Expert Tips for Optimizing the Flow of Chi Energy

Contributor: Sue-Lynn Moses
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Optimizing the flow of chi energy for your feng shui home is easy to achieve when following expert tips. Positive chi energy is vital to any feng shui application and should be balanced with negative chi energy.

Helpful Expert Tips for Optimizing the Flow of Chi Energy

You can use feng shui to bring more balance into your life through the chi energy flow in your home and office. Feng shui expert Jennifer Ellen Frank explains, "Broken items, working poorly or are in a state of disrepair affect your luck, prosperity and health." With her extensive portfolio, including NBC, Nickelodeon, and Martha Stewart as clients, this former feng shui instructor and former member of the Executive Committee of the International Feng Shui Guild, New York Chapter has a few tips for freeing up the flow of chi energy

Broken Objects and Feng Shui Energy

Most feng shui enthusiasts understand the necessity of replacing broken or damaged objects since they represent clutter. Jennifer gives greater insight to the harm these objects can cause. She explains how leaving a broken object lying around is a symbol of decaying energy. She advises, "If you check the area of the bagua [sector] of where a broken item is, you can see what part of your life is affected."

Intention and Action

In feng shui, everything you do involves intention and action. That means there is an intention and an action involved in optimizing the flow of chi energy. "When doing feng shui, an action is the tangible/visible activity of the moving of the bed to a better location or changing wall color with paint," Jennifer says. "Action is the physical side of the process," she adds.

Visible and Invisible Aspects of Chi Energy Flow

Besides intention and action, there are the visible and invisible aspects of chi energy flow. Visible forms define the physical space while invisible chi energy must maneuver the physical forms.

Visible Factor of Chi Energy Flow

The physical aspect of feng shui includes, streets, driveways, sidewalks, doors, walls, and other structures and barriers. These visible factors can also be natural land formations. The chi energy must flow through, around and over these defined spaces.

Invisible Factor of Chi Energy Flow

Chi energy is the invisible factor of feng shui. Jennifer describes chi energy flow as the intention of action. "It's the reason why you move the bed and what life change you hope to accomplish when you make this change." She instructs her students to visualize the improvement desired while they are moving the bed to a different position. "This will make the change more effective," she explains.

Freeing a Pathway for Chi Energy

The visible and invisible factors illustrate how the chi energy flows around the physical and how it's easy to focus only on the inside of your home. However, when applying feng shui principles, the outside is more important. If the chi energy flow is blocked from entering your home, no amount of remedies inside will entice the auspicious energy to enter.

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Number One Rule: Declutter!

All clutter is a major obstacle to the flow of chi energy. When you declutter, the barriers blocking chi energy flowing into your home are removed, you free up stagnant chi energy. New fresh chi can then enter your home continuously.

Specific Areas for Optimizing Chi Energy Flow

There are a few key areas in your home that once addressed will free up the chi energy, so it flows unobstructed throughout your home.

Front Door Free of Clutter

It's very important that the front door and area leading to it is clutter free and inviting. Jennifer reminds, "You also want to see your front door from the street. You will struggle hard for opportunities if your front door is hidden from plain view." You may want to paint your door an appropriate color based on the facing direction of your home to further attract chi energy. Jennifer advises to place a bagua (not a mirror bagua) above the front door to represent balance in your home.

Chi Energy Flow Inside Your Home

Once you're satisfied that you've addressed all the obstacles and barriers to chi energy flowing into your home, it's time to examine the interior space. It helps to identify common feng shui issues and how to remedy them. Follow feng shui bedroom arrangement tips, bathroom tips, feng shui color theory, desk position in an office, living room layout and other helpful feng shui tips to prevent blocking the flow of chi energy.

Space Clearing

There are several reasons you want to use a space clearing method. This will clear out any stagnant chi energy, but more importantly, the residual energy of the previous occupants. This is especially important for anyone purchasing a foreclosed home or where one of the occupants died in the home. Choose from the many methods, such as smudging, singing bowl, bell ringing and other ways to clear a space and allow new fresh chi to fill the vacuum.

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Creating Yin Yang Balanced Chi Energy

As with all things feng shui, the ultimate goal is to create a balance between the yin and yang energy. There are a few rooms in your home where one of these opposites will need to be slightly more, such as a kitchen (yang), bedroom (yin), living room (yang), office (yang), etc.

Rooms with Too Much Yin and Yang

You can quickly tell if a room has too much yin or yang energy. For example, sleeping in a bedroom beside a busy street will rob you of quality rest and sleep. You will need to introduce yin energy remedies to counter so much yang energy. An office overlooking a dark alleyway will cause lethargy and limit your energy. "An overly yin office entrance hidden and dark won't attract enough money into your life," Jennifer says.

Using Expert Tips for Optimizing the Flow of Chi Energy

Once you understand how chi energy flows and the different way it can be blocked, it's easy to correct these. Following expert tips will help you optimize this energy flow to enhance your life.

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Expert Tips for Optimizing the Flow of Chi Energy