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The Meaning of Yin and Yang Symbols Revealed

The Meaning of Yin and Yang Symbols Revealed

The yin yang philosophy is rooted in the belief that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary. The familiar black and white symbol appears everywhere and is a popular… Keep reading »

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Japanese ZEN garden in black sand with Yin and Yang

Although it's a popular symbol in today's modern culture, few know exactly what the yin yang symbol truly represents. Yin and yang is present in feng shui imagery, and among other things, it represents balance and harmony.

Philosophy of the Yin Yang

The yin yang symbol is more complex than its relatively simplistic design. The yin yang philosophy unlocks the meaning behind the symbol by explaining what each teardrop shape represents.

  • Yang side: The light teardrop represents the active masculine energy.
  • Yin side: The dark teardrop represents the passive feminine energy.
  • Dependent energies: The black and white teardrops are dependent upon each other to form a balanced whole.

Balancing Yin Yang Energies in Feng Shui

Feng shui revolves around the yin yang philosophy. A feng shui practitioner seeks to ensure the two energies are always in balance. To achieve this harmony, may require increasing yang energy in your home or increasing the yin energy in an effort to bring the two energies back in alignment.

Uses of Yin Yang Symbol in Feng Shui

Feng shui practitioners often recommend the use of the yin yang symbol either to increase your personal flow of positive chi or to improve the chi energy in your living or workspaces. Here are some common examples of yin yang applications in feng shui:

  • A feng shui practitioner may recommend you wear a yin yang pendant, bracelet or medallion to improve your personal chi flow or correct an imbalance in your chi energy,
  • You may be advised to place a piece of yin yang art in your home or office to improve the auspicious chi energy flow. This could be something as simple as a drawing or a canvas painting of the yin yang symbol. More elaborate art might be your preference, such as statues or figurines.
  • Dragons are an intricate part of Chinese history and culture. Art using these powerful symbols as yin yang energies can be used in areas needing more energy that is balanced.
  • The dragon and the tiger are often depicted in feng shui art as the union of two opposite energies. You can use this symbol in your office or in your career sector to tap into these two powerful energies.

Improving Aspects of Your Life

The philosophy and imagery of the yin yang symbol can be used to explain and enhance your love relationships. When you understand the importance of yin yang in these relationships, you can use these opposing energies in your feng shui decor to assist restoring relationship balance. You can use yin yang meditation techniques to realign your chakras and bring these two energies into balance within yourself for a healthier and happier life.

Achieving a Balance of Yin and Yang

There are many ways you can use the yin yang philosophy or symbol to bring harmony into your life. You can restore the energy balance within your home and your office when you apply the feng shui principles of yin yang energy, and its effect on all aspects of your life.

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