Feng Shui Aquarium Placement and Design

Terry Hurley
Goldfish in a Feng Shui-optimized aquarium

Placing a feng shui aquarium in your home or office is a powerful way to draw auspicious chi of prosperity and good luck into your space. Having fish in your house can ben beneficial for feng shui.

The Benefits of an Aquarium

A feng shui fish tank has the potential of having many positive benefits. However, you must properly place and care for the aquarium in order to attract the positive flow of energy. With the correct placement, set up and care, the aquarium is a perfect combination of harmony and balance.

An aquarium brings more than beauty into a home. The water symbolizes the flow of life, of growth and the activities of living things. The motion and sounds of the bubbling water as it moves throughout the fish tank activates and increases the positive energy of the area bringing good fortune, wealth and abundance.

Additional Benefits of a Feng Shui Fish Tank

  • If the aquarium is located in a room that is dry, it helps to balance the energy by adding humidity to the air.
  • The moving water in the aquarium has the power to revitalize energy that was stagnant or dormant.

Where to Place the Aquarium

In the practice of feng shui, placing an aquarium in the proper location is important. An easy way to identify the appropriate areas of your home is using a bagua diagram.

  • The southeast section of your home is the best location for a fish tank. This is the traditional area to activate wealth and prosperity.
  • You can also place an aquarium in the north or east sections of a home. The north represents career and the east represents health and family.
  • Place an aquarium to block off sha qi, or negative chi, from exterior structures with sharp corners such as a fence, a bridge or corners from another house.
  • A fish tank place under a beam reduces stress and mental pressure.
  • Never place a fish tank in the kitchen or the bedroom.
  • Do not place an aquarium in the center of a house.

The Five Elements in an Aquarium

An aquarium is a perfect example of the balance of the five elements of feng shui. When all five elements are present and interacting with one another, they are the perfection of chi energy.

  • Water - The water element is the water in the aquarium.
  • Earth - The substrate material represents the element of earth. The material could be one, or a mixture of:
    • Stones
    • Soil
    • Gravel
    • Sand
  • Fire - The lighting or the fish in the aquarium represent the element of fire. Fish that are the following colors represent fire:
    • Red
    • Gold
    • Yellow
    • Orange
  • Metal - The element of metal exists in the actual framework of the structure of many types of aquariums. Two other ways of incorporating the element of metal into an aquarium include placing old copper coins below the tank's substrate material or adding gold colored fish such as golden arowana or goldfish. If you use old coins make certain the metal will not harm the fish.
  • Wood - The wood element is represented by the plants growing in the fish tank or by driftwood placed inside the aquarium.

The Best Type of Fish for a Feng Shui Aquarium

Traditionally many feng shui practitioners recommend placing eight or nine orange colored fish in the tank with one black fish. The role of the single black fish is to absorb all the negative energy before it reaches you. Goldfish are one of the most popular types of fish for feng shui fish tanks. Generally, goldfish are colorful, hardy and inexpensive. Also popular, but very expensive, are arowana, purest arowana and dragon fish.

Keeping your feng shui aquarium clean, beautiful and well cared for helps your fish stay happy and healthy, thereby, enhancing its energy.

Feng Shui Aquarium Placement and Design