Expert Tips on Healing With Earth Energy

Ann Marie Holmes

Earth energy healing has to do with being conscious and aware of nature's energies while applying feng shui principles to your home and work environment. Ann Marie Holmes, author of Earth Spirit Living: Bringing Heaven and Nature into Your Home has studied earth healing energy for a number of years.

Holmes has always felt an instinctual connection with nature. It led her to Findhorn Garden in Scotland where she spent two years nurturing her "earth spirit." Shortly after, Holmes discovered feng shui and studied under the tutelage of Lin Yun Rinpoche for 17 years.

Currently, Ann Marie Holmes helps both residential and commercial clients find a balance between their homes and businesses and the natural habitats in which those buildings reside.

Expert Interview with Ann Marie Holmes

The Earth Energy Healing Process

LTK: How important is it to balance with nature in our work and living environments?

AMH: At it's core feng shui is about relationships. We are in relationship with earth elements and energies that are alive, intelligent and interactive. Awareness of these interactions gives us practical information for our homes. We constantly interact with the atmosphere and vibrations around us through our senses. Whether aware or not, we actually derive vitality and nourishment from the atmosphere of the places and things we live with. We are rooted in them just like a plant in the soil in which it is planted. Everything in the natural world holds information that helps us live healthier, happier, more successful lives. A great way to access this information is through the partnership of our physical senses and intuition.

A key to living successfully is to continually be open to your sensual, intuitive experience with the earth.

Benefits of Earth Energy Awareness

  • Creating better results with the redecorating or building process by tapping into the subtler aspects and patterns of the site.
  • Making better decisions because of the broader range of information you are taking in
  • Expanding your beliefs about the role of nature
  • Living more fully, tapping into a level of joy and vitality that fosters better results and a new awareness of the invisible aspects of nature in your life.
  • Gaining clarity about your fondest wishes and deepest aspirations and thus a better chance to fulfill them
  • Healthier, calmer living conditions in your home as you are able to perceive and work with the subtle energies there.
  • Enhancing work situations and personal relationships as subtler levels of interaction become more apparent.

Perhaps the biggest payoff: the earth herself, benefits. As more people create buildings in resonance with their surroundings or reweave the energy of existing structures and landscaping, the world benefits. Wiser, more creative uses of natural resources are one result, along with actual cooperation from the elemental subtle energies themselves. Small acts of acknowledgment and connection - growing a garden, paying attention to how we re-route water, how we place structures on the land --all of this contributes to a healthy earth and brings health and abundance to the humans as well. As you tend and love your patches of earth at home, the earth thrives, responding to your attention and care. The ripple effect radiates throughout the web of life

Achieving Balance with Nature

Earth Sprit Living

LTK: Can you please give some basic beginning tips on how to achieve a harmonious balance at home?AMH: We, as humans are meant to be mediators between heaven and earth. It is our job to promote harmony and maintain balance in simple ways with nature. Below are some tips to promote this harmony.

Observing Wildlife

An unexpected encounter with the wildlife can be a message or a gift from nature and perhaps shift your mood and bring an insight. For instance, when you are aware of songbirds on your site, pause and listen to their song and more importantly, breathe it in. Bird song around you serves the purpose of reminding and connecting you to the energy of joy. Birds sing in rhythms. Breathe in as they sing and when they rest with their song, breathe out and feel the energy or vibration of joy in their song settling into your body. This process is a great energizer, a mood raiser and a connecting bridge to the harmony around you.

Walk the Boundaries

Walking on the earth is a type of physical massage for the earth, an energetic exchange the land loves and walking the perimeter of your land is a good way to make contact with the invisible and visible patterns, giving you time to note and listen any areas that may need attention.

Prepare for Landscaping

Trees are an integral part of the human experience, essential to life on this planet. On the physical level, they are the lungs of the planet, taking in carbon dioxide and returning it as life-giving oxygen.

The greatest value of trees (and least understood) is intangible. Within the planetary grid, trees anchor a strong energy, vital to the wellbeing of humans and the rest of the natural world. According to Professor Lin Yun, Grand Master of Black Sect Feng Shui, trees are the "bones" of a site.

When preparing to prune or cut a tree, realize how they are alive and vital. Like a friend or partner who is about to go through a change, announce the change and explain why you are cutting or pruning the tree. Give three days for the tree to adjust to the change. Tree cutting is usually much easier with this step. Invite the spirit or essence of the tree energy to transfer the life force to the remaining trees or shrubs on the land to guarantee that the tree's life force will not be lost.


To nature, compost is wealth. It regenerates, renews and replenishes the site. Place your compost bin in the wealth corner of your yard contributing your food scraps regularly to the heap and reap the benefits of nature's continual flow of good chi. It's another ripple effect of nature influencing our human environments.

Leave an Offering

Nature responds to symbolic communication. An offering can be a flower, a rock, a feather or anything that is meaningful to you conveying your appreciation of nature as an ally. By placing your offering somewhere in your natural surroundings even if it is in a plant on your deck, you covey the message that you will add to the site rather than take anything away.

Work Environments

LTK: Work environments are difficult to change, what about some ideas for those looking to create a harmonious environment in their office spaces?

AMH: Hang a mirror to reflect nature into the office. If a window is not available, hang a picture of a favorite spot in nature and then hang the mirror to reflect the picture of nature. Nature is calming and nurturing. Place a red or purple cushion on your office chair. Red and purple colors are strong color vibrations and in feng shui as well as in other cultures, these colors represent power, protection and wealth. Pay attention to corners. Sitting in front of one can affect you. Energy flows quickly along straight lines, creating an eddy at the corner as the two streams collide and is unsettling to your body. People tend to be less relaxed, successful or creative sitting in that position. Screen your view of the corner with design elements to disrupt the energy pattern with:

  • Plants
  • Wind chimes
  • Leaded round crystals
  • Vertical wall hangings

Vibrant Design Basics

Earth Sprit Living won the prestigious Nautilus Award

LTK: Your website lists "vibrant design basics" as a means of cohabitating with nature in our modern lives. Can you explain this concept to our readers?

AMH: Vibrant design basics refers to a sense of invisible movement, a vivid pulsating, rhythm that comes with bringing color, good design, light, weight, sound and power in an environment. In this instance, I am referring to the vibrancy that comes with a deeper awareness of our alliance with the larger invisible patterns of nature. Nature is a powerful and willing ally in design.

By helping you deepen and practice, your own ways of interacting with the energies in your environment, it is likely to enhance your practice of the arts of interior design, feng shui and construction.

Thank You!

LoveToKnow thanks Ann Marie Holmes for her time and insight! For more of her words, check out her book, Earth Spirit Living: Bringing Heaven and Nature into Your Home.

Expert Tips on Healing With Earth Energy