metal chi energy.
  • Productive cycle: The metal element feeds the water element. Use any or all of these colors in the north sector to boost or enhance this water element.
  • Destructive cycle: Metal destroys wood. If the east or southeast sector (wood element) is suffering from a killing energy, add metal colors to the décor in that sector(s).
  • Exhaustive cycle: Metal exhausts the earth element. Use silver, gold and/or white when the southwest, northeast, or center sectors are afflicted.

Using Colors in Different Feng Shui Sectors

The value of using colors assigned to specific sectors is to give further representation of the elements governing those sectors. Select appropriate colors for entryways, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other rooms in your home. While color alone cannot activate an element, it can reinforce through symbolism.

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Use This Feng Shui Color Chart to Plan Your Decor