Earth Wind Fire and Water Symbols

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Elements of earth

Earth, wind, fire and water symbols represent the key elements in the Native American culture and other western cultures. In feng shui however, there are five elements.

Exploring Four Elements

To understand the symbolism of these four elements you first need to understand that in feng shui there are five elements.

  • Water
  • Wood
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Metal

These elements move in a repetitive cycle that create life and as long as this cycle remains balanced, the chi energy (energy of creation) circulates and brings auspicious things into your life.

Earth, Wind, Fire and Water Symbols

As you can see, wind is not considered to be one of the five elements in Feng Shui; that's because the chi energy moves with the air. Like the air, chi energy is everywhere and in everything.

Earth Symbols

In feng shui Form and Compass schools of principles, the earth is an important symbol. The physical shape of the symbol is not nearly as important as the actual material of the form. Chinese masters believe that the only two metals that can activate the earth energy are copper and brass. That doesn't mean you must only use these two metals when seeking symbols.

Earth Energy Properties

The earth rules business, agriculture and homes. You can use several earth elements as symbols.

  • Crystals and gems
  • Metals
  • Pottery
  • Soil

Using Earth Symbols in Feng Shui

Use Earth symbols in feng shui applications to help restore a balance and stability to your home. If there have been recent upsets, discord and arguments, the adding of earth elements in appropriate areas of your home can help to correct the imbalance in earth energy. A word of caution though, don't arbitrarily add earth symbols in an attempt to activate earth energy unless you're certain this is the problem area of chi imbalance. Adding too much earth energy into any environment can have the opposite effect and make matters worse. That's why it's always wise to consult a professional feng shui practitioner.

Wind Symbols

The wind is symbolic if how the chi energy moves. If air is blocked and cannot move, it becomes stagnant. The same is true for chi energy when blocked by clutter in the home or an unkempt yard.

The goal of feng shui is ensure that the chi energy flow freely and is able to move uninhibited throughout your home. Chi energy exists in all things compose of yang (male) and yin (female) energies. The aim is to keep the two opposite energies balanced. You can still use a symbol that represents the wind and incorporate it into feng shui cures.

  • Wind chimes
  • Whirly gigs
  • Fans
  • Sailboats (paintings or models)
  • Airplanes (paintings or models)

Fire Symbols

Wood fuels fire and fire burns wood, leaving only ash, which becomes earth. Earth then creates metal and metal attracts water. Water nurtures wood and wood feeds fire and the cycle begins again and continues.

Fire Element

Fire resides in the south and represents fame and fortune. You should use symbols that portray these elements when applying feng shui principles to your home.

  • Candles
  • Sun motifs
  • Phoenix
  • Trophies, awards and other forms of achievement and recognition.

Water Symbols

Water symbols can be very powerful and increase wealth. Water feeds wood, so you want to be careful not to have too many plants or wood in this sector of your home. North is the direction of water.

  • Water fountains
  • Aquariums
  • Fish
  • Frogs
  • Sea creatures
  • Boats and related items

Helpful Tips

There is, like with all elements, a warning not to overuse. When it comes to water symbols, there are some hard fast rules.

  • Never place a water symbol in a bedroom. The chi energy that water draws to it is too unsettling for a bedroom.
  • Never place a water fountain or water feature with the water flowing away from your home. This will cause your money and good fortune to flow away from you.
  • When using a photo, picture or painting of water, avoid depictions of turbulent water like a fierce storm at sea. Pictures of rivers should flow into the room, not away from it.

Elements and Symbols

It's easy to understand that Earth, wind, fire and water symbols and elements can enhance your life when you use feng shui to guide you.

Earth Wind Fire and Water Symbols