Chiropractic Office Improvements with Feng Shui

Feng Shui can make your chiropractic office stand out from all the others

Combining the holistic medicine of chiropractic with the traditions and principles of feng shui is a natural blending. Feng shui can improve business and bring harmony and serenity to businesses. This is essential for chiropractic offices since patients need to feel relaxed. Feng shui can also convey a soothing effect. By applying feng shui principles, a chiropractic office can also increase its revenues.

Stagnant Chi Energy Affects Business

According to the principles of feng shui, stagnant chi is symbolic of stagnant finances. Stagnant chi energy in any health-related business can impede healing processes. Chiropractic treatments won't be as effective as they can be when the positive energy flow is blocked.

How To Improve Chi

The chi energy is the universal life energy of all living things and objects and is constantly in motion, forever undergoing change. Clutter in the office creates stagnation and blocks the free flow of chi energy. For this reason, the first thing you must do is remove the clutter from your office space in all areas. You may think there is no clutter, but any object that obstructs the flow of chi is considered clutter, even if it a priceless piece of art. Dust and debris are also considered clutter, so good housekeeping practices are imperative to keeping the chi energy flowing.

How to Feng Shui a Chiropractic Office

There are many things you can do to enhance and attract chi energy into your office space that are simple and require little to no cost.

  • Place plants in the office to help your staff and patients connect with the natural world. Make sure plant leaves are rounded or oval and never pointed so everyone can feel the relaxing benefits of nature.
    • Relaxation is essential for your patients in order to receive the adjustments and other treatments necessary for their healing. The more a patient can relax, the more he or she will feel the beneficial effects of the treatment.
    • Just as the corners in a feng shui home are very important, so are the corners in an office. Plants help to harness the positive energy flow of chi in the corners of the office, which are often neglected empty areas devoid of beneficial energy.
    • Plants also reduce toxins in the air and work as a filtration system to help circulate stagnant air.
  • Place the cash register in the wealth area. This is typically the Southeast sector of your business.
  • Keep all cords and cables of office equipment hidden to eliminate clutter and allow the chi to flow freely. Invest in cord protectors or concealers for a neater uncluttered look.
  • Feng shui elements are very important. Incorporate water for soothing purposes and its ability to bring positive energy to the office.
    • Place goldfish in the front of the office to bring good luck. Also use eight red and one black fish. The black fish will absorb any negative energy. If any fish die, quickly remove and replace with another fish of the same color.
    • Place an aquarium or fountain in the east, southeast, or north sector of the chiropractic office.Fish situated in the north area of the desk or office can help to activate career and financial success in your business.
  • According to feng shui, the windows are the eyes of the room. Do not obstruct them with any banners, curtains or signs. Keep them clean inside and out.
  • Give the chiropractic receptionist a chair with a high back in order to provide more support. Place the receptionist in the command position so that she has her back against a solid wall (signifying support). The receptionist should face the front door and be able to see all entrances and exits .
  • Place a chime or bell for when anybody enters the office. This not only alerts you to a customer, the ringing bell also attracts positive chi energy to enter your business.
  • The office manager or chiropractor in charge of the business should always have her office in the very back of the workplace to signifies dominance over the space.
  • Always place the computers, telephones, fax machine and other electronics in the wealth sector (southeast).
  • Colors in feng shui are very important and symbolic. Each color has a specific meanings. Consider using different colors to to take advantage of the feng shui symbolism attached to them. For example, reds, purples and blues enhance the wealth and prosperity area of the chiropractic office. Light green, yellow, and other soothing colors can be used in the rooms where the chiropractor performs his or her work on the patients, since these colors have a healing and calming meaning. Balancing yin and yang (positive and negative chi) is essential, even with colors, especially in a chiropractic office.
  • Consider filling the air with scents such as aromatherapy oils.
  • Play recordings of tranquil music designed for meditations.
  • For a cozy feeling and to activate the fire energy, add a fireplace in the south sector of your office. When not in use during the warmer months, use a fireplace candelabrum. Fire code may prevent you from using real flames, but the symbolism of candles will be enough to activate the chi energy.

Advantages of Feng Shui Office Design

Your chiropractic office can readily benefit from these feng shui tips and make it stand out from other offices. Patients will appreciate the extra effort you took to give them a relaxing and beautiful office setting. Your business will be invigorated with enhanced chi energy and flourish under the constant flow of positive chi energy.

Chiropractic Office Improvements with Feng Shui