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What is special about a feng shui slideshow? Whether you are new to the practice of feng shui or not, when learning how to apply its concepts and principles to your living or work environment, it's just easier with the help of a few visual aids. LoveToKnow Feng Shui offers these visual aids in the form of slideshows.

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The principles and practice of feng shui is steeped in ancient history. While it is all very fascinating and interesting, sometimes people just want to learn by actually applying these principles as they begin their journey of feng shui discovery as opposed to learning only by reading. Here are a few things you can learn quickly and easily from LoveToKnow feng shui slideshows:

  • Feng Shui Bedroom Examples - Need a little inspiration in the redesign of your bedroom? Maybe you want to invite a little more love into your life or inspire a bit more romance. This slideshow will help you to do just that.
  • Yin Yang Art - These ancient symbols always usher in positive chi, if the traditional black and white design just doesn't suit you, check out this feng shui slideshow of various types of yin yang art.
  • Pictures of Buddha - Get a bit of sublime inspiration with pictures of different Buddha's.

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If you currently can't find exactly what it is you are looking for in feng shui slideshows? Don't forget to check back often, as new slideshows are added all the time.

Feng Shui Slideshows