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Chinese Good Luck Charms for Love, Success and Life

Chinese Good Luck Charms for Love, Success and Life

Feng shui goals are most often focused on attracting good luck and positive energy. Chinese good luck charms are a popular and engaging way to draw good luck and good fortune into your life. For every type of… Keep reading »

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When applying feng shui principles to your home, it helps to have a few feng shui products on hand. These products can help you improve the flow of chi energy in the spaces you live, work, and play.

Using Feng Shui Products

Use feng shui products in order to activate cures or to enhance positive chi flow throughout the space. Enhancing positive chi flow is necessary in spaces in which chi is negative or stagnant and activating feng shui cures becomes necessary when architectural elements like windows and doors either foster negative chi or create poison arrows. Since you cannot move these elements, feng shui products help to mitigate negative chi caused by poison arrows. There are many specific feng shui products on the market such as:

  • Elephants: Elephants are considered celestial animals and symbolize dignity, power, and wisdom, among other things. Placing these symbols in the right place can have a significant impact.
  • Buddha statues: Where you place a Buddha within your space is vital; there are some rooms that would be offensive for a Buddha to inhabit. Choose the space carefully.
  • Bamboo plants: Bamboo plants are resilient and have long been considered good luck symbols. Adding elements to the bamboo helps focus the luck in a particular way.
  • Lanterns: Paper lanterns, in particular, can be helpful in matters of fertility and in stress reduction.

Create Products Yourself

If you can't seem to find the perfect product for your space, consider making your own feng shui artwork. When creating your own artwork, focus less on the actual picture itself and more on positive energy while making your creation. The positive energy from the painting or drawing you create helps to foster positive chi in the environment in which it is placed.

Beyond the Home

Feng shui practices don't have to be limited to the home. Your business cards, the jewelry you wear, and even the books you read can help lead you toward a luckier life. The music you listen to can also help or hinder your chi. Consider feng shui principles in everything you do and think beyond furniture placement and things you hang on your wall.

Improve Chi With Feng Shui Items

Whatever feng shui products you choose to introduce to your environment, it is sure to be conducive positive chi flow. Your chi (and luck) will improve and grow. Consider visiting a feng shui specialty store to find items that speak to you and help you feel better chi flow.

Feng Shui Products