3 Important Energy Sources in Feng Shui

Contributor Sue-Lynn Moses
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In feng shui, there are three important energy sources you can tap into for creating an auspicious home or office. Chi energy is the first source of all energy, followed by element energy, and then the powerful energy of light.

Understanding Feng Shui Chi Energy

Chi energy is found in all forms of life. It is the driving force of existence. It's no wonder that chi energy plays a pivotal role in all feng shui applications.

Yin Yang for Balanced Chi

This energy consists of two opposites yin (female) and yang (male) energies. Chi can only be complete when both energies are present and balanced. Feng shui strives to keep chi energy balanced in your home or office to maintain harmony and optimum benefits of this amazing energy source. You can generate chi energy in your home by using a few feng shui techniques.

Unblocking Chi Energy

Chi energy can be blocked by various obstacles that are considered clutter. This obstruction comes in all kinds of forms from the obvious of dirt, debris and disorganization to more obscure forms, such as dirty windows and unkempt yards. It's easy and simple to free up blocked chi by removing the obstacles, such as vacuuming, washing dirty dishes and clothes, and general decluttering.

Element Energy in Feng Shui

There are five elements in feng shui that have a direct effect on chi energy. These five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements move in what is called the productive cycle. They fuel and create each other.

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Activate Elements in Feng Shui

The energy activated by elements is a vital part of feng shui applications for homes and offices. The chi energy is attracted by elements. When these elements are introduced into a sector, they activate the dormant energy, improving this luck sector of life.

Using Element in Three Feng Shui Cycles

There are three major element cycles used in feng shui to balance chi energy. These are valuable ways to remedy instances when chi energy becomes imbalanced. You can use one of these cycles to correct imbalances and reestablish harmony. These cycles are the productive, destructive, and exhaustive.

  • In the productive cycle, you will use the element that nourishes the imbalanced element.
  • A destructive cycle is used to destroy an overpowering element.
  • An exhaustive cycle introduces the element that will force the negative element to exhaust itself.

Light Energy Source in Feng Shui

One of the most powerful sources of energy is light, natural and artificial. The amount and type of light in your environment affects the overall chi in your home or office.

Using Light for Feng Shui Remedy

Adding a bright light to an afflicted area instantly attracts auspicious chi energy. You can transform yin energy to yang energy with something as simple as leaving a light on for a minimum of five to six hours a day. This remedy can also remedy architectural problems such as a bathroom above a foyer and other problem areas.

Natural Lighting

A sunny, well-lit room is more inviting than a room that is dark and dismal. If a room in your home or office is dimly lit due to heavy curtains or draperies, simply open the curtains and let the sunshine in. You will immediately notice the change in the energy of the room.

Artificial Lighting

If there's very little natural light in a room, you can transform the energy of the room with a few well-placed lights. Select light bulbs that are advertised as full-spectrum or natural light. This will ensure you benefit for these properties found in natural light.

Avoid Fluorescent Lighting

It's been shown that fluorescent lighting can be detrimental to your health with other negative impacts to your home or work environment. The change over from incandescent to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Compact Light Bulbs) may have a negative effective.

Activating and Using Feng Shui's Three Energy Sources

You can address the majority of feng shui issues and afflicted areas with one or more of these three energy sources. In feng shui, more isn't better. You want the energy in your home to be balanced and not overpowered by any one energy source.

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