Feng Shui in the Home

Feng Shui Your Man Cave for the Ultimate Hangout Space

Feng Shui Your Man Cave for the Ultimate Hangout Space

Feng shui for a man cave may seem to be an unusual idea, but it can enhance the best qualities of a very personal space. By making a few adjustments using simple feng shui ideas, you can create a man cave that… Keep reading »

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Living room in a house

Feng shui used in the home attracts wealth luck by eliminating obstacles that prevent you from obtaining goals and correcting inauspicious chi energy flow. You can apply feng shui remedies and immediately start reaping the great benefits of this ancient art form of placement.

Feng Shui Home Buying Tips

If you're planning on buying a home, you can use a feng shui home buying checklist to ensure you choose an inauspicious house that can ruin your finances and/or health. Building a home using feng shui rules means you'll site the house and layout the rooms for the optimum benefits of chi energy. When you use feng shui for buying or building a home, you'll end up with an auspicious home that brings you good luck in all areas of life.

Feng Shu Decorating Tips for Your Home

Feng shui principles provide many tips for decorating your home. Feng shui can guide you in creating a soothing and nurturing environment. You can use feng shui to help you select the perfect wallpaper, decide on the best paintings to hang on your walls, and choose the right living room furniture. You can design your living room by applying easy-to-understand feng shui principles, such as buying the perfect coffee table.

Color Choices in Feng Shui Décors

You can choose colors for your home that represent the auspicious chi energy attracted to specific sectors. You should start with a feng shui exterior color scheme then move inside, selecting the best feng shui color choices for each room.

Feng Shui Rules and Tips for Your Home

Feng shui offers many rules that can ensure your home design takes advantage of auspicious chi energy. For example, feng shui rules about mirror placement over a fireplace or the rules governing the use of water fountains can change inauspicious chi into auspicious chi.

Learning How to Use Feng Shui in the Home

Feng shui offers many interior design advantages to remedy difficult floor plans, solutions for inauspicious staircases, and attract good chi energy into your home. Whether your home is old or new, you can avoid design mistakes when you employ feng shui principles and rules in your interior design choices.

Feng Shui in the Home