Feng Shui Tips for Chiropractic Office Improvements

Contributor Matthew B. Dexter
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Combining the holistic treatment of chiropractic care with the traditions and principles of feng shui is a natural blending. Just as the power that made the body heals the body, the power that makes up the universe, chi energy, supports and nurtures health and healing when it is allowed to flow without obstruction. Feng shui can improve business, bring harmony and serenity to your practice, and support your patients' health.

Declutter Waiting and Treatment Areas

The chi energy is the universal life energy of all living things and objects. It is constantly in motion, forever undergoing change. Clutter in the office creates stagnation and blocks the free flow of chi energy. For this reason, the first thing you must do is remove the clutter from your office space in all areas. You may think there is no clutter, but any object that obstructs the flow of chi is considered clutter, even if it a priceless piece of art. Dust and debris are also considered clutter, so good housekeeping practices are imperative to keeping the chi energy flowing. It's also important to empty wastebaskets, particularly if you throw away face papers throughout the day. Keep wastebaskets emptied and never allow them to overflow.

Chiropractic adjustment

Use Plants Throughout the Office

Place plants in the office to help your staff and patients connect with the natural world. Make sure plant leaves are rounded or oval and never pointed so everyone can feel the relaxing benefits of nature. Plants also help purify the air that you, your staff, and your patients breathe, which supports better health.

Provide Adjustments and Treatment in the Health Sector

The health sector of any space is the center of the space, so this is ideal for your treatment area. If you utilize an open concept, be sure you arrange treatment tables so chi can flow freely around the space and reach all of your patients.

Collect Payments in an Auspicious Area

Place the cash register in the wealth area. This is typically the southeast sector of your business.

Counteract Electronics

It's likely you take x-rays and use other electronics such as tablets and computers throughout the office. Counteract the energy with carefully placed Himalayan salt lamps.

Himalayan salt lamp

Hide Your Cables

Keep all cords and cables of office equipment hidden to eliminate clutter and allow the chi to flow freely. Invest in cord protectors or concealers for a neater uncluttered look.

Incorporate Water to Bring Positive Energy

Feng shui elements are very important. Incorporate water for soothing purposes and its ability to bring positive energy to the office. An aquarium or goldfish in the waiting area can bring luck and provide soothing ambience for your patients. Placing it in the southeast sector is ideal to support prosperity of your practice.

Aquarium in a waiting room

Ring in Auspicious Chi When Patients Enter

Place a chime or bell on the front door for when anybody enters the office. This not only alerts you to a customer, the ringing bell also attracts positive chi energy to enter your business.

Choose Auspicious Colors

Colors in feng shui are very important and symbolic. Each color has a specific meaning. Consider using different colors to to take advantage of the feng shui symbolism attached to them. For example, reds, purples, and blues enhance the wealth and prosperity area of the chiropractic office. Light green, yellow, and other soothing colors can be used in the treatment areas since these colors have a healing and calming effect. Balancing yin and yang (positive and negative chi) is essential, even with colors, especially in a chiropractic office.

Keep Ambience Relaxing and Healing

The ambience of your entire office is essential to the patient experience.

  • Consider filling the air with scents such as aromatherapy oils or using an aromatherapy spray to clean treatment tables.
  • Play recordings of tranquil music designed for meditations.
  • Keep lighting bright and as natural as possible via clean, unobstructed windows.

Advantages of Feng Shui Chiropractic Office Design

Your chiropractic office can readily benefit from these feng shui tips and make it stand out from other offices. Patients will appreciate the extra effort you took to provide them a healing office setting. Your business will be invigorated with enhanced chi energy and flourish under the constant flow of positive chi energy.

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