Visual Examples of Feng Shui Principles

Lotus Water Lily In Lake

Slideshows can demonstrate various feng shui principles and how you can apply them in your home or office. These visual examples can inspire you to find creative feng shui décor solutions.

Feng Shui Slideshows Bolster Auspicious Energies

Feng shui slideshows can inspire you to try your creative hand in decorating your home or office décor following feng shui principles. The goal of any feng shui decor is to establish a balance in elements for an ideal environment.

Chi Energy Creativity

Feng shui is an exciting and living form of placement that capitalizes and utilizes chi energy to establish harmony within your home or office. Balanced chi will establish harmony in various areas of your life. Using feng shui principles, you can design an aesthetically pleasing home interior.

Balanced Yin Yang

The ancient yin yang symbol of chi energy is used to represent its importance in feng shui. The traditional black and white design depicts the optimum balance that feng shui strives to recreate in your home or office décor. In fact, you can use yin yang art to introduce these key feng shui principles into your interior design.

Powerful Feng Shui Symbols

There are several symbols used in feng shui that offer powerful representations of chi energy. Other auspicious energies can be generated when you introduce one of these symbols, such as a lucky bamboo plant in a unique arrangement.

Importance of Koi Fish in Feng Shui

One of the most prominent and easily recognized symbols of feng shui is the koi fish. The yin yang symbol is based on the koi fish and steeped in Chinese mythology. You can use a drawing of koi fish to attract auspicious chi energy.

Buddha Pictures Are Auspicious

Depictions of the Buddha play an important role in feng shui applications. Pictures of the Buddha are often used as symbolic representations of harmony and balance. These energies are synonymous with the Buddha and invite these beneficial energies into your home or office.

Dragons in Feng Shui Applications

The Chinese dragon is more than a good choice for feng shui art. Chinese history depicts royalty as direct descendants of dragon gods. It's no wonder the dragon holds a high status within feng shui applications. Choose the perfect drawing of a dragon for your home as a symbol of protection and power.

Exploring Feng Shui for Bedrooms

The bedroom is a vital area for your health, love relationships, wealth, and overall abundance in life. Images of feng shui bedroom examples can help you to visualize new possibilities for your own bedroom décor. You can rest easy knowing you've taken advantage of all feng shui principles to ensure a healthy and restive sleep each night.

Feng Shui Office

Feng shui principles can assist you in creating an office design that supports your career while bolstering your wealth through income. Various photo examples demonstrate how you can maximize career power and improve your overall job productivity.

Value of Feng Shui Slideshows

The value of viewing a feng shui slideshow is revealed in images used to convey specific examples of feng shui principles. You can find new inspirations for your home or office feng shui designs through feng shui slideshows, such as recreating the beauty found in the golden ratio or simply rearranging your office furniture.

Visual Examples of Feng Shui Principles