Feng Shui Artwork

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Koi Fish Feng Shui Artwork

Paintings, prints, statues, and figurines are examples of the feng shui artwork you can find online. Artwork that reflects feng shui principles promotes auspicious chi while adding a sense of peace and beauty to your home's environment.

Art and the Bagua

Enhance each life area using artwork that will attract the energy you desire. The bagua divides your home into sectors that correlate to various areas of your life. Follow either the Black Hat Sect Feng Shui (place over layout of house) or Compass and Form Schools of Feng Shui (using compass directions to determine placement of bagua) for placement tips. Whichever school of feng shui you use, you can take advantage of the chi energies attracted to each sector.

Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance

Located in the southeast sector (wood element) of your home, you can enhance this area of your life area using pictures and symbols of objects and animals. Never use water elements in a bedroom, since this creates too much energy and disturbance to rest.

  • Chinese bamboo and birds: Wall scroll made of painted damask silk
  • Deer: Buck and his doe mate painting, available on multiple mediums
  • Koi pond print: Nice art print with vivid use of color
  • Lotus blossoms: Art prints and photographs of pink or white lotus blossoms

Fame and Reputation

Located in the south sector (fire element) of your home is the life area of fame and reputation. This area also includes your self-knowledge, self-respect and inner light. Use any of these symbols to enhance the energy of this sector:

  • Butterfly print: Abstract, signed art prints on archival papers with 100-year ink
  • Dragon: Silk scroll artwork of Chinese dragon
  • Horses: Frameable poster of horses running in shallow water; horses also symbolize speed and self-power
  • Peacock: Silk scroll of peacock and colorful flowers
  • Phoenix: Collectible statue of phoenix rising

Relationships, Love, and Marriage

Enhance your relationships using energy in the southwest sector (earth element) of your home. Carved amethyst artwork is an excellent activator for the chi energy residing here.

Health and Family

Health and family energy is located in the east sector (wood element) of your home. There are many symbols for health and longevity.

Children and Creativity

Located in the west sector (metal element) of your home, this sector represents and affects your descendant luck. This directly relates to your children and any creative energy in your life. It symbolizes the birth of your own joy and spirit of life. Images rich with imagination and creativity are excellent additions to this area.

Artwork placed in a child's rooms should always be happy and uplifting, evoking feelings of confidence, inspiration, and encouragement.

Education and Knowledge

Knowledge is located in the northeast sector (earth element) of your home. Enhance this life area of self-cultivation with various symbols and images.

  • Dragon with a pearl: Resin statue on wood base
  • Dragon carp: Double carp crossing dragon gate statue
  • Pagoda: Various art prints of Chinese pagodas
  • Crystal globe: Crystal globes on pedestals

Career and Life Path

Enhance your career energy, which is located in the north sector (water element) of your home, using these pieces of art:

  • Elephant: Trumpeting elephant statues in ceramic, wood, or resin
  • Roosters: Pair of roosters in rustic art prints
  • Sailboat or ship: Metal wall art of sailboat
  • Water feature: Tabletop water fountains
  • Wind chimes: Wind chime styles and with various number of rods

Helpful People, Mentors, Friendship, and Travel

Activate happy occasions with energy located in the northwest sector (metal element) of your home. Art that showcase happy people or happy occasions are the best choice for this area of the home. Images of gods, angels, or strong powerful people work well in this area.

  • Fuk Luk Sau: Three gods in resin, brass or ceramic
  • Tsai Shen Yeh: Impressive bronze statue
  • Angels: Western cultures often use angels; do not use sad or grieving angels
  • Rose quartz: Rose quartz pointed obelisk

Subject Matter and Placement of Art

An essential aspect of using art in feng shui is knowing the correct subject matter and proper placement of the feng shui art and the bagua of each piece. Used correctly, artwork attracts the free flowing positive chi energy (sheng) into and throughout your living and work environment.

Many feng shui practitioners use the bagua diagram to determine the correlation between specific areas of the home and the nine areas of life. Practitioners choose and place artwork specifically to enhance a feng shui life. Artwork can also incorporate the five elements and the feng shui colors associated with each compass sector.

For example, bedroom art should only depict happy events, objects, and animals, and should always be in pairs. Photos of you and your mate are appropriate while photos of others, especially children, aren't meant for the master bedroom. Another example is office art. You want to enhance your work environments, improve your job performance, and ensure a successful career with excellent pay by adding art and art objects to your office, especially on the north wall with elements of water and metal.

Bestow Balance and Peace with Art

Using feng shui in various forms of art is a wonderful way to activate elements and enhance the chi energies of each sector in your home. These objects are not just feng shui remedies and enhancers; they should also be works of art that speak to you and bring you joy each time you look at them.

Feng Shui Artwork