Understanding Feng Shui Bands, Musicians, and Musical Tones

Feng shui music uses the elements of feng shui

Once exclusively indigenous to China, feng shui bands, music, musicians, and philosophies have spread across the planet. Feng shui music is based on the theories of the five Chinese musical tones and the principle of the yi ching, which is also known as the ying yang theory. The purpose of the music is to help improve the lives of the listeners by initiating energy through the release of sound.

How it Works

According to the principles of the Book of Changes Cycles of Elemental Music, five elements correspond with organs in the human body. The theory works like ying and yang. Specifically, the elements of earth, metal, wood, fire, and water correspond respectively with the organs of spleen, lung, liver, heart, and kidney. In addition, the organs of the human body correspond with specific modes of feng shui music. These five musical modes from this ancient music used in China are kung, shang, cheuh, jyy, and yu. These modes use musical elements such as rhythm, melody, instrumentation, intensity, and texture to benefit the human body by improving the function of the organs by making them work more efficiently.

Music and the Chi

Traditional Chinese music can inspire the chi. According to the ancient principles of feng shui, the chi can be circulated in the human body to pass into the five organs. It can also pass though the area where the music is being played, by way of properly arranging and cycling the five elements. All of the five elements correspond to the five tones found in ancient Chinese music. By correctly connecting the elements with the tones, feng shui music can release a very powerful and positive energy that will enter the body and bring about health, happiness and good fortune.

Acupuncture and Feng Shui Music

Most acupuncture offices incorporate feng shui music into the acupuncture treatments. The soothing music is said to produce calming effects that relax the muscles and help facilitate the needles. Feng shui music is used to enhance the ancient healing medicine of acupuncture.

Information about Feng Shui Bands, Music, Musicians

Feng shui music has a soothing effect on many modern musicians, who use the ancient principles of feng shui to help them relax and focus. Paula Abdul used feng shui, as have many other musicians and music lovers alike.

Where to Find Feng Shui Music

Feng shui music can be found in most record stores. It can also be purchased online at Amazon.com

Element, Animals, and Feng Shui Music

The music of the animals are designed to release the feng shui elements which they correspond to.


According to the theories of feng shui, the serpent is associated with the center. The organs of spleen and stomach are therefore associated with serpent music. Earth is the serpent element. This music can uplift the soul. The intention of the music is to release the energies of the earth. The serpent is associated with the kung tone.


The dragon is associated with the element of wood. Wood relates to the chueh tone, which helps the liver. Dragon music is designed to release the energy of the wood element.


The tortoise is associated with the element of water. The water element holds the qualities of resourcefulness and flexibility. Water is connected with the Chinese tone of the yu. Water acts on the kidneys. Water music is meant to nourish and calm the human body.


The Phoenix is associated with the element of fire. Fire represents the jyy tone, which acts on the heart. Fire has the qualities of intuition and passion.


The tiger is associated with the element of metal. Metal is associated with the Chinese tone of shang. Metal acts to aid the lungs.

Ancient Music in the Modern World

Feng shui music has spread across the globe, and the therapeutic uses have been found to improve the chi of many office settings, especially chiropractic and acupuncture offices. Feng shui bands, music, musicians, and instruments have become popular by applying the ancient principles the Chinese have practiced for thousands of years.

Understanding Feng Shui Bands, Musicians, and Musical Tones