Chinese Dragon Clip Art

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Chinese dragons can be useful visual elements for all types of creative projects. From scrapbooks to websites - and many other options - there are plenty of ways to use this type of art element. The three original designs provided are free to download and use, or you can seek out other online resources with additional choices.

Download Free Chinese Dragon Image Files

If you'd like to use one of the three images in this article, simply right-click the image to download. Select "Save As" from the pop up menu and navigate to the location on your hard drive or external storage device where you'd like to store it as a .jpg file.

Red Chinese Dragon
Beige Chinese Dragon

The dragons can be used to create craft projects like dragon collages. They can also decorate notebooks or book covers. Use them wherever you want to incorporate some of the dragon's properties into your own life.

More Image Resources

If one of the above images does not meet your needs, there are a number of other places you can find Chinese dragon clip art to use.

  • Webweaver: You can find a nice selection of free Chinese dragon artwork at this site and each image is paired with a descriptive caption. There a few fire-breathing dragon images here, including one that shows only the head and another that shows a full-upright creature breathing fire over its shoulder.
  • All-Free-Download: This site provides free downloads of a number Chinese dragons in different styles, as well as access to search fee-based images on Shutterstock. Attractive no-cost options include a black abstract dragon and a background image that pairs a black and white freestyle dragon on a red background with "Year of the Dragon" text.
  • Graphics Factory: This image download site has an image that shows a red Chinese dragon on a yin yang symbol, along with several additional options. To use images from Graphics Factory, you'll need to become a site member, with fees ranging from $19.95 per month to $49.95 per year. Members can download unlimited images without having to pay additional per-image fees, and can use the pictures for commercial purposes.

Meaningful Symbol

Chinese dragons are as meaningful as they are lovely. Make sure that you understand the symbolism of this culturally significant mythical creature before using it in a creative project.

Chinese Dragon Clip Art