Expert Tips on Feng Shui Design in Every Room

Carol Hamilton

Feng shui consultant Carol Hamilton was kind enough to offer some great expert tips on feng shui design. Take advantage of feng shui tips for every room, including best colors, best lighting and other valuable decorating ideas.

About Carol Hamilton

Carol discovered feng shui traditions while studying to become a professional homeopath. Her love of feng shui, combined with her intuition and experience, has led Carol to offer her own special brand of feng shui. Her system is based on metaphors that she has put into practice as a consultant for over 15 years.

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Carol's Expert Tips on Feng Shui Design

Adult Bedrooms

LTK: Bedrooms are always a hot topic, could you please give our readers the feng shui basics on both adult and children's bedrooms?

CH: Adult Bedrooms have two functions, sleeping and the grown-up functions.


If you have room over the bed, hang a picture of just the two of you. You know, that picture you have from that one day when you really, really liked each other. Don't have one? Then how about artwork bought on your honeymoon or a souvenir from an anniversary? What ever you can find that sets a tone of two hearts beating in sync. Avoid pictures of anyone other than the people who sleep there, after all, it's hard to be intimate in front of dear old mom or the kids.

Decorate in Pairs

Decorate in two's - two candles, two plants, two chairs. The two's don't need to be a perfect match, (who is?) but having two of the same type of item represents balance and compatibility. Another way to support balance in a relationship is to give both partners equal space and lighting on each side of the bed.


Room colors are a great way to play with energy. Here are a few basics on color:

  • Blues -- Blues are void of red and therefore, lack heart. Not my favorite color in the place where openhearted pillow talk is the goal.
  • Greens -- Greens are about healing. Notice how many spas feature green in their decor. This is a great color to consider if there has been some type of heartache. Many divorced people, especially women, go blue right after the marriage ends. Once the healing has really taken root, they will typically go green.
  • Pinks -- Pink is the color of love. However, it's easy to get pinked-out, especially for men. You may want to tread lightly in using the color pink if you are single and looking.
  • Red -- Red is the color of passion. It's the color of blood, it's the color of LIFE! Red is great for re-lighting fires. However, it can also cause burnout. You may need to play with just how big the flame should be.
  • Yellow -- Yellow is the color of health and light. Stay in pastel versions of the yellow to support healing.

Inspirational Color

As a general theory, pastels allow energy to flow easily in and out, whereas, rich colors tend to hold energy. Finding a color that inspires both people can be an instant happy pill for a relationship. If at first the color you choose doesn't turn out the way you planned, shrug it off and move on to the next one.

Children's Bedrooms

LTK: What are some specific expert tips on feng shui design for children's rooms?

CH: The most important tip for children's rooms is never to do anything without their involvement. Children are brilliant at knowing what they want and deserve the respect you give to any adult. My next tip, less is better.


If possible, remove all/most electronics. There will be resistance to this, but think about it for a minute. All those electronics are carrying an electrical charge. That charge works against sleep and relaxation.

Avoid Bright Colors

It's hard for children to sleep in bright colors. Often children's bedrooms get a daycare type of decor. However, when you think about it, they design daycares to stimulate imagination and energy. Bedrooms are intended to be places of rest.

Age Appropriate Updates

Finally, be sure to update theme rooms and linens. Sometimes it's easy to forget that your little Ninja Turtle has become a Tony Hawk fan.

The Kitchen

LTK: In feng shui, the kitchen is a very important room in a home, why?

CH: This is where you nourish yourself/family. Consider giving it a fresh canvas by clearing the counters as much as possible. Traditional feng shui suggests plain dishes in order to focus attention onto the food. If your cooking, like mine, doesn't lend itself to high degrees of focus, go for different colors, like green, you know, the color of healing.

Focus on Positivity

Kitchens are great gathering places and cooking together is a wonderful way to bond, so try to avoid paperwork and bills in your kitchen. That way you won't be affecting your gut with financial concerns. This also holds true for:

  • Calendars
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Other reminder messages

Saying no to pushy, hurry-up-because-you-were-born-behind energy, allows us to receive the grace and gratitude of abundant food and love in our lives.

If possible, give yourself a fabulous view out of every kitchen window because the thoughts you have while preparing food is the energy you are putting into your body.

Living Rooms

LTK: The living room is an area where families tend to gather most, what tips can you give to help encourage positive energy within the family.

CH: Ask yourself these questions when designing your living room:

  • Are all family members represented?
  • Does everyone have a spot to sit that fits his or her body?
  • Are there activities for every age group?
  • Are there group options available?
  • Does it invite an experience where all can feel relaxed and safe?
  • Is the furniture pointed to invite interaction as well as TV viewing?

Controlled Chaos

The rule of thumb here is controlled chaos. Having a working living room means that it serves your family today. If there are things that have been outgrown like certain toys, then perhaps it's time to let go so the new energy can flow in. One of my favorite ways to encourage family connections is with sectional couches. Furniture that connects us physically also connects us energetically.


If it's time for paint, have the whole gang in on the color selection, not to mention the work.


The more light the better. Light keeps energy moving. However, curtains are equally important because they allow the energy to be held. Think of curtains as the eyelids of a room. If you could never close your eyes, you'd be exhausted. Closing off the world allows the family to rest in the comfort of their own energy.

Love What You Have

Sometimes we end up inheriting things that really bring us down. I call this the gift that keeps on taking. Please remember, no one who really loves you would ever want to you to be unhappy. If something is taking up real estate in your home, make sure you LOVE it. If not, then it's time for IT to move on.


Updating colors is wonderful way to support change. For example, if you're looking to have a new career, consider adding some black through:

  • Accent rugs
  • Picture frames
  • Accessories

If you are in need of more support, consider adding some delicious tone of gray. For me, pastels or light colors are perfect for the living room. They support the feeling of light and won't hold onto the energy of my guests after they've gone home.

Finally, do your best to relax. Interesting people are usually surrounded by stimulating stuff. If your home is a bit cluttered, than assume you are an interesting person.

The Exterior

LTK: The exterior of a home is extremely important. What are some easy tips to attract positive chi into the home?

CH: The single most important part of your home is the front door.

The Front Door

The front door is the invitation to the outside world. Please go to the curb in front of your home or apartment and check out the front door.

New Opportunities

Feng shui says that new opportunity always comes through the front door. It doesn't know to go through the garage or around back. I have so many stories about people who have had miraculous results from doing nothing more than clearing the space around the front door both outside and inside the house. Address this if you're seeking to make a quick, powerful change!

My consultations always begin with the initial phone call. When someone has trouble giving me directions, it can be an indication of confusion or difficulty in making decisions. Consider creating a written version of directions to your home. This gives you direction. It's very hard to get where you're going if you're not sure where you are.

Bringing in Fresh Energy

Finally, adding fresh life such as plants and flowers brings fresh life to any space. Don't worry about whether it's a single plant or a full garden, life is measured quality not quantity!

Now that you have heard all of this, you officially have my permission to do something totally different, completely self-serving and socially out of line! Make your home your castle! Love every inch and demand that every inch serve you!

Expert Tips on Feng Shui Design in Every Room