Applying Feng Shui Baguas to Your Home

Feng shui baguas

Practitioners think of feng shui baguas as road maps or blueprints.


Practitioners use baguas to determine which areas of their living and work space corresponds directly to specific areas of their life. Each of the areas is identified as auspicious or inauspicious. Auspicious areas are those with positive energy while inauspicious areas have negative energy. After identifying the inauspicious areas, use feng shui cures to ensure that positive chi flows freely to all areas of the space. The word bagua is derived form the ancient sacred book, the I-Ching, also known as The Book of Changes. Bagua means eight areas and in feng shui, the bagua is represented as an octagon. The bagua octagon consists of eight sections or wedges and a center area. Each of the eight individual sections, called trigrams, plus the center area represents one of the guas of the bagua map.

In feng shui the life areas of a bagua include:

  • Fame, fortune and reputation
  • Relationships including partnership, marriage and parenthood
  • Children and creativity
  • Helpful people and travel
  • Business and career
  • Knowledge, education and self cultivation
  • Health
  • Family
  • Wealth and prosperity

From the Octagon to a Square

For baguas to be used in feng shui it is easier for the shape to be changed from an octagon to a square. The octagon is easily changed into a square by extending the sides of the bagua octagon. The square is then divided into nine equal sections. Each section of the square is a gua area.To make a bagua map simply draw a square on a piece of semitransparent paper. Divide the square into nine sections that are equal in size. It resembles a tic tac toe game when drawn correctly.

Using a Bagua

The feng shui practitioner or consultant uses the bagua by laying it over a sketched floor plan of the space. Acting as a transparency, the bagua divides the space into the nine sections corresponding to the life situations.

Proper placement of the bagua diagram on the floor plan is essential. The front door or main door, is the reference point used to determine the correct placement. As you lay the bagua map over the floor plan, line up the front door along the lower section of the bagua. This means the front door is always located in one of the following three gua areas.

  • Knowledge, education and self cultivation
  • Career and business
  • Helpful people and travel

Every Space has a Bagua

Many people when they are new to the practice of feng shui do not realize that every space has a bagua. Bagua application works just as effectively for a whole house, a room or a bed. Find the baguas for your front yard or for your entire piece of property. As you apply more baguas to your living and workspace, you will have a better understanding of the energy centers of each aspect of your environment from your entire property lot to the top of your desk.

Bagua Resources

The following resources are useful in applying the principles of feng shui baguas.

  • The article Bagua Octagon from LoveToKnow explains the element cycle and includes a chart that is helpful in understanding the properties of each bagua direction. The chart also includes the feng shui element and color assigned to each of the directions.
  • Print free bagua diagrams from the Circle of Light website. There is a diagram for use with a house, room or office for practitioners that follow the practices of Western feng shui and one for an entire house or office for those that follow the practices of Eastern feng shui.
  • For detailed instructions on applying baguas to your living and work spaces visit Feng Shui Vibes.


Feng shui baguas are fundamental tools used to identify positive and negative energy in your home or workplace.

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Applying Feng Shui Baguas to Your Home