Expert Tips for Optimizing the Flow of Chi Energy

Jennifer Ellen Frank

Jennifer Ellen Frank kindly sat down with LoveToKnow to discuss a few tips regarding chi flow energy in your environment. Ms. Frank has spent over 24 years studying both interior design and eastern philosophies. Jennifer has an extensive portfolio and has done work for:

  • NBC
  • Nickelodeon
  • Martha Stewart
  • Ellen Tracy
  • Adrienne Vittadini

Ms. Frank is also a teacher for the Sheffield Feng Shui Interior Design program and is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Feng Shui Guild, New York Chapter.

If you need a little help improving the positive energy flow in your life, keep reading to discover the insightful information Ms. Frank has to offer.

Energy Balance

LTK:. Can you give our readers some general pointers as to how to bring more balance into their lives and environments?

JF: In feng shui, everything is about balance. The working condition and upkeep of all parts of your home are very important to pay attention to. Broken items, working poorly or are in state of disrepair affect your luck, prosperity and health. Broken belongings lying around symbolize decaying energy.

If you check the area of bagua of where a broken item is, you can see what part of your life is affected.

Invisible and Visible Chi Flow Energy

JF: Feng shui has two parts, the visible and the invisible. First is the visible factors are walls, doors, streets. Second is the invisible is chi. This life force energy and predecessor influences are energies of people who previously lived in your house, ghosts, energies in the land. Everything involves intention and an action. Action is the physical side of the process. When doing feng shui, an action is the tangible/visible activity of the moving of the bed to a better location or changing wall color with paint.

Intention/invisible chi is the reason why you move the bed and what life change you hope to accomplish when you make this change. If you move the bed to improve your marriage, and visualize the improvement while changing the bed position - this will make the change more effective.

Energy Flow in the Home

JF: Blocked energy is hard to keep your life moving.

  • Clear pathways - Keep hallways, driveways, open and clear free for energy to flow.
  • Stove placement - This location influences your cash flow and physical health. A dirty stove negatively affects your finances.
  • Clutter - Junk blocks energy, leading to frustrations and obstacles.
  • Cleanliness - A clean house provides fresh, clean energy, just the kind you truly need to stay happy healthy and alive.

The Front Door

JF: This area receives most of the subtle energy of home. It influences your opportunities and the amount of income you command. Make sure it's welcoming. You can paint red for auspiciousness and curing power or place a bagua on top of front door representing balance in all areas of your home. You also want to see your front door from the street. You will struggle hard for opportunities if your front door is hidden from plain view.

Bathroom Locations

JF: The bathroom location can lead to leaking money from you life or raising health issues. *Keep toilet seat down to keep money from leaking out.

Bed Position

JF: This influences your love life. Have solid back for your bed (headboard), see the entrance to bedroom. Don't put it in direct onward path of the door into space.


JF: Influence your mood, energy level, and effectiveness.

Desk Position

JF: This is number one factor in feng shui for your success. Have commanding position. Be sure you see the entrance to office. Don't put it in direct onward path of the door into space.

Positive Chi Flow

LTK: Can you help our readers out with some specific things they can do to bring more positive chi flow energy into their lives?

First off, feng shui is about becoming aware of your environment and applying energetic principles to your surroundings. Position yourself auspiciously to create a powerful, positive, uplifting, flowing, smooth chi flow.

Bright lights add positive chi creating optimism. Windows and mirrors should be clean. Living plants feed your mental energy and they enhance production of new thoughts.

Ridding Negative Energy

LTK: Is there something people can do specifically to rid their lives of negative energy?

JF: Feng shui of the space, physical bodywork for themselves (massage, acupuncture, therapy for your mind to work out your issues), a discipline like tai chi/qigong, clutter free environments, space clearings of their space.

Space Clearing

JF: A space clearing addresses three main causes:

  • Physical grime
  • Clutter
  • Predecessor energy

For example, you move into home where previous occupants were happy in their marriage, chances are you will be too but if they for example, went through bankruptcy, these energies remain in the space and cause history to repeat itself.

What to do

  • Light candles
  • Burn incense
  • Sprinkle holy water
  • Open the windows
  • Clap your hands in corners to disperse stuck energy.
  • Call in your guides, angels, element spirits of earth, air, fire, water.
  • Purify with bells in the space.
  • Fill the space with intention, light and love.
  • Fill with fresh flowers

Yin Yang Energy

LTK: Are there specific rooms in home that benefit from yin energy and specific rooms that benefit from yang energy? Can you please explain the reasons for these benefits?

Balancing Yin Yang Energy

JF: Things with active, hard, projecting, loud and bright characteristics represent yang and things with characteristics such as passivity, receptiveness, silence, darkness and inwardness are said to represent yin.

Neither one is better than the other is; both are necessary for life and the universe to work.

For example, a bedroom facing a noisy street robs the quality of rest you need, making it too yang. An office looking onto a dark alleyway causes lethargy and limits your energy to be efficient. An overly yin entrance hidden and dark may not attract enough money.

Yang Parts of the Home

JF: The front of the house is yang. Other yang rooms include:

  • Living room
  • Family room
  • Den
  • Office

Yin Parts of the Home

JF: Yin is in the back of house and is a good place for:

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room

This area is great for relaxing, nourishing activities.

Architectural Impediments and Chi Balance

LTK: Can you give readers some tips regarding chi flow energy cures for architectural impediments?


JF: Beams act as oppressive force that can create division, repression, and a feeling of suffocation. Any place where people enter, sit, or lie down can receive negative effects from an overhead beam. A beam over a bed depresses both the marriage and the health. The cure is to get two feng shui bamboo flutes on the beam at 45-degree angles, placing each one at end of the beam. It symbolizes a powerful uplifting effect and creates relief from the pressure and oppression of the beam. In addition, you can hide beams with a false ceiling or use decorative cloth.

Poison Arrows

JF: These cause a health threat. It is any sharp angle, point or protruding corner. For interior poison arrows, remove or redirect point of the offending object or cover with cloth, silk vine. Sometimes it is as simple as moving the affected object away from where the poison arrow is pointing. For outside arrows, place a bagua mirror over the front door.

To find out more about Jennifer Ellen Frank, visit her website, Feng Shui Interiors.

Expert Tips for Optimizing the Flow of Chi Energy