Feng Shui Business Mapping Ideas for Success


Feng shui business map is a term often used to describe the process of using a bagua to lay out the physical space of your business. To get a full map picture, you'll need to use other feng shui tools along with the bagua. Using these tools correctly can help your business become a success.

Understanding the Role of the Bagua in Business Mapping

In feng shui practices, the bagua is a tool that is used to map out the directions within your business space. The bagua is in the shape of an octagon with eight pie wedges known as trigrams with the center piece (I Ching) counting as the center of your building, also known as the earth element. Trigrams are designated as various areas such as wealth, health, love, and so on. The point of the bagua is to line it up over a drawing of the layout of your business so you know which areas of your building each of the nine energies fills.

Your Kua Number Is Vital to a Successful Business Map

The starting point for understanding how you and your building are going to fit together for conducting business will require knowing your kua number, which is derived from your birthdate.

Calculating Your Kua Number

Unlike astrology and birthdates, gender plays a vital role in calculating your kua number. First, take the last two digits of your birth year and add these together. If you're a woman, then you'll add five to this number and if necessary add down to a single digit once more. This is your kua number. If you're a man, then you will follow the same steps of adding the last two digits of your birth year together. Instead of adding numbers, you'll want to subtract the single digit from ten. The remainder is your kua number.

Putting It Together for a Business Advantage

Now that you know your kua number, you can begin to use your best directions to your advantage in your business. You want to use you kua number to assist you in enhancing your best directions. Although it isn't necessary, the ideal is that your Kua number matches that of your building's home period.

Best Directions for Kua Groups

Understanding how your Kua number works is vital to utilizing a feng shui business map. The kua numbers are broken down into two groups. One group falls into the East group and the others fall into the West group. You can tell by each number that is assigned to each direction the level of good, better and best for your kua number. Many times you'll see the number five omitted in the groupings. In such instances, five is always assigned the number eight.

  • East group: Best directions are North (1), East (3), Southeast (4), and South (9)
  • West group: Best directions are Southwest (2), Northwest (6), West (7), Northeast (8)

Auspicious Versus Inauspicious

Auspicious means good or beneficial while inauspicious is the opposite, meaning, bad or harmful. These directions are broken down into levels of good and bad. Auspicious directions will fall into three levels of good, better, and best. Inauspicious directions also grow in increments of intensity starting at bad, worse and worst.

Completing Your Feng Shui Business Map

To further increase your business success, you'll want a flying star analysis. This will help you know exactly where the auspicious stars and inauspicious stars are residing for the year and each month inside your building, since they move about just like their celestial counterparts change positions in the sky based on the season. While best directions usually outweigh any negative flying stars, you still want to be aware if any move into your group sector and apply a feng shui remedy immediately.

Calculating Flying Stars

What took ancient feng shui masters a long time to calculate, modern computer programs can make short work of calculating flying stars. You need some key information in order to calculate flying stars for your business facility. The home period is considered the time lapse from starting construction to the final completion. This span of time used to be more significant when large palaces were being built that could take years to complete. Since this period is calculated by subtracting the years such as 575 - 562 (13, 1+3 = 4), most modern construction rarely exceeds a year. If your building was renovated with major construction additions and roofline changes, then you'll use that completion date. Next, you need the building's facing direction.

Close up of a feng shui compass

To calculate this, stand in the center of your business and take a compass (Lo Pan) reading while facing your front entrance direction. Some practitioners prefer to stand outside with their backs to the front door. Either way will work. The final information needed is the date of the report. A feng shui practitioner will use the date she or he calculates your map. This number will include only the month and date.

Get Professional Assistance When Needed

If you want the complete analysis to include flying stars you can enlist the help of a trained feng shui practitioner. This type of analysis uses the bagua, your kua number, and flying star report to construct an exact picture that is used as an overlay of your building blueprint. This will give you a snapshot of how the feng shui grid falls in line with your business building and alert you to any upcoming issues that might affect your business so you can make feng shui remedies.

Black Hat Bagua Use for Businesses

If you practice Black Hat feng shui instead of the compass, form and flying star schools of feng shui as described above, then you'll simply place your bagua over the layout of your home with the south side of the bagua up. In Black Hat Sect feng shui, the front door is always found in the virtual north. With the bagua overlay on your business blueprint, you can use the trigram sectors to guide you.

Taking Advantage of Your Business Map

You want to take full advantage of your business map and sit facing your best direction. Use all of the tools feng shui offers to remedy and enhance your business.

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