Using Feng Shui Bagua Maps on Difficult Floor Plans

bamboo plant

Figuring out the feng shui ba gua on difficult floor plans isn't too complicated, it just takes a little more time to work it out.

About the Ba Gua

In feng shui, a ba gua map is a square, called a Lo Shu Square, divided into nine equal parts. The ba gua represents how chi flows through your home or workspace. Below, you'll find a description of how the nine parts are divided. Beginning at the top of the Lo Shu Square, moving from left to right, there are three rows:

Lo Shu Square
4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

Top Row

  • Square four - This is the wealth square represented by the element of wood.
  • Square nine - This is the fame and aspiration square. It is represented by the element of fire.
  • Square two - This is the last square in the top row of the Lo Shu Square. It is the relationships square represented by the element of earth.

Middle Row

  • Square three - This first square in the middle row symbolizes family and is represented by the element of wood.
  • Square five - This square sits in the center of the ba gua and represents health and well-being. The element for this square is earth.
  • Square seven - This is the third square of the middle row and represents children and creativity. This square is associated with the feng shui element of metal.

Bottom Row

  • Square eight - This is the knowledge square represented by the element of earth.
  • Square one - This is the career and life path square and is symbolized by the feng shui element of water.
  • Square six - This square represents helpful people and travel and is represented by the element of metal.

Now that you know what the each square symbolizes, you can go ahead and apply it to your floor plan.

Drawing the Feng Shui Ba Gua on Difficult Floor Plans

Though the ba gua cannot be adjusted as far as the basic shape, meaning there are always nine parts, divided into three rows of three squares, it can be stretched a bit to fit the shape of your home. Here are some steps to take to begin mapping out the feng shui ba gua on difficult floor plans.

  1. Draw your floor plan out on a piece of paper - It doesn't have to be absolutely accurate as far as measurements go, but it does need to be architecturally accurate. This means, when drawing a sketch of your home's floor plan, mark the location of all windows, doors and stairways.
  2. Draw a ba gua map on your floor plan drawing - If you're home is square, then draw a traditional Lo Shu Square. If it is rectangular, you can draw it so the squares stretch out to fit the floor plan drawing, just be sure they are equal in length and width.
  3. Label each square - Put the number, element and what each square represents inside the squares of your ba gua map.

If you have a difficult floor plan, you will find that after you complete the ba gua map of your home, there are empty spaces on your ba gua, like an L-shaped home or a home with a bumped out addition. Empty spaces aren't always bad, but they aren't always good either. Keep reading to find some easy cures for these areas to help improve the chi flow of your home and the space in which you live.

Cures for Empty Spaces and Protrusions

Here are a few easy cures for empty or protruding ba gua spaces:

  • If an empty space on your ba gua map falls outside your home - Make sure that space is clean and free of debris.
  • Do some landscaping - Most every plant has a positive chi flow. So, for those empty spaces, plant a few trees, shrubbery or flowers. Here are some suggestions:
    • Peonies
    • Narcissus
    • Lillies
    • Cherry trees
    • Holly bushes
    • Dogwood
    • Apple trees
    • Maple
    • Poplar
    • Bamboo
  • Install a fountain or birdbath - Water has great energy. You don't have to go with a huge monstrosity of a fountain, many home improvement stores sell water fountains that are the perfect size for any home. If you go with a birdbath, be sure to keep it clean of debris like fallen leaves or branches.

A Final Word

If your home has a difficult floor plan, taking the time to plant a few trees and bushes will greatly improve the chi flow in your life. You may even find what you felt was missing in your life (relationships, career advancement, etc.,) begin to improve once you correct the negative energy spaces in and around your home.

Using Feng Shui Bagua Maps on Difficult Floor Plans